Earlier this decade, I lived a few years in the Bay Area, or more precisely, the East Bay.  Alameda, to be more exact.  To be even more anal for the sake of this diary, I lived in a house in what locals call the East End of the island, a conclave of Craftsman homes lining streets named after Ivy League schools.  I was, by virtue of street address, associated with Cambridge University, a school I had had the pleasure of visiting in the 1990s, and using its anthropology library.

One thing on the East End of Alameda was not like Cambridge University:  there were no black persons to be found on Cambridge Avenue, in Alameda in the East Bay, Bay Area, California.  No blacks were living there, not passing through, not knocking on doors selling religion, and not offering yard work.

This seemed strange, as I'd largely lived overseas and blacks -- not African-Americans -- were common in U.S. military enclaves abroad, and many Africans were at that time migrating to Europe.

Now, onto the Bay Area, and a current issue regarding (shhhh!) blacks in Antioch...