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Fri May 23, 2014 at 10:10 AM PDT

Dave in Northridge, Passing the Torch

by 714day

Since I am not likely to be able to attend the next two exciting events for L.A. Kossacks, introducing locals to some of the candidates in the running to replace Congressperson Henry Waxman as the rep of the influential 33rd congressional district, I will bid farewell to our intrepid organizer of many moons, Dave in Northridge, here. (He isn't leaving the group, his schedule is too busy to allow for his previous extraordinary efforts on our behalf. The torch has been passed to our longtime member, susans.)

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Sun Dec 22, 2013 at 02:52 PM PST

Thank You! For My DK Gift Subscription!

by 714day

A recent email advised me that an anonymous individual gave me a gift subscription to Daily Kos. I was thrilled, of course. What a wonderful spin it put on an otherwise challenging day.
I haven't been diving in on the site as much as I am ordinarily wont to do of late. I've been a bit overwhelmed with work (as a caregiver for dementia clients; sometimes post-op and hospice) as well as some pressing personal matters that require time and attention, none of which will shower me with cash - I did enter the recent Mega Millions lottery for the possibility of financial alteration, and sweethearts, I broke even by winning a buck and a good self denigrating joke to tell.
My lack of attendance here is frustrating because of how much the DK community means to me.

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I was anxious to read Zealot, The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth by Reza Aslan when I first saw the author interviewed about the recent publication. I am a lover of well researched histories and this was what Aslan had set about delivering. His attempt is to present the historical Jesus, a man who has become a phenomenal force in the human society. How this young Jewish fellow from an inconsequential part of the outlying region of Imperial Rome became so, is nothing short of mind-boggling. When I spotted the book in a bin at Costco, I scooped it up. There is scant historical evidence of this particular Nazarene on record and only trifling reference in a few written records; as in Josephus' history, Antiquities, when he refers to

"James the brother of Jesus, the one they call Messiah"
--this said derisively; the Jewish Josephus considered the Messianic claim absurd. In spite of this deficit, Aslan suggests that from copious information about 1st Century Palestine juxtaposed with the information gleaned from the Gospels (the latter penned long after Jesus' crucifixion, the earliest 40 years later), a well formed profile of the man can be achieved.
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Closer view jakedog42's little jackpot.
Good view of jakedog42's winning spin
Sunset on Bob Hope
Sunset on Bob Hope Drive.
jakedog42 winning
jakedog42 collecting $211 pot...
susans, jakedog42, jakedog42's friend Fran
susans, jakedog42, jakedog42's friend Fran
susans enjoying road songs
susans enjoying road songs
jakedog42 heading out to Agua Caliente
jakedog42 at the wheel driving. And driving. And driving. And driving.

We were a tiny Kossack cadre in attendance at Agua Caliente on October 25th to see Lewis Black live at The Show. We had committed before discovering the big hoo-ha was on with the Hefes in San Francisco. John Bowman preceded Mr. B with a warm-up and he was none to dull, either. General consensus post performance was that muscles around smiling/laughing mouths were sore. Jakedog42 brought Parrothead friend Fran along and she was good to get to know.
Ironically, in this age of Google, we did a bit of Israelites wandering in the desert stuff but so what? If that's the worst thing any of us face in life, we're on easy street.

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Sun Aug 25, 2013 at 09:46 PM PDT

Dummy Diary

by 714day

Since I am a complete idiot and can't manage to imbed these images into a comment, I am publishing a dodo diary to see if I can use the url it will generate.


This is a revised diary continuing the shout out to any Los Angeles Kossacks or their kindred who would like to join a few of us already on board to see Lewis Black live at Agua Caliente in Rancho Mirage on October 25th. Though anti-scalper presale tickets are no longer available for this show, I am now including the least usurious option for tickets and I'll continue to keep an eye on things until all tickets are gone.
Details below the orange loaf for those who may be interested.

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The world may continue to spin on it's axis if nobody in the know reads this, and by doing so, putting the kibosh on all incorrect pronunciations hitting the atmosphere. As I am unable to manage diacritical markings, please go with sad state of affair options below the orange squiggly.

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Tue May 26, 2009 at 02:24 PM PDT

Woody and Danny

by 714day

I shouldn’t try to write about this.  I am not particularly skilled with composition.  I am also feeling angry.
Today Proposition 8 was upheld in the California State Supreme Court.
My ideas about gay people began being shaped when I was very young in the middle of the last century.  This was a time when homosexuality was rarely discussed openly, let alone expressed in outward behavior.   Homosexuality was still listed as a mental disorder.   Nearly unanimously, overt discussion was derogatory toward same sex couples; sometimes violently so.  Very often, biblical taboos were waved verbally as “reason” for such nonsense and as “proof” that Jesus said so.  Oh, the whistles and bells attached to such credos were loud and entertaining.  Truly, for me in the formative years, it was a mystery.  I didn’t know what sexual orientation was.

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