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Mon Apr 23, 2012 at 04:37 PM PDT

A nurse's pain...a family crisis

by Abacab

  The love of my life, Brenda, hasn't known a moment free of pain, suffering, and failure for most of her life. No, she's been a successful nurse, a good mother, and a wonderful woman to know all these 12 years. No, the pain she's suffered stemmed from a hurt she's carried since she was four-years-old. You see at that age her brother abused her and took away her innocence. From those moments of hurt to this point where our family is in major crisis the overwhelming hurt, grief, and pain is at a point where it seems like there's no way out.  


If you were/are a health care provider (i.e nurse, doctor, etc.) and either have a substance abuse problem (or other issues) did you ever consider leaving the profession?

13%8 votes
3%2 votes
12%7 votes
70%41 votes

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  I don't have a lot of time to write, but the more I read each day about the days events happening in our nation the more I am shaken by the daily laws coming out from one state or another trying to prove their state can make the most brazen laws against women's reproductive rights. If I was a woman I'd wonder what did I ever do to deserve this type of attention.

   It sickens me to the point where I just want to just get a placard, pick up some markers, go to our state capitol (in Ohio that would mean Columbus) and picket for women. It is time to stand up for women because the laws proposed or signed into law bewilders any sense of reason in my mind. I'm tired of hearing about these laws and I want to do something...but what?


Guys and gals: Are you ready to march and protest for women's rights?

100%29 votes
0%0 votes
0%0 votes
0%0 votes

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  A basketball fan like myself should have watched continuous coverage of the NCAA opening round like every other sports fan yesterday. (For the record, Ohio State University is in the "Sweet 16" this year, YEAH!) But like many of you I was glued to C-Span and MSNBC watching how the vote was coming down. I drove my oldest daughter crazy by watching the debates on the House floor. I tried to explain how this was history in the making. "Then why don't you wait till it's history, then you can read about it later?" Spoken like a teenager deep in her books to come up with that one.

 My singular thought during the day was how a Mr. Rush Limbaugh would be spending his Sunday? Is he prepping for his shows remarks on Monday or would he be doing his show from Costa Rica?

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  That's what stared up at me from the scale, those black impartial lines without conscious or policy behind its methods. The job of the scale is to tell me the basic truth that I was way over weight by 100 pounds or more and something needed to be done by me to tip the scale.

  You see I'm a male, have a family, and I'm getting back into the fitness trail again after a very long absence. The one reason I wasn't in the gym in the first place was I couldn't afford it. Thankfully because of the sale offered by the gym I'm a new member as of 10/6/09.  I started working out for the first time that Tuesday and have since worked out since then. I was going to give myself a two a day break and started up again on the weekend. An inner voice willed me out of bed at near 6am in the morning to get in the gym and work out.

  Did I mention I hate working out and I hate doing all the exercising?


What can you do to add fitness to your life?

21%4 votes
5%1 votes
10%2 votes
47%9 votes
10%2 votes
5%1 votes

| 19 votes | Vote | Results

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 It was strange for a brother from the hood to like classic British TV series, but I was no ordinary brother. In Cleveland, Ohio (my hometown), I fell in love with the Saint, the Barron, The Persuaders, Monty Python, and so many others. But if there was one show that intrigued me from day one till now it was The Prisoner starring Patrick McGoohan. He was, and always, Number Six--the lone prisoner who tried each week to leave his prison called the Village. He was thwarted by spies, counter spies, and a weather balloon named "Rover" which was one of the most menacing images in television history.

 My hero, Mr. McGoohan, died today at the ripe old age of 80. Finally, Number Six is free!

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  I know there's been a lot said regarding this decision by President-elect Obama regarding his choosing Rev. Rick Warren of the Saddleback Church in Ca. to give the invocation at Obama's inauguration. Many have tared and feathered an effigy of Obama over this pick simply because of this choice, but truthfully I think it is a brilliant pick not because of what Rev. Warren stands for (because I personally disagree with is position of abortion and gay rights) but for the message that ALL Americans have a place at this administration's table.


Do you think people like Rev. Rick Warren can be reasoned with regarding progessive issues?

21%16 votes
18%14 votes
43%32 votes
6%5 votes
9%7 votes

| 74 votes | Vote | Results

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  This is from the Times of London (via Democratic Underground):

"Jim Ratcliffe, the reclusive billionaire behind Ineos, Britain’s largest private company, has warned Gordon Brown that hundreds of thousands of jobs will be lost if the prime minister commits Britain to tougher EU curbs on carbon emissions.

Ratcliffe issued the warning in a letter last week that was also signed by Paul Thompson, chief executive of GrowHow, the UK’s last remaining fertiliser manufacturer, and Steve Elliott, head of the Chemical Industries Association."

Read the rest here

  Could someone please tell me how do these CEO's sleep at night knowing their demands is a threat not only to their (our) ecconomy but to our environment?  I'm livid! I can't believe this type of brazen disregard for the life of fellow human beings on the planet.

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 First and foremost Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans celebrating throughout the US and all points in the world! I spent my best Thanksgiving Day in Germany years ago when we were with three other couples and a German student. Today, I shared the time honor tradition of getting up to see the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. My mom passed it down to me and I pass it down to my daughter. (Note: It also helps to have a connection to the city I was born in and where my dad's family lives in)

 I was ready to have a political free day of celebration, tradition, and enjoyment. But as my daughter was watching the parade and I was fixing breakfast I heard a very familiar refrain come over the television.

 "Oh God, we've been Rick Rolled for Real!" I said from a distance.


Do you still watch the Macy's Parade?

17%59 votes
27%89 votes
19%65 votes
35%115 votes

| 328 votes | Vote | Results

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  With all the Obama buzz and the campaign I gave a glance at the measure in California concerning Prop 8 and the ban against gay marriages. I read how the Mormon church and other "christian" organizations poured a heap of dollars into this anti-gay marriage amendment. I also watch KO's (Keith Olberman)"Special Comment" regarding the measure which is brilliant on many levels.

  I also read the diary entry by leftside Christine which was moving and touched me enough to dig into my Bible on a passage I've used to folks who questioned gays and lesbians place in the world. For you see my belief as a Christian is the GLBT community are as much part of God's creation as anyone of us. To call them unclean, inadequate, below human, or other things not worth mentioning in this diary is both an afront to God himself. Who are we to sit up and judge and condemn people who want to celebrate their love for each other? Gays and lesbians deserve the right to marry each other...period.


Is there any reason gays and lesbians cannot marry each other?

3%3 votes
2%2 votes
84%71 votes
1%1 votes
8%7 votes

| 84 votes | Vote | Results

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Tue Nov 04, 2008 at 10:25 PM PST

I've been up 24 hours...but I"M HAPPY!!!

by Abacab

  Not a long diary, but since 4:15am Tuesday I've sent out canvassing, canvassed myself, canvassed until at 7:05pm in Ohio I went to my last house to check and make sure their family voted (their whole neighborhood did for Obama), called, and then spent the night with my family. I'm opening up a second bottle of champagne, read every blog and newspaper I can to see what they said, celebrate, and then crash around 4:30am.

  I'll be up 24 hours...BUT I'M HAPPY!!!

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Tue Oct 07, 2008 at 08:52 AM PDT

WE are the Obama signs! (with poll)

by Abacab

 I haven't had an update of the last few weeks in Dayton, Ohio, but it will be coming soon. Meanwhile, I guess the one thing I do hear a lot from people we meet here in my neighborhood regarding the Obama/Biden ticket from supporters is this familiar refrain: "Where can I get a sign for my backyard?" I try to get a few for them from my office and tell them other areas they can get, but I had a few minutes to think about why signs are so important in the first place.

 Don't get me wrong, I do have a sign in our front yard and I've given a couple to my neighbor and one supporter who asked for one. But if we really think about it a sign in the front yard is good letting our neighbors know about our household, apartment, or farm supports Obama/Biden. But truthfully does a sign tell you about what the candidate is about, the excitement they bring to the populace, and the hunger for a change in direction for our nation tell me, does a sign do the times justice?

  The truth is WE are the signs for Barack Obama's campaign!


Can you go out and canvas or phone bank for Obama before Election Day?

50%24 votes
18%9 votes
16%8 votes
2%1 votes
4%2 votes
6%3 votes
2%1 votes

| 48 votes | Vote | Results

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Thu Sep 25, 2008 at 09:56 PM PDT

"Fellas, its been good to know you!"

by Abacab


  Folks, I can tell you I've never been more concerned about the upcoming news on the markets than I am right now. I'm going to sleep now, but I tell you what I just read off of CNBC is downright scary. In the words of Roy Scheider, "I think we gonna need a bigger boat."

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