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We've all probably gotten used to laughing at North Korea's nuttier antics--whether it's building new airplanes with Photoshop, or stealing clips of American video games for their propaganda films, they do seem to provide an endless amount of crazy. In fact, we've maybe gotten a little too used to it, and in doing so lost sight of something: North Korea is incredibly dangerous.

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If you're reading that quote in the title, and thinking that no one--not even a Republican nominee for Congress--could possibly say something so incredibly stupid, I understand. Similarly, I'll understand if you assume at first that said quote has to have been paraphrased out of context or heavily edited.

Well, you're sort of right. I did leave out a few words. Unfortunately for Chris Collins, the millionaire former executive running for Congress, they're words which only make him look even stupider, since he expressly calls out two of the more fatal kinds of cancer in America as being now supposedly non-lethal.

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And doing so effectively cost him his presidency.

Officially it was known as Operation Eagle Claw, although today most Americans would probably recognize it by the name Desert One. In an effort to rescue the 52 American hostages taken prisoner at the US Embassy in Tehran, US Army troops from the Delta Force special operations unit were dispatched to Iran along with transport aircraft and helicopters. The plan: spec-ops teams would strike the US embassy at night, rescue the hostages, and get them to a nearby soccer stadium where helicopters could land, taking both the hostages and the strike team to a captured airfield south of the city, and from there to freedom.

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the point of political attack ads generally supposed to be making people like your opponent LESS? Of all the ways that you could depict a spineless, gormless tool like Mitt Romney, you're really going to transform him into a machine-gun-toting commando in wingtips, personally hunting down his enemies and dispatching them in a hail of gunfire without ever creasing the starched collar on his shirt?

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Sat Dec 31, 2011 at 12:40 PM PST

Meet the real Ron Paul.

by Adama D Brown

Lately I've noticed an uptick online in the number of people trying to sway the left wing over into supporting Ron Paul. Some of this may be driven by Salon columnist Glenn Greenwald, who has been singing Paul's praises as an anti-war, anti-imperialist libertarian hero for liberals. (As opposed to Greenwald's portrayal of President Obama as a warmongering neo-fascist who didn't really end the Iraq War, Bush deserves that credit thank-you-very-much.)

Of course, there's the little complication to that that Paul is neither "libertarian" nor "anti-war" in any way, having supported the Iraq War until it turned out bad, has previously supported attacking Iran, and supports the criminalization of abortion and homosexuality. But then, you could say that about most of the Republican candidates.

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In a statement responding to the news that NY-26 Republican nominee Jane Corwin had donated $1,000 to the campaign of liberal Republican Dede Scozzafava in the NY-23rd Congressional District, Conservative Party chairman Mike Long asserted that Corwin still "has the leg up on the [Conservative Party] endorsement because she has the second most conservative voting record in the state legislature."

However, in a 2008 questionnaire, Corwin identified herself as supporting a number of moderate positions, including abortion, comprehensive sex education, and state-funded stem cell research.

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"History never repeats itself, but historical situations recur."

As you may be aware, there's some grumbling on the part of the Tea Party groups over the choice of a pro-choice Republican to replace Chris Lee in the 26th Congressional District's as-yet unscheduled special election.

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Okay, with the last 24 hours being as crazy as they have been, a lot of people haven't been able to keep up with the rapid developments. Dozens of names have been batted around, and many people probably don't know the scoop on who they are.

With reasonably good intelligence as to who is "out," we know that the last three people standing on the field at the moment are Kathy Hochul, Kathy Konst, and Jon Powers. None of them have actually expressed an intent to do it, but none of them have bowed out yet, either, and there's reason to believe in interest from all of them.

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Republican Representative Chris Lee (R-NY26) has been caught red-handed fishing for extramarital affairs on Craigslist, and forwarding topless pictures of himself to his would-be targets. One of the women Lee talked with, a 34 year old government worker from Maryland, provided with complete copies of her correspondence with Lee and the photos he sent, after she discovered that the "39 year old divorced lobbyist" was in fact a 46 year old married Congressman.

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The smoke has barely cleared from the roasting that the New York GOP got in last year's statewide elections, but already the next round of moths--and in some cases, the same ones--are darting toward the flame.

This originally started out as a comedic article, to point out the "Black Knights" of New York politics, people who simply don't know when they've had their careers in politics ended.

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This is a lot like how I imagine Carl Paladino's brain sounting: borderline schizophrenic and living in a basement. Throw in a little senseless paranoia, disturbing behavior, and general antisocial personality disorder, and you've got a pretty fair summary of the Paladino campaign.

Brace yourself, folks.


Across the blogosphere, it's not at all uncommon to see repeated declarations by "liberal activists" that they're going to withhold their donations from Democratic candidates or organizations this year, usually accompanied by complaints about the Democrats not addressing this issue or that issue quickly enough, or not getting it passed, or not passing what the person wanted.

I, too, am not donating cash to Democratic candidates this year. Not because I don't want to. Because I can't.

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