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Well, gosh shucky dingdang durn if the same stupid little faux liberal prigs didn't throw the same knickertwisting hissy fits again.   I referred to someone mentioned in another whiny blog as an (throw a hissy fit again and you'll bust a testicle sac, each of you girls) "blank, rhymes with stunt" undeserving of oxygen or something along that line.

I didn't incite violence.  I said exactly what people on either side of me said when we all saw the same news story that the diarist reported when we saw the story on TV together.

The more you ninnyscumnannies throw your blighted weight around, the stupider you look.

How bloody pietic that some of you prissy-ass *alleged* liberals take it upon your clench cheeked arrogant selves to require all the lefties and progressives on this (i'm reminded it's a private website) to goddamn be.  You can require it until you foam around your lips and all you'll get is foamy cracked lips with ugly lines on either side of your mouths.  Well those ugly lines are probably already there. ::snicker::

When I *think something I state it clearly.  That some of you get the wristflapping vapors tells me I'm doing it right.  (Hey, you twit who's so sure that capitals is "shouting" or deleterious to the message, go read your comic book version of Robert's Rules of Order or something equally banal.)

I had grandparents on both sides of my family who stated in public in frontof children, ministers and officers of the bloated courts that so and so "ought to be horsewhipped" or, worse, "lynched by his own family members".

And this was before teabaggers and other overt liars for jeebus and constitution wreckers existed.  But we've *always had prigs and bluesnogs with us.  There are more of those than fruitflies around a day old still life.

What I wrote was bloody blandly mild compared to that and about a person a lot worse than any of my late relatives encountered.. and one of those relatives was an elected Newark city official prior to WWII, and he knew where all the bodies were buried and more. You had to know those things to in order to get elected and survive while in office.   And these wristflapping pseudonannies are throwing shithissyfits and bloviating their displeasure. Stuff em (that's you, you snotslinging snobs) with cactus spines.  You've now thrown your hissy fits twice in 12 hours.  

There are people here who publish diary after diary full of self-righteous outrage about stuff that even right wing radio reports -- nothing new,and they have nothing to say about it, other than how horrible all that they are writing about is.  Well ducking *fuh.  What in hell do they "want" (flapflapflap) done about it and why are they reporting the outrage rather than (flapflapflap) changing things, eh?

If you don't like what your state Kongressturd is saying or doing, then confront the person directly, god dammit!  If it's someone out of your range or state, then start getting petitions to get 'em ripped out of influence or out of office, fund their opponents, overtly help the people they're harming and oppressing where the harm or oppression is occurring... do that before you write repeatedly whinging about shit you can effect change on directly.

There's a serious wingloobie in Congressman Larsen of Washington's district who shows up at every town meeting the guy holds, drives all over Snohomish County, and asks him the same questions every time he shows up.  He's a libertoonie.  Certainly he's no Democrat.  He didn't vote for Mr. Larsen.   He doesn't stop asking his questions, though. I've been at a couple of local Q&A events and I admit I'd like to help the fellow consume and digest his own teeth, but I don't because it's his right to be a thorn in the congressman's side. And Congressman Larsen knows it, too and doesn't *not** call on him just to spite him.

I originally wrote that I'm not here for popularity. In fact, I don't visit here often because my tolerance for the majority of the flouncing and sissyflapping here gets lower by the day, week, hour.

If there had ever been a Jesus, I'd tell him I've been on this planet too long.  I did my best and I physically volunteered for over 30 years.  Now those of you who spend all your time congratulating one another on how good you whine can effing deal wtih the mess you keep putting off cleaning up, you can goddamn fix it or die.  I no longer care which.  

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One day a few weeks back, all the tomato vines BOWED the same night and the fruit on them has raced to ripen ever since. I have four pounds semi drying in the food dehydrator right now.  When they get leathery, but not dry, they'll go into
baglets inside of a vacuum bag wtih other baglets and be sucked down to a pliant pile, now weighing a pound intead of 4 pounds, and into the freezer they'll go, and they'll get
added to chili to stews, to veg soup to some chicken dishes during winter until they're used up.

Even with dying plants from too early and too cold I figured out that the six or seven  plants which DID put out fruit and vine out INSANELY into a tangle I couldn't even get through, and due to all the eager usual garden spiders which had parked around the jungle to dine on tomato predators... I had to kill those who didn't take the water jet relocation order and rebuilt every night.  ONE bite on one arm festered for almost 90 days.  Those fanged bitches have to park elsewhere dammit.

So, I have Amish Paste, similar to romas but a bit of blue in their skin and damned near no seeds, maybe 10 per fruit, and hardly any juicy seed mucus in them.  They are PASTE tomatoes. They also need about 3 feet CIRCLE plus 7 feet upward movement space, PLUS STRONG BRACING.. or they'll move into other vines and lean on them... that was the start of the tomato jungle tangle.  Kids used to stand on each others' shoulders and look over my fence and FREAK.  the jungle was about 8 feet by 6 feet, and I watered the tubs sitting on their doubled up Rion greenhouse shelves sitting on my granite chip back "yard"... and wonder if it was going to "go mobile" and go after them.  No, it's about to get cut into pieces, loaded into my little rubbermade green wheelbarrow and get rolled out to the front and emptied by kindly YOUNGER STRONG male neighbors into the yard waste container we all chip in on during Spring though Fall.

I have GRAPE tomatoes, like little porterhouse, but growihg in compact, teardrop bunches on every bit of every frond on every arm of every part of the vine.. and it crawled into the strawberries and into the Amish Paste and into the heirlooms....  ONE plant and it made  SURE the tangle could not be separated or the tubs and shelving couldn't be pulled apart to give each plant a bit more room. It needs 4 to 6 feet upward and outward space, and it got a lot it tangled.

I have an HEIRLOOM monster.. it grew into ALL my other tomatoes except the 100s and ALL of its fruit decided to get ripe.... at once... and each tomato is from 1/5 lb to ONE
FULL POUND.. and they have these brown leafy support growth lines in them.. and heavy brown stemlets and often they're multiple tomato fruits all grown smooshy together like some Japanese nuclear mutant into each other.. ... and they're firm meaty, juicy and seedy, also, but HOOBOY are they good sammich or stacked
salad base slicers.  However, hit 'em with salt or vinegar and they begin almost immediately to mush down.  I love them.  I pick 'em when the first color shows or in the middle of the might they drop off the vine and SPLIT when they hit the ground after leaving the plant/vine and the you pick 'em and in as little as one day or as much as three days, they're firm ripe and ready to slice,,, next day, they're soup ready....

I also have the weirdies of the year.. CHEROKEE PURPLE.. and they're fat heavy heirlooms but not as big as the red ones, the biggest of these being about half a pound... and ripe they are WINE PURPLE. Oh, yummer, delicious....

And I have one organic that is often found as GMO, but this came off an organic farm, as did all the other plants... looks like Sweet 100 and gives up chains of baby tomatoes
like sweet 100 but it isn't a GMO.. it's an organic.

I am convinced that the root crowding makes each tomato plant (one to a tub, except two to the oval 27 gallon tub), though I used 15 and 25 gallon galvanized steel tubs *with holes drilled in the bottmo for drainage, chock FULL of potting soil amended with garden mulch from the compost barrell I bought 5 years ago.  It intimidated me even before Erek died.. the ends are BOTH removable and you add water, CRAM in the garden and kitchen waste, add a bag or two of starter every Spring and keep adding to it all summer and next year you have a 30 gallon drum with sludge in it.. You dump that into a tub, screening it as you go along, let it air dry a bit and use that lovely new stuff to amend your potting soil so it never gets devoid of wonderful things to help plants grow and thrive in your container garden.

Mix in a little Osmacoat or a local natural garden center's homemade knockoff for your region, and you too can create a tomato jungle.

I had an entire bunch of plants die this year due to cold.  GLOBAL WARMING SHIFTS WEATHER AND SEASONS, DAMMIT.

I'm putting plants in the soil later next year but starting them indoors with the LED lights I bought to set up a pot grow-op for myself.... I'll grow fewer vines but, start 'em earlier, put em in the containers on 15 inch shelving and steel tubs and they'll start their outdoor life MUCH BIGGER.. and lower to the ground and further apart from one another next year...

Okay, now about that soup..... ::grin::  Look below the fold.

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Wed Jul 17, 2013 at 01:39 AM PDT

Maybe the lid should be removed

by Adelante

For three nights in a row now I've gone to sleep and dreamed I wasn't the German/French/Irish Caucasian that I am, but a person, twice a man and once a woman, with skin formerly described by one author as "black as coal".   Each night I've waked up and done pretty usual post-dream stuff -- brushed my teeth, or gotten a drink of water, or fought going back to sleep for a while, only to crawl back between the sheets and finishing one's sleep cycle like it or not -- and all three times the dream has picked up where it left off with no interruption.. until I was slept out.

In two of the dreams I was a teenaged African American boy in the US in some kind of meeting room full of people sitting on pretty nice metal folding chairs (padded bottoms and backs); and surrounded by other black persons.  Various adult men and women get up and talk about their experiences with white men and wonen in their lives.  Most of these men and women are NOT business owners or doctors or attorneys like the Huxtables in the Cosby show, they're not sports stars or drug dealers or what have you standouts -- they're the working just-above-poor folks for the most part.  Many are talking about their jobs working for white liberal families, working as janitors in libraries, universities, offices in Washington, DC, for congressmen and government related well-off white men and women.  At least one dream is the black community in which people are earning a living in DC and seeing political events happen as live observers, human cameras in some instances. and telling the next two generations what it's felt like and what they've seen.  What they are saying is important.  I get that.  People are passing around "souveniers" and older men and women are putting their long fingered beautiful hands on my arm to make a point to me at times, and sometimes they're pulling me in and up out of my chair to hug me, and the hugs are gentle and trusting and I don't want to leave the comfort of those hugs.

In the last dream, last night's, I'm a woman in a fictional matriarchal tribe of hardscrabble Africans, where failures of either gender are eaten.  Times are hard and protein is protein.  I'm valued as a cook because I know how to make stringy meat tender and tasty.

Look, none of these dreams is me, obviously.  Dreams allegedly reflect what one feels or experiences, or sees or what happens to them. Why had I been having these dreams?   I've got a houseguest, my dearest closest friend in the world visiting.  The visit is going swimmingly.  She hasn't said or done anything and there's nothing in *our history with one another that would bring such dreams on.  So, what happened to make dreams like that occur?  Oh.  Saturday night.  That was it... More below the fold

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Two items of particular interest to Kossacks this week:

One item is this disgusting but accurately reported tidbit in the Huffington Post and related stories found at the following links:

The Sh!tty of San Diego, Shitty Prosecutor vicious ferret Jan Goldsmith and ADA Page Hazrd, aka Deppity DA Ferret, are doing the work of sociopath Darrell Freeman, Bank of America VP of Korporat Sekuritat who whined and bawled until the Sh!tty of San Diego decided it was worth sending protector Jeff Olson who'd been making graffiti with CHILDREN'S PLAYGROUND CHALK on the sidewalk outside of BOA offices -- which the liar Freemain claims took the bank $13,000 bucks to clean off.  So Olson faces a 13K fine and THIRTEEN YEARS IN THE PENITENTIARY for telling the truth on the sidewalk about BOA's CONTINUING predation, paid for with US Govt. bailout funds, and preying on people who with the encouragement of that KORPORATE THIEF and took out mortgages that BOA IN BAD FAITH offerred them and then foreclosed on, often without warning or following necessary protocols.  WHAT the BOA did and HOW it did it is the subject of thousands of newspaper articles over the past years and NOT ONE SINGLE FEDERAL PROSECUTION has come out of the BOA theft and violation of citizens' rights.

No matter that it's playground chalk.  No matter that a few seconds with plain water and a scrubby broom will eradicate it.  No natter that the effing BOA is LYING about the cost of cleanup of the CHALK graffitti.

In keeping with korporate weaselling, a San Diego Shitty spokesperson said it wasn't the DA's choice to prosecute Olson to possibly serve 13 years in the pen for using playground chalk.  Oh?  I see, then ADA Paige Hazard must be doing it at gunpoint.  If Hazard had any REAL moral fiber, Hazard would have quit that job and gone on the right side of human rights these days as a political activist defense attorney.

Here's the kicker though.   You see the Shitty of San Diego has in it a teabagger in power in the form of California Superior or Court Judge, Howard K. Shore, who ruled that NEITHER Jeffery Olson NOR his attorney MAY MENTION THE FIRST AMENDMENT OF THE COTUS AS A RIGHT in his defense. Some TEABAGGING BULLY IN A FLIMSY BLACK BATHROBE has ruled that a defendant may not mention the US Constitution in a court of law.  In the US.

What if there were be thousands of protestors outside of BOA versatellers and BOA branches scrawling on the concrete in playground chalk?  What if they could make it really interesting for the BOA and gee, maybe other banks and for LEO's who are protecting KORPORATIONS in lieu of the rights of the people of the cities in which they serve?  But more speculation in a moment.

The other item is something that a friend of mine for some years, Sarabeth right here on DailyKos dot com, read about on Gizomodo, and which I went and checked out at Home Depot  It's a product called NeverWet.  Made by Rustoleum, it's a two part, quick-working, pretty much permanent appearing product which makes whatever it's sprayed with (up to 15 to 20 square feet of it per roughtly 20 dollar can) REALLY impervious to water.

You can read the product description on Home Depot's website right here in a link that even includes a nifty video about how to use it:

And also on Gizmodo: with another nifty video on how it works and how effective it is.

Amazing stuff that, eh what?

So.. after reading the articles above and looking at the videos in  the two product websites linked last, there's a what if below the fold

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Thu Apr 25, 2013 at 03:42 PM PDT

NO ONE deserves rape

by Adelante

In the late 1960's I lived in Tucson, in a dormitory on the campus of the University of Arizona. I was one of a roughly 10,000 student class that would have graduated four years after we began there.

In a sea of humanity that large, there was a lot of room for diverse opinions.  

In that sea of humanity, I knew more than one young woman who was raped in my class of roughly 10,000 students.  I didn't know of more than one young woman; I personally knew more than one young woman. I don't mean that I sought them out after the had been raped and got to know them.  I knew these girls before they were raped. One lived on my floor.  Another was in one of my classes and we'd been a table apart in lab.

Neither of those young women *deserved to be raped.  Neither deserved assault and sexual penetration.  Neither "provoked" anyone.  The facts I know as I know the sound of my own breathing are this -- men who rape women are assaulting a symbol of something that threatens their individual image of themselves as being in control of their lives, of being competent, of being acceptable to others.  Since most men needn't violate other human beings to achieve a good self image, no man need commit that kind of assault and in the same vein, no woman need submit to it and no woman ever deserves to be raped.  In point of fact, insert the word "person" in there, and the rationale is not only the same, it's more widespread.  But I digress (as usual).

More than 40 years later, the U of A campus still isn't all that safe for women students and there's a fundamentalist religionist student majoring in classics and religious studies who preaches that the women who get raped deserve it. He chose to foist his mindset onto the behavior and lives of others on the eve of a public awareness event meant to make the campus safer from rape for women.

Two articles have been published, back to back in the Daily Wildcat, the University of Arizona daily paper, about this git and what he's doing.   Wednesday,  the Wildcat reported hate speech (sermon, as well as signage) committed by a nasthy little junior at the University, when in the course one of his free speech exercises he committed verbal assault in the form of hate speech about women.  He hatebombed women telling those who are raped that they deserve to be raped; in other words, he encouraged their rapes, he advocated their rapes, he approved of their rapes, even if he didn't specifically CALL for or ORDER each rape.

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With a big nod to Travis Waldron of Think Progress, the following article at this link tells us a story we already know:

The next time some damned Blue Dawg or Teapigger tells you "It's all about jobs, after you consider coldcocking them or a right cross to shatter the jaw, tell the person to shitcan the lies, willya?

Today, FOUR... (4) people showed up to the Congressional hearings on long-term unemployment... and gee golly whize.. nary uno of them was a republican.  Joining scheduling senator Mary Klobuchar was eventually joined by three colleagues (in order of their appearance): Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy, Maryland Rep. John Delaney and Maryland Rep. Elijah Cummings. All four are Democrats.

Jesus Wept.  Is it any wonder I no longer play nice with Republicans?


Tue Mar 26, 2013 at 04:50 PM PDT

I Wish I Were as Smart as Jim Carrey

by Adelante

He's dropped an adorable little bomb through Funny or Die and they've kindly posted the embed code for it to go viral.

By all means, laugh at it here,and by all means pass it on, but maybe you could be so kind as to get this little beauty to pass on by going to the Funny or Die website and see the video there, along with some other hilarious clips, and take the embed code for the video there.

I wish I had the brains to write what Carrey Wrote.  I wish I had the cash and the connections to make the video.  I'm glad he did it.  I'm glad *someone did it.

I would love it if all of you grabbed this item from Funny or Die after seeing it below the fold and spread it like jam over damned near everything and like hot sauce over everything else.

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Mon Mar 25, 2013 at 03:11 PM PDT

Seven at One Blowfly

by Adelante

Bless their "WE'RE ALWAYS FIRST AND IT'S RAW NEWS DAMMIT!" pointy little haids when it comes to headline writing, the well-intentioned Boobs at Raw Story have again put their fat flat clowny feet in the stinky squidge with the following headline: "Man fatally shot 10 times with assault rifle outside California Carl’s Jr."

Having seen that, the first question that came to my mind were, "Was each shot fatal?"

I give up.  I bloody give up. A while back, I threw a fit which elicited the vapors because of the profanity in it and which completely ignored discussion of the issue itself.  The fact that the rant was about gun-owning hypocrites throwing a shit-hissy fit about Sandy Hook was ignored by so many Kossacks in favor of a a faked "collective drive" to get me run off DKOS, I began to question the reading comprehension skills here and had mostly concluded it was all about white-glove writing style.  I know that was just personal picque, however, because a friend of mine digs up marvelous diaries almost every day.   Amusing to me that not a single damned one of those diaries has been written by the white-glub feebs who had the public vapors.

And by gummy, woncha lookit me, I'm here having the public vapors about Raw Story's writing style, or at least about the lackof skills of the editor who's writing the "headlines" for their online news flashes.  A handful of them are as monumentally as bad as any pastiche The Onion has ever produced. I split majored in English Literature the first time  around in college, and for 40 plus years, I've winced first at text and now at ALL television newsbabblers.   I think that like Afghan hounds, they're bred for looks, not for brains.

But again I digress.  Aren't digressions fun?

What's the common thread?   Why, dear readers, all five of you, it's National GunNuttery.

Three months after Sandy Hook, it seems to me that nothing thing has changed (or if there is change, it's more to the insane than  before.   The violence has, if anything, ESCALATED.  So, whither now?  Well, look below the squiggle, er fold....

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Wed Dec 19, 2012 at 09:23 PM PST

Al Fin Del Fin

by Adelante

For those of you who are either xenophobic or monolingual or both, secretly or publicly, them thar words up above in that dark black ank mean At the End of the End in what passes for Spanish, even in Spain and Colombia, where they claim they speak and write upper crust pure Castillian -- at least in parts.

This is a tiny little (insert the name of your favorite US comic religion here  -- I'm already a narsty hateful so-and-so for suggesting that gun thugs and gun sales bullies do themselves in rather than doing others in or driving others to it and telling priggies to get over it, so I'm not gonna play that one), two steeple town, but the merchants here are all having end of the world sales and some of them are ***serious about it.  They really don't think anyone is waking up on 12/22.  No poopy.

Timing is everything they say.. More below the fold.

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Mon Dec 17, 2012 at 11:42 AM PST

Another Terrorist Organization

by Adelante

ALEC, American Legislative Exchange Council,  a fist thrust by the Koch Brothers into Congress, is a terrorist organization.

It interferes with legislation that would rein in gunnuttery and runs inference for the NRA.


Mon Dec 17, 2012 at 11:36 AM PST

More on Gun Nuttery

by Adelante

Molly Ivins Got It.

The Australians Got It.

Apparently until the NRA is declared a terrorist organization in the US, the people of the US are not going to have th privilege of Getting It.

It's time the NRA was declared a terrorist organization, a criminal organization.


Mon Dec 17, 2012 at 12:36 AM PST


by Adelante

Decades ago I "got in the face of" a woman I had considered to be my best friend of a lifetime who was bitching about how her taxes had gone up for the previous year and how unfair that was.   In a normal tone of voice, I said to her, " I told you before we voted that so and so didn't give a shit about you by class and income and you pooh-poohed me, and he threw you under the bus."   She got up and left the cronies' breakfast table we had sat at for years since La Madelaine in Dallas opened and never spoke to me again.  Neither did any of her friends.  I finished my half baguette, had another cup of coffee, read until it was time to drive on to work and did just that.  I am not sorry I said what I said, nor where I said it. I learned several things that day.  Most people do not want to hear the truth, and they don't want to hear it publicly.  Most people who claim to be your friends, aren't.  I continued to have breakfast and read there until a few weeks before I moved out of Texas for good.  That was 20 plus years ago.

I've since lost friends and in part was disowned by family members over politics.  No one likes to hear the truth unless it's flattery.

I can't live with applause.  I do care if I've lost a genuine heart-met person from my life.  However, I don't think that's the case.   And right now, whether you faint of heart faux progressives are having widdul emoshunul communiptions, I don't give a rip.  No more same old same old dammit. It's time to speak up again and probably die in a vacuum of hostility outside of the bell glass.  Well, the last moments are turned inward anyway.

What follows still has some capitals in it for you faint of heart.  The athritis is acting up something fierce today, along with the insomnia that comes with body aches, so I'm done editing things to keep you from throwing yourselves on your fainting couches and congratulating one another on how sensitive you are.

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