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The mass murder in Tuscon shook me to the core Saturday, and I send my most sincere condolences to the families of Christina-Taylor Green, Dot Morris, John Roll, Phyllis Schnec, Dorwin Stoddard and Gabe Zimmerman, and I am hoping for a successful recovery for Congresswoman Giffords and the eight other wounded individuals. However, in no way does the incident change my beliefs about the Second Amendment and the utility of firearms in our society.

I'd like to explain why, as respectfully as I can, because I think civil dialog in the wake of a tragedy like this is difficult yet critical. I know I am in the vast minority within this community when it comes to this particular constitutional right, and I think it's important that those who see only negative value in firearms hear the other side, preferably from a progressive ally.

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from How To Play Poker by David Axelrod

The Situation: You’re dealt a non-suited 3, 8.

My Recommendation: The chance of you winning the hand is very low. You should fold. We have to deal with the world as we find it.


The Situation: You’re dealt two aces.

My Recommendation: The chance of you winning the hand is not certain. You should fold. We have to deal with the world as we find it

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I have made the decision to discontinue investing my money and time in Daily Kos and the Daily Kos community. It has come to my attention that this community, including its founder, Markos Moulitsas, has been promoting itself as an accurate and well-researched voice within the American media apparatus and promoting specific American policy initiatives, while at the same time, giving money to Democratic candidates for public office.

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The NYC Coalition to Stop Islamophobia issues A Call to Action for Sunday, August 22nd:

Those who have been loudly opposing the proposal to build Cordoba House/Park 51, an Islamic Community Center in downtown Manhattan, will converge from around the country this Sunday in NYC. We will counter their racist, Islamolphic threats and lies.

Join us on Sunday, August 22nd, 10:00 am at Church Street and Warren Street.

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We should be highlighting a very important disconnect between the two biggest mouths of the GOP. The Obama administration set this up well, and now they need to spike it home.

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Mon Feb 01, 2010 at 11:18 AM PST

The Politics of Pathos

by Age of Quarrel

“This is the beginning of a whole new concept. This is it. This is the way they’ll be elected forevermore. The next guys up will have to be performers.” - Roger Ailes, 1968

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I'm hoping someone can help me out with this:

My sister and her family live in Massachusetts. I recently brought up the Senate race to make sure she knows how important it is that she and her husband go and vote for Coakley. In response, she said she will be voting, but because she lives in such a progressive area (outside of North Hampton), Coakley will win in a landslide, and therefore it doesn't really matter.

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Considering Howard Dean is saying the bill is worse than passing nothing and calling for Senators to vote no, what are the chances his fellow Vermontian, a Socialist, will vote for a bill that mandates Americans buy insurance on the private market?

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One of the primary teabagger "criticisms" of Obama is the current Federal Deficit. Teabaggers argue the POTUS is spending recklessly and we need to get back to a conservative budget. The typical teabagger will often cite Ronald Reagan as an example of a president who represented their fiscally conservative viewpoint. Of course anyone who has any knowledge of recent U.S. history knows this to be an insane position. However, I am continuously amazed at the level of ignorance on display from the right wing. So for everyone’s sake, I threw together a couple graphs to provide the teabagger in your life with a little fiscal history.

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On Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace:

WALLACE: When you look at Glenn Beck and you see this explosion, what do you feel?
LIMBAUGH: Well, I'm kind of -- I'm kind of proud.
WALLACE: No envy, no competition?
LIMBAUGH: No, no, no, no, no. I mean, my radio audience is astronomically high. I'm -- look it, in 1988 there was nobody doing what I'm doing. Nobody. You had -- CNN was the only cable network, and you had the three networks and the newspapers.
And now look. Now look what's out -- all of this conservative media: conservative talk radio, television, Fox News, the conservative blogosphere. I mean, I -- in one way, I could -- I could -- if I wanted to have my ego to be as big as Obama's is, I could say, "Look what I created."
So any success out there on my side, conservative media -- damn, if it's going to help us get this country back, bring more in.

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Check out this a nice long read detailing how Ensign got Douglas Hampton a job in order to appease him and contain the damage caused by the affair.

The most striking thing is how Coburn, who had previously shielded Ensign and attacked Hampton is now calling Ensign out. It looks like the GOP is ready to jump ship.

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While it's true that recent town hall tea-bag protests were effectively seeded by astroturfing special interests, we should not ignore the fact that there is a large number of mainly white southern conservatives who are honestly paranoid the federal government is attempting to take over their lives. This paranoia, while fueled by Fox News and the conservative establishment, has its root in one important truism: Barack Obama is the first American president since the passage of the Civil Rights Act who is both a Democrat and not from the South.

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