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Sat May 14, 2011 at 01:25 PM PDT

Jeunism: My wound care nurse, Irene

by Aidos

Irene just left my house.

Before Irene left she said, "I'll never hurt you.  I will do it until I get it right."

Irene arrives just after my bath aide has helped me shower, wash my hair, and get dressed for the day.  Usually, Irene arrives while the bath aide is still with me in the big bathroom.  Irene sits at the dining room table, charts into her computer while waiting for me to exit the big bathroom.  I also have a separate powder room, in the hallway off the living room, with a toilet, sink, and towels that have "Guten Morgan" embroidered on them, that Irene is welcome to use.  Irene's husband drives her to see her patients.  He's a retired teacher.  He stays in the car reading the morning papers.

While Irene attends to me:  doing a physical assessment, vital signs, listening to my heart and lungs; we chat amicably mostly about nursing.   Irene spends alot of time with a clip on her ear, talking on her cell-phone to my doctors, nurses and therapists, describing my 'clinical' condition and waiting for their input and orders.

Irene was not my choice for a wound care nurse.  I already had a homehealth-care team in place:  doctors, nurses, aids, physical & occupational therapists, phlebotomists; that are superb.

Irene, I was told, was an 'older' nurse, but 'highly skilled and kind'.

Jeunism the correct term, not Ageism, for the attitude that older adults are less able to do things because of their chronologic age.

Have you questioned someone's ability to remain independent, do tasks and chores, learn new material, because they were too old?

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Thu May 12, 2011 at 08:54 AM PDT

I am being stalked on dKos

by Aidos

I realized this morning that a commentor came into a diary thread that I had been posting in, soley for the reason to tell everyone who was pummeling me in the thread, that I had been pummeled before.

So, I decided to look closely at the commentor.

The commentor has thousands of comments, but has never published a diary.

I looked at her comments.

Over the last few days her comments have nothing to do with the diary, but simply attack another commentor.  I only went back a few days, but that's all I found.

All attacks, no substance, nothing to add to the discussion posited by the diariest.

How does she get away with not being held accountable?

SOLUTION below the fold.


I have ...

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I have written poetry most of my life.  Most of my poetry is not for public consumption because it is so personal.  My father asked me to burn my poems during the summer between 8th Grade and High School.  He thought they said too much, too much that was shameful.  With my father, I sat in the boiler room of the building he owned, while he tossed my poems, one-by-one into the furnace fire.  He would read the title out loud and shake his head, and toss the paper with the poem on it, into the fire.

In Junior High I had written a few poem/songs with Jeff who played lead guitar in a band that I sang with.  "Eight-Cornered Mind" came from an argument I had with my father.  I was sent to my room.  As I lay on my back, I started to think about my being grounded and living in this square room.  I counted all the corners in the in the room and they added up to 8.  I wanted my father to try to live in this eight-cornered space and see how much he liked it.


You're living alone in your eight-cornered mind
it's the only refuge a man like you can find
an eight-cornered mind
an eight-cornered mind

I studied piano and voice, my education was classical and my personal passion was for folk, jazz, showtunes, bluegrass.  Through the Chicago radio show "Midnight Special" I became familiar with Odetta, Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, and Sarah Vaughan.  Link to the history of The Midnight Special.

Jeff and I often listened-to and emulated bands like "The Small Faces".  Here's their "Itchycoo Park" a bubble-gum lightweight tune.


Do you write poetry?

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I have been raped.  More than once.  I have friends that have been raped, some of them, more than once.  My mother who loves me and is a wonderful person says that if I truly didn't want to be raped, I would have fought my rapist(s) to the point of my being killed instead of being raped.  My mother who loves me and is a wonderful person says that if I truly didn't want to be raped, I would have killed myself after being raped.


I have ...

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Sun May 08, 2011 at 02:37 PM PDT

Stolen Pears: a tribute to my Mother.

by Aidos

My mother is Slovenian.  This diary is a tribute to her and her gentle footprint.

I was born in Slovenia.  Both my parents are Slovenian. After the 3rd Slovenian diasphora, whether living in Hungary, Austria, Italy, even Sweden and New Zealand, Slovenians self-identify and gather to speak their native tongue.  Over the last 100 years there have been 3 incarnations of Slovenia.  The latest incarnation of Slovenia was in July, 1991, when Slovenia "divorced" Yugoslavia.  The European Union is looking at the 20 year "divorce agreement" between Slovnia and former Yugoslavia.

Today, in Illinois where my family finally settled, there are 1,500 known Slovenians.

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Could an outbreak of rap and breakdancing modulate the tempers of  the radical islamic youth who want to destroy western civilization?


I ...

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The 'birther' movement had all the qualities of a gambit: a pawn, an opening strategy, a way to identify a guilible constituency.

Now, we have  " Thirteenthers " who claim there was a conspiracy that usurped the original 13th Amendment with the new 13th Amendment ending slavery.

This idea is not news to me.  It's been kicking-around for over 20 years.  In 1993 I attended two conservative think tanks out east, the Briar Patch and Morton Blackwell's Leadership Institute.  At the time, a misanthrope who called himself "Barefoot Bob" promulgated the notion that the original 13th Amendment had been mysteriously supplanted with what we recognize as the 13th Amendment dealing with slavery.

The second time I came in contact with the notion of an original 13th Amendment was when I ran for Congress and I challenged my opponent's petition on the clause in the original 13th Amendment that forbids anyone with a title of nobility to run for Federal office.  The Election Judge and the election lawyers were intrigued but non-plussed.

I posted in a diary today that reminded me of the story of the original 13th Amendment.  So I googled 'Barefoot Bob' and 'original thirteenth amendment'.  Barefoot Bob is deceased and I saw the word "Thirteenther" for the first time.

In Newsweek, July 2010.



'thirteenthers' are..

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WGBH in Boston produced this compelling report that will air tonight on your local PBS affiliate.  In Chicago that time will be 9:00PM CST.  Check your local listings to see when you can watch.

"SILENCE": FRONTLINE INVESTIGATES CHURCH SEX ABUSE IN ALASKA.  This FRONTLINE report focuses on the abuse by a number of men who worked for the Catholic Church along Alaska's far west coast in the late 1960's and early 1970's.  

"The Silence" will be available online on April 20.  The link is not broken, it will be activated on April 20, after "Silence" has aired.


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The first time I heard this song, "No Fear of Heights" I fell in love with it.

It's a very light & lovely song in a beautiful film.  I ordered it off the telly's xfinity for $4.99 for a 48 hour rental and I watched the movie at least 4 times as well as pause-rewind-play-ing the tune "No Fear of Heights" at least a dozen times.  "The Tourist" is as taut a romantic thriller and visually beautiful as older films in the same genre.  I'd compare it to Hitchcock's "North by Northwest"  with Cary Grant & Eva Marie Saint and "Charade" with Cary Grant & Audrey Hepburn as the romantic leads.  Depp & Jolie have made a classic film that thrills the senses with romance and gorgeous views Venice.  Russian gangsters are trying to kill a school teacher from Wisconsin on holiday in Venice.  Why?

Ah, but the song, "No Fear of Heights" came as a complete surprise.  Katie Melua was known to me because she had done a duet with the deceased songbird Eva Cassidy.  Katie Melua cites Eva Cassidy as her inspiration to begin singing, writing lyrics, playing guitar and composing.  

"The Tourist" is rainy-day fare, to be enjoyed tea & biscuits.   "No Fear of Heights" is a great cuddling song.

I was flooded with memories when I read and posted in yesterday's diary about Eva Cassidy. My comment in yesterday's diary.

 I remembered Eva Cassidy, the artists she worked with, the artists she inspired,  Katie Melua's song "No Fear of Heights" in "The Tourist" brought back memories of my trips to Venice, Piazza San Marco with its iconic horses, and my almost sinking my rental car in the Grand Canal.  Art can do that, open our heart again, to allow ourself to feel again.

Here's the youtube of Katie Melua singing with an already-deceased Eva Cassidy's tape playing on a background jumbotron on BBC's "Top of the Pops".  "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" duet by Melua and Cassidy:


I will see Depp & Jolie in the Tourist.

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What kind of Art do your elected-0fficials enjoy? It really matters.

Donald Trump has been known to call modern art a fraud perpetrated by those without talent. Trump ever heard of 'deconstruction'.

I have a badge that says "Art Cop".  Well, it's kinda a badge.  It looks alot like a campaign button, with an artsy logo and bold lettering labeling me as ART COP when I particated in an "Around the Coyote" art festival in Chicago's Wicker Park.  I was a performance poet at the time and taught poetry workshops.  But that's another diary. :)

I am writing this diary as an expansion of a comment I made in another person's diary.

The diarist had linked economic theory wth Freud.  I think game theory, not Freud,  influenced economics.  Can Freudian analysis be applied to economics and monetary policy.  Perhaps.  I didn't think the diarist made the case. My comment is lengthy with several videos from the opera "Tales of Hoffman".  The diarist had linked Freud's theory of the pysche (Id, Ego, Superego) to economics and monetary theory.  I agree that thought influences economic and monetary theory and policy.  I am of the opinion that art (visual & performing) can influence the quality of economic theory.

However, it's game theory that most influences modern American monetary and economic policy not Freud.

Freud and Jung were contemporaries and collaborators.  Freud thought the psyche was tripartite with an Id, Ego, and Superego.  Jung essentially agreed, but additionally thought that in each male there was inclusion of the feminine that he termed "the animus" and in each female there was inclusion of the feminine that he termed "the anima".

Freud was greatly influenced by his study of anthropology and the Opera by Offenbach, 'Tales of Hoffman'.  In my comment have embedded several videos of some of the characters from Freud's favorite opera.  

I don't know what kind of art your representatives listen to, but I think it's worth knowing.  The art your elected representative enjoys is telling-on-them, not just of their education and social status, but also of where their sympathies and soul really is at.  When put on the line, after considering what their constituents want, what is good for the community, municipality, State, the USA: the final and absolute consideration is what the elected-official's soul, really wants.


I know what art my elected officials enjoy.

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I don't have a birth certificate.

I cannot prove where I was born.  Fact.  I was born in a farmhouse in Prek Murje, Yugoslavia and I was delivered by my mother's cousin who was a midwife.

Shortly after my birth, which the local authorities were never informed about, my father and some workers began crossing the border into Austria daily, to do work on some forest that my family owned from the days of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.  My mother would take a horse and go across the Yugoslavian-Austrian border to bring my father and the workers lunch, in a large basket.

One night, my mother's cousin prepared a light draught of the juice of the poppy and gave me a teensy amount early in the morning.

Instead of wine, cheese, sausage, bread and potica (a Slovenian yeast bread rolled with either crushed walnuts or poppyseeds) my mother put a drowsy and quiet infant into the lunch basket.




As my mother amicably chatted with the border guards, I quietly slept enveloped in a traditionally embroidered tablecloth nestled in a woven basket.

Traditional embroidery on the sleeve of a Slovenian woman carrying a woven basket and passing-by a typical Slovenian home.


My mother then met my father and the workers on our forested land in Austria.  At sundown, the workers crossed the border back into Yugoslavia without them.  

My mother and father registered my birth with the Austrian authorities. The authorities said they could not register me as an Austrian. The Austrian authorities issued a certificate that states my name, who my parents are, the date I was born, and where I was born, based on the sworn testimony of my parents.

We were labled 'refugees' and we were assigned to live in the refugee camp, Astin Lager, while awaiting passage to the United States.  My mother said we received rations greater than we could consume, so several young men in the camp often came over to chat, play with me, and have something to eat and drink other than the mess they served in the camp.

Everyone in camp was wanting and waiting to go to the United States.  

Passage to South America was available immediately.  Passage to Australia took a bit of time.  Canada and New Zealand were almost as difficult to enter as the USA.  Europe and the United Kingdom were suffering from compassion fatigue and didn't want any more refugees.

We waited.  My father began to work as a farm-laborer.  Then he went to work restoring one of the Hapsburg palaces.  Ending up as the foreman for an Austrian entreprenour, who made his cement factory and his fortune with the blood, sweat, and tears of refugee laborers.

I attended the local Waldorf School, pre-school and kindergarten.

A Waldorf world Education

the Wiki:

We waited for my mother's cousin in Hollywood to sponsor our passage to the United States.  Having an American sponsor who would assume responsibility for a refugee would move a refugee to the top of the list.  But there were complications.

So we waited almost 7 years for passage to the United States and to live with my mother's cousin, "Father Hollywood".  By the time we gained passage, "Father Hollywood" had changed his mission and began the first Catholic Church in Cumberland, West Virginia.  Cumberland was an up-and-coming Appalacian area that was drawing young men and women from the mines and farms, to come and build a bridge across the Ohio River.

It was our turn to go, to America.  No sunny California.  We were going to Cumberland, West Virginia.  We left via Bremen Harbor, in Germany, in a re-fitted American military cargo ship, now carrying a human cargo, a cargo of hope.  


May I see your papers. (a declarative sentance, not a question)

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On April 19 at 9 pm EDT, PBS Frontline will air THE SILENCE: FRONTLINE INVESTIGATES CHURCH SEX ABUSE IN ALASKA.  This FRONTLINE report focuses on the abuse by a number of men who worked for the Catholic Church along Alaska's far west coast in the late 1960's and early 1970's.  

Check your local PBS listings.  "The Silence" will be available online on April 20.


My first diary on dKos explained my interest and my closely following the societal trend towards acceptance normalization of child sexualization.

Here's the link to my first diary.


Should adults be empowered to sexually mentor children/teens?

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