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Today's NYTimes Magazine asks How Christian were the Founders?". The article starts by profiling the young-earth creationist Don McLeroy, whose mission in life seems to be to eliminate the division between Church and State and rewrite all the history books to claim that America was founded as a Christian Nation.

This wouldn't be a problem if he wasn't on the Texas State Board of Education, which every ten years generates a new set of textbook standards, and if those standards did not in turn dictate the content of textbooks (or lack of content) that children nationwide would be subjected to.

There is something we can do about it - over the break


What is the hardest part of believing the Earth was created in one day, less than 10,000 years ago?

8%57 votes
9%67 votes
10%72 votes
14%97 votes
1%13 votes
3%22 votes
5%41 votes
46%323 votes

| 692 votes | Vote | Results

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Sun Aug 30, 2009 at 05:15 PM PDT

Cheney is Offended. Oh my!

by AikidoPilgrim

The LA Times reports that Dick Cheney emerged from his undisclosed secure location to criticize the Justice Department's decision to investigate whether CIA interrogation tactics broke the law, a decision he characterized as "politically motivated and dangerous to U.S. national security."

Oh lying hypocrite, how do we love you, let us count the ways: (on the flip)


Dick Cheney is Offended. Boo Hoo. What's your favorite Dick Cheney offense?

20%15 votes
4%3 votes
20%15 votes
24%18 votes
20%15 votes
1%1 votes
8%6 votes

| 73 votes | Vote | Results

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Barack's speech in Cairo was magnificent in many ways, but yesterday's election upset in Lebanon, and next week's possible ousting of Ahmadinejad are perfect examples of how a direct, honest, authentic, and humble presentation can work so much more effectively than the aggressive, chest-thumping self-righteousness the world was subjected during the last administration. Roatti's diary last night discusses the difference between conservative and progressive thinking - that they fixate on means, and we actually look at the bigger picture and see the ends.

Gandhi of course  reminds us that the means should be the ends-in-embryo, and I'd like to bring the Kos-o-sphere up to speed on a great tactical how-to manual for so much of what we want to accomplish politically - the martial art of Aikido, often known as "the Way of Peace"

more after the break.

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Mom forwarded me an email from a conservative friend encouraging recipients (even though, as the letter puts it "few Americans watch MSNBC anymore" to tell MSNBC and America what they really think of Obama - and they've got a head start. Obama is listed as 44% with a grade of "F", and 15% with a grade of "D". Only 30% give him an A. LInk and update over the break:

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I don't know if it counts towards (or subtracts from . . .) my alloted 15 minutes of fame, but I have been personally mischaracterized and insulted on Free Republic and Debbie Schlussel today - and I'm just so proud - it feels like I've finally arrived.

Find out what I did, and why the freepers seem to hate me for it, after the break.


Did you go to Summer Camp?

11%18 votes
5%9 votes
9%15 votes
7%12 votes
8%13 votes
0%1 votes
13%20 votes
18%28 votes
9%15 votes
8%13 votes
5%9 votes

| 153 votes | Vote | Results

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Quick reality check on the other side: Indiana and North Carolina voters are giving Huckabee and Ron Paul up to 30% of the primary vote - even though neither is actually running. The so-called "base" of the Republican party is clearly rejecting McSame in large numbers . . .

More details, and a pointed question, after the break.

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Fri Mar 21, 2008 at 04:32 PM PDT

Poll - Obama VP

by AikidoPilgrim

WIth Richardson's endorsement today, it is time to start talking about running mates for the overwhelming likelihood that Obama becomes the Democratic nominee. Some of the more obvious choices after the break, and add your favorites in the comment threads


Best VP for Obama Ticket

29%190 votes
2%17 votes
7%50 votes
9%61 votes
22%148 votes
4%31 votes
2%19 votes
2%17 votes
9%64 votes
1%8 votes
0%4 votes
0%6 votes
6%40 votes

| 655 votes | Vote | Results

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Lets face it - most powerful men in politics suck at backing down, at thinking before acting, at listening calmly, and at putting Peace ahead of Posturing.

Whether this is an occupational hazard of the process by which one becomes powerful in politics is a conversation for another diary. This dairy is about how to deal with the reality we face - which is that if we want peace in this world we're going to have to, somehow, put women and children in charge.

I can't do much about the women, but I teach aikido (a martial art that wields harmony to eliminate conflict) to kids and help run a summer camp, so I CAN do something about the children.

And you can help me help them become the peacemakers the world needs them to be.

how after the break

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Every so often, a chance comes around to weave several threads of your life into one united, greater-than-the-sum-of-its-parts whole, and a great idea is born.

In this case - there are 4 major threads – Teaching Aikido to kids, Running a non-profit sports camp, running the Model UN club in college, and a lifelong belief that Doing is better than Talking.

I'll tell you how these threads fit together, and the PeaceCamp Initiative I'm really looking for Kossack feedback on, after the break

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There are a lot of good reasons to push Al Gore into the '08 race. This diary is meant to check the pulse of the DKOS community about who we would like to see as Al Gore's running mate. Lots of choices - quick rundown and chance to vote after the break.

What's your ideal Democratic Ticket in '08?

4%19 votes
34%160 votes
0%3 votes
0%3 votes
11%54 votes
7%37 votes
6%32 votes
22%107 votes
5%27 votes
5%27 votes

| 469 votes | Vote | Results

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Emmy Award-winning documentarian Dorothy Fadiman premiered her lastest film Sunday night in Palo Alto to a packed house. Stealing America: Vote by Vote combines interviews with voting volunteers, computer security experts, journalists, and exit poll researchers with media footage to weave a compelling tale of deliberate and criminal vote manipulation, suppression, and fraud.

Why are Bush and Rove so strangely confident about the midterms?

3%2 votes
63%35 votes
9%5 votes
23%13 votes

| 55 votes | Vote | Results

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Ain't It Cool News is a prominent pop-culture site mostly about movies, TV, Anime, and video games. Huge influence and significant traffic.

One of their reviewers, who goes by Massawyrm, calls himself "A lifelong, old school, traditionally conservative (which doesn't mean what many of you think it means), Republican ("traditionally conservative" seems to mean Libertarian rather than implying a Dobson-esque neanderthal values agenda.)

What matters is that no matter how much he despised Al Gore in 2000, he loves An Inconvenient Truth. Why and How Much after the break . . .


Will YOU see _An Inconvenient Truth_?

100%947 votes

| 947 votes | Vote | Results

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