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Braley retakes the lead from Ernst 48-47!  This is an important one, and one that seemed to be slipping away.  Bruce is good people, and the Publican is certifiable.

Looks like the indys are hearing the crazy coming out of Ernst's mouth and are none to pleased.

More on the flip.

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President Obama leads RMoney 51-41 in most recent Pew Poll.

Lots of interesting numbers to pore through in this newly released poll from the Pew Research Center

The one that sticks out for me however is this one:

By a 52% to 37% margin, more voters say they have an unfavorable than favorable view of Mitt Romney.
In Pew's polling since 1988 the only major party candidates for President that had upsidedown approval ratings were Dubya's dad (at -12) and Bob DOLE (at -11).

Needless to say, both lost.  And Mitt is LOWER.  Even Dubya was +14 in 2004 (yeah, I know, unbelievable that anyone liked the way he was leading this country, let alone a majority).

And this is taken prior to RMoney's recent overseas debacle.

Most specifics from the poll after the orange croissant.

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Wed Feb 29, 2012 at 07:43 AM PST

David Dreier (R-CA) to retire

by Ajax the Greater

Another one bites the dust

House Rules Committee Chairman David Dreier (R-Calif.) on Wednesday morning announced from the House floor that he would not seek reelection this year.

"We all know that this institution has an abysmally low approval rating, and the American people are asking for change in Congress, and so I'm announcing today that I will leave the Congress at the end of this year," the 16-term member joked.

But, but, but, I thought the Republicans were so excited about making Obama a one-term president?  I thought the tea party was causing a Republican resurgence?  What gives?
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This is what happens when you tear the mask off and allow women to see what you really are.

Lots of fun stuff to delve through, but suffice it to say, if you lose women by double digits, you are looking at an epic landslide.

Being against contraception in today's day and age?  Seriously?  Even Alex Castellanos, Republican strategist, gets it:

“Republicans being against sex is not good,” the G.O.P. strategist Alex Castellanos told me mournfully. “Sex is popular.”
More info from the poll after the jump...
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The most recent national poll reflects that President Obama's approval rating is now up 7 points since October to 49%, his highest since the killing of Bin Laden more than 6 months ago.

Are the American people responding to the end of our occupation of Iraq?  Are they becoming more aware of how insane the current Republican party is?

More analysis of the poll on the flipside...


Will traditional media cover this noticable jump?

44%40 votes
43%39 votes
10%9 votes
2%2 votes

| 90 votes | Vote | Results

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Elizabeth Warren has taken a modest 4 point lead over Wall Street sycophant Scott Brown in the race to win back the people's seat in Massachusetts.

Just 37 percent of Massachusetts adults approve of the job Sen. Brown is doing while 49 percent disapprove.

These numbers could mean trouble for Scott Brown," Schaffner says. "The race is a dead heat and his support is well under 50 percent, which usually means difficulty for an incumbent, especially this far out from Election Day.

Wonderful news for freedom loving Americans everywhere.

More breakdown from the poll after the squiggly.

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Obama picked Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) to lead the DNC.  She is good at fundraising, is good on TV, and at times actually gets feisty and punches back.

Not sure how this effects her roles in the House of Representatives or the DCCC, but my initial take on this is that I am fine with the President's decision.

At least she will hit back, which makes her a marked improvement over Tim Kaine, her immediate predecessor.


Happy with DWC to lead the DNC?

76%16 votes
9%2 votes
4%1 votes
9%2 votes
0%0 votes

| 21 votes | Vote | Results

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So now that the teabaggers have run out of gas, and Americans have awoken to the serious prospect of health care and health insurance reform, President Obama has seen a small but noticable overall jump in his approval and an extremely large jump in his approval from independents.  The AP reports that this is the first time the President's approval has gone up since he took office.

More specifics from the poll on the flip.


Do you trust President Obama

80%395 votes
1%7 votes
0%1 votes
13%65 votes
4%23 votes

| 491 votes | Vote | Results

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For all of the foregoing reasons, we affirm the decision of the trial court that Al Franken received the highest number of votes legally cast and is entitled under Minn. 32 Stat. § 204C.40 (2008) to receive the certificate of election as United States Senator from the State of Minnesota.

More as it comes in...

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So I put on my wading boots and headed over to Red State to see what they thought about the 3 primary battles (and counting) that the Republicans were looking at against incumbent Republicans in the Senate in 2010 (PA, AZ, KY), mostly, about the recent news that John McCain was getting a primary challenger from the right in the form of rabid insane anti-immigrant founder of the "Minutemen", Chris Simcox.  I knew that the online rightwingers would be supportive of Toomey in his bid to send Sen. Specter (R-PA) into early retirement, and was interested in seeing what they thought about the developing battle in Arizona.

Needless to say, I am absolutely ecstatic about the state of affairs in the comments, as a majority of the comments reflect what we would expect, namely, that the online rightwing prefers to lose with a rightwing crazyperson than to win with anything less.

More analysis and specific quotations on the flip...

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Looks like the counting has again begun and that Begich may actually avoid a state-sponsored run-off after all (state pays if margin of victory is less than .5%, candidate has to pay if greater than .5%).

Of the 13,302 newly tabulated votes, Begich has won them 7,327 (55%) to 5,975 (45%).

Looking like victory is at hand.  Actual numbers on the flip.

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Charlie Cook is, along with Stuart Rothenberg, a conservative prognosticator of elections.  He runs significantly behind the rest of us in terms of seeing takeover opportunities, and is slow to acknowledge the reality on the ground.  In short, he is a mainstream pundit with a ton of information at his disposal.

Which is why the fact that he made 25 changes to races today, and ALL 25 were in favor of the Democrats, is really quite a big deal.

His entire list of changes is after the flip.


How many house seats will Dems pick up?

2%2 votes
4%4 votes
11%10 votes
20%17 votes
25%22 votes
32%28 votes
2%2 votes

| 85 votes | Vote | Results

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