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A Letter from Congresswoman-elect Cynthia McKinney (D-Georgia) to bloggers and activists everywhere...

November 9, 2004

Dear Friend,

I am one of the silver linings to come out of Election Day 2004 in the United States.

After being driven from my seat in Congress two years ago by a hostile corporate media that seeks to demonize those of us who speak our minds and our hearts against power, the voters of Georgia’s Fourth Congressional District returned me to Washington on November 2nd.

I return to Washington ready to fight.

But before I get to Washington in January 2005, I ask you to join me in contributing to the Internet newspaper that made a free online media possible in the United States and elsewhere: Narco News.

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Wed Nov 03, 2004 at 08:28 PM PST

Now What? First, We Kill the Media

by Al Giordano

The second Bush term is going to make the first four years look like the good old days.

Now that the American president really was elected, his gnawing sense of illegitimacy removed, his father's curse exorcized, his religious right flank empowered, and a hesitant world now falling to its knees to bow before him, watch out.

During the first four years, he and his gang restrained themselves from fully unleashing the repressive measures of the Patriot Act, knowing that it could cost them the election. The restraints are now gone.

And other repressive policies like the drug war? Watch that get used, now, as politically as the terror war.

It's mourning in America. My mailbox runneth over today with emails from friends and strangers who want to leave the United States and come down here to Latin America.

Nobody should do that to run from a fight: After all, if you are a citizen of the U.S.A., there is no place to hide from your own country's foreign policy...

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Tue Nov 02, 2004 at 10:59 PM PST

No Defeat, Baby, No Surrender

by Al Giordano

This is the moment in the movie in which our protagonist, John F. Kerry, shows his mettle.

Either he pulls a Gore move and says "the system has spoken."

Or he fights.

Ohio, Florida, maybe other states, have results that are challengeable... Provisional ballots in Florida, Ohio, Iowa, and New Mexico... And Wisconsin, what?

He has the lawyers. He has the votes. He has the enemy which supressed their votes...

And does he have the balls or ovaries to give the fight?

That is the last question yet.

John: Charge the beach.

You have done it before.

Don't become a Gore, please.

And feel free to recommend this diary!
Pollster John Zogby says that turnout among voters 18-29 will decide this election. From his website today:

Pollster John Zogby: "Razor thin margin here, if there is one at all. The President still does not get above 48%. The real news here is that 18-29 year olds favor Kerry 64% to 35%, with 1% for Nader--and 0% undecided. When I see a low undecided number it means that group is going to vote. I am factoring this group to be 12% of the total vote -- but it could be higher. Each point it goes higher translates into two-thirds of a percent for Kerry -- if these numbers hold up."

There it is, plain as day, the end game strategy for our side...

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Sat Oct 30, 2004 at 02:30 PM PDT

Crunching Fox's New Poll Numbers

by Al Giordano

Tony Snow had the unpleasant task on Fox News this afternoon to announce the latest, (half the survey sample was taken post OBL statement), Fox News poll results.

Oct 28/29
LV - Bush 47, Kerry 45
RV - Bush 46, Kerry 46

Now, read between the lines and see what Fox didn't tell you: their own numbers show Kerry with all the juice!

Extrapolations offered below...

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Forget about the Bin Laden video (the video ain't gonna change nothin' about Tuesday's outcome... It's akin to the cheerleader that you already knew was in the stadium flashing her breasts to distract the players) and let's get back in the game.

We have a big problem coming up on Tuesday regarding the "exit polls" and it stems from the fact that there is heavy turnout already in states that have "early voting."

For example, according to an exit poll Quinnepac just did on the 16 percent of Floridians who have already voted, Kerry has 56-percent support to only 39-percent for Bush.

That means that our troops are more fired up than theirs, and are voting early...

And it means that Fox News and other corporate interests who get to play with exit polls on Tuesday are going to be able to abuse the numbers among the 84-percent (or less) of voters who will be in Tuesday's voting universe, in a way that can confuse the nation, and make it seem Bush wins some swing states that he will not win.

Remember how they tricked us in 2000... So I propose the following plan of action to impede such a scenario...

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It's the two-minute warning, as they say in North American football - (I wanna scream, "Four More Days! Four More Days!") - that moment when the game is about to end but there is still a chance to change its result...

This is the moment to remind us all why we are here and how we are going to win this game.

Kind readers, we are witnessing and participating in the most important presidential election of the past seventy years in the United States.

Not since the 1932 election of Franklin D. Roosevelt have the stakes been higher, not only for United States citizens, but for the entire world.

So gather 'round while I offer a little pep talk about how we're going to go out and win this championship even though the official scoreboard (that is, the Commercial Media, with its corporate sponsors and formulaic pollsters) says we are one point behind.

First, let me tell you about your team captain, the quarterback John Kerry, and why he will lead us to victory...

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Sat Oct 23, 2004 at 11:06 AM PDT

My Prediction: Kerry 310, Bush 228

by Al Giordano

Yes, I've been on a winning streak (I only wish I had bet real money on previous elections this year: anybody with deep pockets wanna part with your cash this autumn?), having predicted Kerry in Iowa, Kerry in New Hampshire, and Chávez in Venezuela, before anyone else would stick their reputations on the line.

But in a dozen days the Big One comes: the U.S. presidential election. It's more difficult to predict because an oddsmaker has to set the bar in 50 states plus the District of Columbia.

That can make your head hurt...

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Wed Oct 20, 2004 at 09:57 PM PDT

Post-Election: We Are Everywhere

by Al Giordano

We live now in October 2004, a crucial time when, politically speaking, the earth is about to quake.

The context is about to shift for all social movements and authentic journalists everywhere.

Among them: the drug policy reform movement and the Authentic Journalism renaissance.

None will be the same after the second of November, when an election in the United States will either embolden the administration of George W. Bush to become more extreme in its anti-democracy dreams, at home and abroad. Or it will elect John F. Kerry, once an organizer of a social movement himself, with Vietnam Veterans Against the War, whose victory some errantly hope will allow them to go back to sleep on November 3 and leave the driving to him.

For those who know better, the path of social change, either way, will have to take fast new directions as never before.

That's why Narco News begins, today, a seven-part series of essays, for the first time online, by the Notes from Nowhere collective (Katherine Ainger, Graeme Chesters, Tony Creland, John Jordan, Andrew Stern and 2004 Narco News Authentic Journalism Scholar Jennifer Whitney) from their book, "We Are Everywhere" (Verso Press).

These are essays that make us think about strategies and tactics...

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A year ago, on October 17, the then-president of Bolivia, Gonzalo Sánchez de Lozada (a.k.a. "Goni") resigned and fled his country for Miami, after a storm of public protests against his deals to sell Bolivian gas to foreign companies and an even greater torment after Goni's troops massacred Bolivian civilians who had protested against the gas deals.

Last night, at 12:30 a.m., 126 members of the Bolivian Congress (out of 140, making the vote against Goni a crushing 90 percent on the second roll call) voted that Goni and members of his cabinet can now be subjected to trial as civilians for their alleged roles in the deaths of more than 80 civilian protestors during what is known throughout Bolivia as the "Black October" of 2003.

The gauntlet was thus thrown down to the Bush administration in Washington, which, according to U.S. Ambassador David Greenlee responding to Bolivian journalists last night, has allowed the former president, Goni, to remain legally in the United States for the past year...

Read more, with instant translations from the Bolivian press, on The Narcosphere...

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  • "Regime Change" in the United States Will Occur Not Through Kerry's Election but When and If New Policies Change the Country's Direction...

  • After November 2nd, the Burden Will Remain on We, the People, to Utilize the New Spaces Opened by the Defeat of Bush to Create, from Below, a New Context with which a Kerry Administration Will Have to Act...

  • The Discussion of What We Will Do, if Kerry Wins, Begins Now...

The strong showing in Miami at the first presidential debate by Democratic nominee John Kerry - besting George W. Bush on his own turf of foreign policy - confirms all my beliefs of earlier this year: that if anyone in the United States can beat Bush on November 2nd it is Kerry.

Like many folks - certainly like most Americans living abroad (and whose only tenuous claims to residency in my own country are in the "safe" blue states of Massachusetts and New York) - I feel mostly powerless to determine the outcome of that vote. But after a long, boring, content-less summer campaign, I'm waking up to the political process underway North of the Border again with a glimmer in my eye that maybe, just maybe, the un-elected tyrant Bush will fall... and fall hard.

It's show time for Kerry: the hour when, in his past campaigns, he has come from behind to slash the tires of his opponent, squeak past him, and cross the finish line first. (Against as dirty a fighter as Bush, Kerry should feel no moral hesitation at all in playing even dirtier to win.) I'm betting - as I did last December and January in the Democratic primaries - that Kerry takes the November election decisively.

If that occurs, we will greet November 3rd bleary-eyed with a new swathe of possibilities both for hope and for disappointment. What will a President Kerry do about Iraq? The drug war? Latin America? Will a President Kerry be able to adapt to the world's fast-changing economic landscape in which nations with small and mid-sized economies are throwing the imposition of unfair "free" trade deals back in the faces of Washington and Wall Street?

The imposed sameness on all economies was still pronounced as inevitable just five years ago. But now it has, on a trajectory from Seattle 1999 to Cancun 2003 to Caracas 2004, crashed on the rocks of reality. Democracy and "free" markets are not Siamese twins: they are, rather, in a permanent and messy rivalry. There will surely be cases, over the next four years, in which a President Kerry, if he means his pro-democracy rhetoric, will have to reject the Clinton-Bush economic fundamentalism of recent years and choose democracy...

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(Commentary appears with links and opportunity to comment at )

I don't tread easily or eagerly into the Iraq quagmire - the battlefield upon which Nation contributing editor Marc Cooper's indefensible attack this week against another Nation writer, Naomi Klein, via his weblog, takes place (links and cites appear below) - but maybe by looking in from outside of that conflict I can offer some fresh wind context demonstrating just how low Cooper has sunk into a quicksand of his own making.

Cooper, prior to his attack on Klein, was already up to his neck in his own mierda due to a series of missteps, writing about faraway places from Caracas to Cancún, imposing his First World lens on events in other lands, getting the facts woefully wrong, and revealing an increasingly opportunistic, knowingly false, softheaded analysis of events outside of the United States.

In fact, that imposed ignorance by some North Americans regarding events in the rest of the world was a major theme of Klein's own Nation column this week, the one that provoked the erratic accusations by Cooper.

Cooper's attack on Klein went beyond civil critique. He called her a "friend" and "apologist" for an Iraqi religious fundamentalist, offering a seamless imitation of the red-baiting that characterized Senator Joseph McCarthy's anti-commie crusades of the 1950s. What an opportunist prick! I'll deal with Cooper in a moment, but first a few thoughts about the context, and a look at what Klein actually said, as opposed to Cooper's dishonest distortion of it...

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