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When Mitt launched into his praise of two-parent families, I began to wince.

Sure, in some pie in the sky world, it's a good thing. But this isn't that world. Just checked the statistic:
USA: Percent children in single parent households: 35%.

So, tonight Romney just told 35% of Americans that they're failures, because they're not raising their families the Right Way. His way.


I hope that advertisers, bloggers and/or people in the Obama campaign make some hay of this. (Hop the tangled hoop.)


Was yapping about 2-parent families a mistake?

17%22 votes
45%59 votes
8%11 votes
28%37 votes

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Tue Mar 03, 2009 at 10:28 AM PST

The American Dream - Mirage?

by AllisonInSeattle

20, 30 years ago, one of my aunts used to say that she saw "The American Dream" fading away. She and her husband had lived, via government jobs, in many countries. "The gap between rich and poor is widening," she'd say. "We're becoming like the countries with a few super-rich, and masses of poor people."

I, being young, thought she must be mistaken. Today, I think she was reading the tea leaves, forward direction.

In the conversation on H1Bs yesterday, I found myself conversing with a gentleman in high tech, an H1B himself. He said:

I work on a team right now where my entire QA team/infrastructure is based in 3 different American cities, and I am in a 4th. It works out just fine. I expect it would work fine even if my QA team were in 3 different Indian cities.

He said he stayed because,

"This is still the greatest country in the world; the city on a shining hill; the home of freedom.

My reply  began:

With respect, I think that's a mirage, a fantasy.


The American Dream

15%7 votes
4%2 votes
13%6 votes
28%13 votes
8%4 votes
28%13 votes

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OK, before the cute stories, fess up, when did you finish hiding the Easter stuff last night? Midnight? 2 AM? Claiming you were done by 9 p.m. and expect the rest of us to believe you? When did you make up the Easter baskets? Yesterday? Always have them a week early?

See poll to answer the When questions, and see the flip for more commentary and the chance to tell YOUR story of the cutest thing that happened with your kids. Or your sweet memory of times when your children were little. Or non-Easter cuteness.


Finished baskets, hiding eggs at this time:

9%1 votes
18%2 votes
45%5 votes
9%1 votes
0%0 votes
18%2 votes

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Tue Jan 22, 2008 at 12:21 AM PST

I marched today, did you?

by AllisonInSeattle

With three minutes to go on Monday, 21 January, 2008, Martin Luther King day, I don't see a single diary that addresses the subject.

Not one that talks about participating in a march. Not one that talks about participating in events to commemorate MLK and his legacy. Probably can't type quite fast enough to get this up before midnight, and that's a shame.

Because today, out on the streets of Seattle, people of every income, race, nationality, marched together for peace and justice.

What about you? Did you march? Do you usually? Were you surprised not to see more commentary about the event here?

More below.


Did you march for MLK day?

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0%0 votes
20%2 votes
60%6 votes
10%1 votes

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[Published with permission]

Suzanne Swift's Mom writes:  
Perpetuating the Cycle of Military Sexual Violence

171 days since Suzanne's "arrest" and the Army, General Dubick and Colonel Miller specifically, are bound and determined to ignore the fact that their Sergeant sexually abused my daughter. Instead, they are making her abuser's prophetic words to my daughter a reality. "Swift, you look like you are going to tell someone about what happened between us. Nobody will believe you."

Suzanne believed him then -- and now she is learning that he spoke from experience. Suzanne was sexually abused in a combat zone in Iraq by her squad leader, a Non Commissioned Officer who took an OATH to protect the soldiers working beneath him. By ignoring that fact, Dubick and Miller give other sexual predators in the military the green light. Their message is that victims of sexual abuse in the military are systematically punished and not believed, while the perpetrators go free to abuse again.

Shame on them.


Please care enough to sign Suzanne's petition

45%9 votes
45%9 votes
10%2 votes

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Granny D writes:        [Posted in entirety with permisson]

Dear Friends,

Bev Harris, who has provided such wonderful leadership on electronic voting machine issues, is the bright light behind the documentary film "Hacking Democracy," which aired Nov. 2nd, 2006 on HBO, and will show again. The film is dedicated to Andy Stephenson, whose tireless work to expose the problem cost him his health and his life.

What you will learn from the film is that, if Diebold designed their ATM machines the way they design their voting machines, none of us would have a dime left in our bank accounts. Such remarkable facts are usually not the result of incompetence, but of design. When the top man at Diebold promised to deliver Ohio's electoral votes to Bush, you are allowed to be a little paranoid.

For those of us who resist paranoia, we can take some comfort in the fact that exit polls give a good indication of how voters really voted. However, it should be noted that the Republican leadership in Florida and Ohio have attempted to outlaw exit polls, so the old neck hairs of paranoia do tend to stand up.


Are you concerned about voting integrity?

8%4 votes
36%17 votes
19%9 votes
2%1 votes
10%5 votes
21%10 votes

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A letter to my Son and to my Nation

Dear Jake,

I know it has been very difficult for you to watch me work night and day to protect your sister, Suzanne, and the hundreds of other people sexually abused and harassed in the military.

It has been hard, but nothing compares to the stress we went through when Suzanne was in Iraq for that very long year.

I watch your face as Suzanne tells her stories of being in Iraq and being shot at more times that she can count. You have been so strong and loving through this all. For a 12 year old boy you are very compassionate and intelligent. I was so proud of you for wearing your "Impeach Bush and Cheney" shirt today and that you want to be V from "V for Vendetta" for Halloween.

It makes me smile to know you have a mind to see what has to be done in our nation to begin to regain some national pride.


Would you sign Suzanne's Petition?

33%2 votes
50%3 votes
16%1 votes
0%0 votes
0%0 votes
0%0 votes

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Not tomorrow, not next week, not in two months, NOW!!!  The day I've waited for -- for over a year -- is finally HERE!! I'm in the kitchen with rosemary salmon cooking on the stove behind me, one installer is in the garage, the other on the roof. My yard is festooned with copper pipe, expansion tanks, pipe insulation, cardboard boxes, zip ties, etc. The driveway is coated with tools in buckets, support rails in cardboard boxes that say "Achtung!" and more mysterious items.

Color me excited, and then RAISE that alert level, because I'm about to be part of the future, not the past. The Solar Revolution, not the Oil Devolution. Saving the Planet, versus Polluting the Planet.

Baby, baby, baby, I'm finally doing my part to bring us into the world we should be living in, the world we WANT to be living in -- a healthy world for people, kids, animals and plants. A world of sustainable energy.

Won't that be something, when we get there? Won't that world be great?

Follow me below the fold to read details of what I'm getting...


Salivating Over Solar Panels?

13%8 votes
0%0 votes
10%6 votes
10%6 votes
50%30 votes
8%5 votes
6%4 votes

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Me? Running for some office? Haha, never will happen -- but it DID. Why?

Well I finally decided to become a Democratic PCO in my local Precinct. Tiny area, but it's my area. I'd been saying no for years. It's a thankless job than no one ever wants. You sign up for it, and it's yours. Right?

Reasons NOT to sign up:
--Hate the local District meetings, they're deadly boring
--Lots of wierd icky politics in the local District meetings (I mean, over the top wierd)
--Might be work involved
--People might pester me to do the work
--How would I find the time?
  (Reasons TO sign up, and a Surprise Twist below fold)


Door-Knocking Results

57%8 votes
14%2 votes
7%1 votes
14%2 votes
7%1 votes

| 14 votes | Vote | Results

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Mon Aug 07, 2006 at 12:11 PM PDT

God Bless the Parents

by AllisonInSeattle

God bless the parents who're helping their children get to Canada. Children who've had it with the US service sending them to Iraq. Children who were fooled by their recruiters, soldiers who were appalled by what they saw on their first tour.

Did you know? Did you know it's really happening?

Pvt. Anderson said he supported the war at first but changed his mind after he was ordered to shoot at a car speeding toward his checkpoint in Baghdad. He held his fire and saw the car was carrying a family with two small children.

"I did the right thing because they were innocent, but my superior said I should have fired anyway," Anderson said. "Right then I decided I'm not going to fire my weapon unless I absolutely have to."

He thought he had to when the tank he was riding in came under fire a few days later and he suffered a shrapnel wound in his side. He tried to shoot back, but his gun's safety lock was on, and he saw that he almost shot a young boy who was running with a stick.

"I thought,  [cont. below]

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Weds. July 19 (tomorrow)
6:30 PM till ... whenever

North Seattle area -- near Crest theatre, email in profile for directions.

Please bring a friend... you've just got to see this guy in action.

Eat, drink, and be merry... and painting party. Two big cement spaces to paint on, so there's room for YOU!! Yes, you, this invitation's for you.

Come get inspired, learn the basics, see how darned easy it is! Help produce a bunch of signs to go up in the Seattle area.


I want to

13%3 votes
4%1 votes
8%2 votes
73%17 votes

| 23 votes | Vote | Results

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...this coming week. There will be a potluck and painting party, North Seattle area, this coming Weds. 6:30 to when we run out of paint, interest, etc. Two big cement spaces to paint on, so there's room for YOU!!

Yes, you, this invitation's for you.

Come get inspired, learn the basics, see how darned easy it is! Help produce a bunch of signs to go up in the Seattle area.


Whoa, the REAL Freeway Blogger?

10%3 votes
14%4 votes
53%15 votes
14%4 votes
7%2 votes

| 28 votes | Vote | Results

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