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The MSM has duly taken note that the North Carolina legal firm of Moore & Van Allen is doing work for "AQAH,"  aka  "Americans for Quality Affordable Healthcare,"  which is anything but, as it's fighting to kill the reform legislation,  but its spokesperson refuses to name the clients who have hired them.  In the ways of the MSM, the search engine is broken... or lacks motivation.  We do have confirmed sightings in NV, ME, and LA.  It was named as Republican astroturf in a front page post at dailykos, a start, but didn't go any further.

It's going to be the same special interests, just using more identity masks.

Nevada, Maine, Louisiana.    

We're going to go do some deep sea exploring.

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Remember how the news yesterday was that Sen. Joe Lieberman(I,D,R,CT) was not going to filibuster on the Health Care Bill after all ?  And Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D,NV)said that he was assured JL wasn't going to do it?

Tonight, we find out why Harry was so chipper about this:

Reid for the first time publicly raised the possibility that lawmakers would not be able to meet their – and Obama's – self-imposed deadline of completing work on health care by year's end.

"We're not going to be bound by any timelines. We need to do the best job we can for the American people," he said after the weekly closed-door meeting of rank-and-file Democrats.


We accept that Health Care Reform is Going to Get Done Sometime

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To those of you who wonder why the Prop 8 and People Veto #1 campaigns have such an eery similarity-

The PR on "Yes on People's Veto # 1" in Maine- It's being run by Schubert Flint,  the exact same Sacramento- based Republican PR firm that ran the Prop 8 campaign here in CA last year, to drag Republicans across the finish line, with laundered tax free donation money.

This is just another job for people like this, altho they won't put it up on their Schubert Flint website under the "past successes" category.

There is still LOTS of out of state money going east towards Maine-  as I have said in several other comments, it's just not going to be obvious unless one knows where to look.

Let's take a peek:

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Looks like this was just put out tonight to try to get in front of the Friday News Dump:

Senator Max Baucus, (D, MT) is claiming that not only will all the Senate Democrats vote for the upcoming health insurance bill, but at least one Republican will too.

It was not known at the time of his statement what sort of medications Senator Baucus was under the influence of, over the counter or prescription. (Okay, that last sentence was snark, but don't we deserve snark after a day like this?)

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 Southern Californian Blue Dogs Jane Harman(D, CA-36, Venice, near Los Angeles) and Loretta Sanchez(D, CA-47,Anaheim, Orange County) are breaking with their Blue Dog coalition, and co authored a piece in the Huffington Post this afternoon, announcing their support of the Public Option in the upcoming health insurance reform bill. The timing could not be better, as the Senate Finance Committee today voted their version of the bill out of committee without it.

Harman and Sanchez make a compelling case for the Public Option here:   As their forclosure- battered state stands with its back to the wall, its latest budget already running in the red again after the first quarter of its fiscal year, inspite of tremendous cuts and gimmicks, with Governor Schwarzenegger saying he supported the "goals of reform" while vetoing half the bills the legislature passed in a snit over a water bill, maybe the California Contingent of Ladies in the Legislature is finally coming to its senses-  California Can't Wait Anymore.

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(Of all the things I never expected to see today, this has me absolutely gobsmacked. If you are an Abramoff Scandal Junkie, Read On ! )
In case you haven't been keeping up with the ex Rep. John Doolittle (CA-04) and his wife, Julie's, fallout from his involvement with Jack Abramoff, Kevin RIng, a lobbyist associate at Greenberg Traurig with Jack Abramoff, has finally gone to Federal trial on conspiracy charges to bribe a public official this past September.  Ring was also a lobbyist for the local City of Lincoln in CA-04, in Placer County, Doolittle's district.  Ring did not testify in his own defense, and several of the witnesses refused to also, pleading the 5th against self incrimination because the Feds wouldn't grant them immunity.  The trial has gone to jury this week, and the jury has been deliberating for 3 days with no verdict yet.  

This, in local parlance, is waiting for the Other Shoe To Drop for our ex Republican Abramoff Scandal Encrusted Congressman, Doolittle, and his wife, Julie, who had been taking 15% of all of his campaign contributions as a "fundraiser's fee."   Julie had a one woman "business" she called "Sierra Dominion Financial Solutions," which is where that 15% cut went into.

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I was just reading over on TPM about a poll showing the great disconnect between ours and the public's perception of how to fix the economy on health care reform. And I have a monster set of comments, with links, on various PAC donations to the Balking or Blue Dog Democrats who aren't so interested in passing the Public Option, the lever of the reform in the bill. The result is that you get a diary. What was the question?  Why are these states with the relatively tiny populations dominating the discussion and holding the power on the course of the Senate Finance Committee's ever getting the health care bill out of conference?

According to this poll, and one of the commenters under the original blog post, the top concern of Americans today is The Economy. Okay, we can make the case that not having affordable health care IS part of the problem. But there's a gap. The public isn't making the connection.  Regarding Health Insurance Reform: They want Democrats to fix it. They realize the Republicans are obstructing this. But they still want the Republicans, they say, to have input in the process.

Insert loud sound of exasperation. Go over the fold.  

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In California's 10th Congressional district, right now, there is an opportunity to real- time, real impact with Carrots Not Sticks donations to the special election race for Ellen Taucher's replacement. In only five days, voters there will send another Democrat to DC. But what kind? Or can we force a runoff election?

Tauscher, now at the State Dept, had selected CA State Senator Mark DeSaulnier as her heir apparent, but ran into a bit of trouble with that, when the State Dept lawyers told her to stop publicly endorsing him to avoid a conflict of interest.

Now,Lt Gov John Garamendi, slowly jogging haphazardly, carpetbag in hand, to the finish line,inexplicably leading in the polls against the home- grown Anthony Woods, has another severe credibility problem-  Dee Ell Cee Sincerity- Itis. He's taking money from Third Way.  

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This morning on the Friday Lunchtime News Dump cycle, House "Majority" Leader and Big Blue Dog Steny Hoyer(D, 5th district Maryland) begged for a Democratic Primary opponent in 2010.

From the right wing rag Politico:

“I’m for a public option but I’m also for passing a bill,” Hoyer told reporters on a conference call. “We believe the public option is a necessary useful and very important aspect of this, but we’ll have to see because there are many other important aspects of the bill as well.”

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 So Whole Foods CEO John Mackey wrote an Op Ed in the WSJ opposing real health insurance reform, and pushing his store's products as the solution, during the heat of the August recess debate, which outraged liberals enough to call for a boycott. And the next day his attorney Lanny Davis, the notorious triangle shaped DNCkratic political operative, admitted he "helped" write some of it.

Here's something from January past I bet you haven't seen yet:

Wednesday, January 14, 2009 NaturalSpecialtyFoodsMemo Blog
Retail Memo: Whole Foods Offers Carrot and Stick to Retailers That Have Yet to Comply to Subpoena For Trade Secret Data and Information

During yesterday's teleconference with reporters and Bloggers, Sud said Whole Foods Market, Inc. has begun sending written requests to those remaining retailers, of the 93 or 94 the natural grocery chain subpoenaed months ago but have yet to comply, for their trade secrets ......  

continued over the flip

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This diary responds to a commenter's query posed in Keith Olberman's diary, about who was paying the so- called "grassroots" protesters that are showing up to disrupt and yell against Health Care Reform, at the Democratic Town Halls during the August Recess.

I wanted the title to be "GOPUSA, Bobby Eberle, Move America Forward and Russo Marsh & Rogers, or how a few of the richest people you've never heard of in this country are intent on screwing the rest of us out of Health Care Reform-  it's not just the Health Insurance Industry " -  but that's too long.  Bear with me.  Read thru the links.  You're going to see a lot of the old Karl Rove operatives.

Bookmark my links below. That way you can see who's headed to your neighborhood next for the day after 9/11.  

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In CA-10, where Ellen Tauscher (D) left her seat in June to take a position at the State Department as Undersecretary for Arms Control, there's going to be some crossfire as she's been told by State to stop endorsing Mark DeSaulnier as a preferred replacement in the Sept 1 primary race.

State Senator DeSaulnier, meanwhile, already suffering from a negative whiff of eau de state budget disastre, as the Governor merrily line item vetoes health care for children and steals from Robin Hood and gives to the Prison System, as the state employees prepare to go on strike (yeah, that's breaking, too) says...  too late the brochures are printed and the tv ads running.

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