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I'm an American citizen living abroad in Canada and I just got my absentee ballot today. I'm hoping the Kos community can help me figure out which candidates (and judges, especially) are worth voting for.

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I am an American citizen living in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia and I just received my Orlando absentee ballot in the mail. Is there a progressive candidate on the ballot?

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As a proud American ex-pat living in beautiful Vancouver, BC, I have done my part to continue participating in the American democratic process. I received my Orange County, FL absentee ballot today but since I long gave up on the Orlando Slantinel, I don't have a clear idea of which candidates are the most progressive.

If any Orange County residents could give me a heads up, I'd appreciate it.

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Today, the 19th annual Women's Memorial March was held in Vancouver. It commemorates the incredible loss of life in Vancouver's poorest neighbourhood, the Downtown Eastside. More below the fold.

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There was a fascinating piece in the October issue of The Atlantic about the way the media reacted to the Sotomayor nomination and its impact on the future of journalism and even its impact on the future of democracy. More below the fold.

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The purpose of this diary it to help the tens of thousands of Americans living abroad collect relevant progressive information about the issues that will be appearing on ballots all across the country. If you think you can help, keep reading!

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Mon Sep 17, 2007 at 07:31 PM PDT

Student Tasered at Kerry speech

by Andre29BC

The video here is absolutely brutal to watch, so be warned.

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It's funny, we've become so accustomed to startling insight, meticulously written and researched diaries and spot-on analysis in the comments section that I think many of us have begun to take Daily Kos, and blogs in general, for granted. I mean, can you even imagine waking up tomorrow and Kos, Crooks & Liars and every other blog you read being gone from the face of the planet?

Me neither.

But we must remember that great blogs aren't limited to the political spectrum. While it may be silly to equate the musings of a sports blog to the importance of what the folks at FireDogLake have been doing the last few weeks, sometimes they come up with a genuine nugget of wisdom that makes you sit back in your chair and just smile. More below the fold.

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While watching the Colbert-Tim Robbins interview from tonight's episode, a thought occurred to me. The effortless way in which Colbert tosses out Republican talking points only to have them ripped to shreds by his guests or by "The Word" just might be the single most effective and pointed satire to grace American television in 20 years.
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