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Every once in a while, a web headline has a way of calling out to us, "Click me!"  The following column from Bloomberg columnist Anne Wollner, did just that...

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One of the great under-told stories of the Chrysler and GM bankruptcies is that under both plans, families driving any of these cars (about 10 million Chrysler, 30 million GM vehicles now on the road), whose occupants are severely injured in a collision (or otherwise) because the car was not made safely, will have no recourse against the company...(This story is cross-posted with ThePopTort.)

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What follows is cross-posted with the Center for Justice & Democracy's consumer advocacy blog, ThePopTort.  It's basically our little attempt to have fun with the 60 Minutes-style "fake news" cast Chevron created to counter the PR consequences related to the huge lawsuit against it involving the pollution/destruction of Ecuador's rain forest.  Enjoy...

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If you haven't noticed, outspoken corporate lawyer, Philip K. Howard, has been littering the nation's op-ed pages lately in an ongoing effort to promote what may be "the most ill-timed, tone deaf polemic in recent memory," Life Without Lawyers: Liberating Americans From Too Much Law.  This is my response...      

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