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You think, “I am trying to help.  I did not cause this”.

And you think that, for an ongoing crime.  Make no mistake.  You are a friend.

When President Obama said that those who were trying to kill every single gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered person in Uganda “odious”, Barack Obama was being a friend to those people.  Now, there was no threat attached to that.  Of, you know, lack of American friendship and support to the people of homosexual people Uganda was, in its best effect, encapsulated in terms of their mass murder as being “odious”.

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Note: the following questions, for the most part, are taken directly from the spouse DADT survey run by the Defense Department.  Most of the time, the wording (PDF) of the questions has not even been changed.  However, the author of the ALTERNATIVE SURVEY reserves the right to change the wording of the questions to more accurately reflect their intent.

In addition, some answers have also had their wording changed.  For the most part, these are additions to the wording in the official survey.

A final note:  None of this is intended to be actually disrespectful of military spouses or people who have sacrificed EVERYTHING, and more, to serve in the military or be in the military with their spouses, when they don't actually have to.  Rather, the opposite.

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Mr Herbert, it's your fault.  Mr Krugman, any new Great Depression or Double Dip would be YOUR FAULT.  American People, it's YOUR FAULT, by being scared by facts and stuff and listening to voodoo economists with their numbers and their graphs!

So saith the Associated Press and their mouthpiece, Tom Raum, in their vast wisdom that need not be supported because they are the Responsible Mainstream Media.

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Shirly Sherrod was railroaded.

It is the matter of every day for GLB people in the military.  And there is no such thing for you as a context defense.

They will not ask you or change their minds because your homosexuality was taken out of context.

The character of your accusers will not be taken into account.

The anger at the unfairness of your discharge after years of faithful service will NOT be there.  Instead, you will be told to get a life.  You will be told you want a pony.

You are a political football.  It is for you to hide in silence.  It is for you to serve in silence.  It is for you to be told the value of honor and truthfulness, and yet also for honor to be considered keeping your big mo mouth shut about your mo-ness.

And it won't matter if you tell.  The character of your accusers will not be considered.

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A sense of identity has been lost, of common cause and belonging.  What we, as liberals, are being asked to accept, is what is called pragmatism irrespective of any other value.

There is a tendency, adopted from Republicans, of disliking what they call "pessimism", of what liberals might call acknowledging the problems confronting us and not only vowing, but actually doing, better.  Optimism grounded in an idea that any disease, any fault, any depredation can be summarily cured.  Cured by a religious faith, hope and belief, that despite what we were before, we can be better than we are.  Bt that hope, that betterness, has to be grounded not only in a vow or a desire, but a practice of different approaches, of different values, of not accepting what always has been, but what could be.

What value optimism, without these things, this vow, this indomitable conviction to start today?  What use, exceptionalism without substance and change grounded in "not today"?

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Sat Jun 26, 2010 at 07:12 PM PDT

Rain falls in Imladris

by AndyS In Colorado

The year 1998 was the year of eternal autumn for me.  Now, it feels like those days are here again.

It's raining here.  Water world, Caladan ... Global warming run amuck.  Is here the last bastion of humanfolk?  The last bastion of the free people of middle earth?

Our climate is changing.  I have lived here all my life, and I can feel it.  As the economy dredges, one hundred years to a halt, here, the Rocky Mountain High, is becoming a temperate rain forest.

And I think .. Rivendell.  The autumn leaves swirl.  From my childhood, I can smell the smoke of burning leaves.  Burning pine needles as our forests turn brown with the ravages of the pine beetle.  Burning leaves.  It's a smell from my youth, from innocuous and unknowing people and causes, plying the results of their uncaring into the atmosphere.  But I remember it fondly, alongside the acrid diesel of the airport.  The end of days, the burning leaves, the hubris of human technological triumph.  Twinned in complex carbon compounds.

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Sat May 29, 2010 at 11:13 PM PDT

Your political careers

by AndyS In Colorado

--crossposted at Docudharma

You, the 535 members of Congress - I'm talking to you.  You, President Obama, I'm talking to you too.  And you, the people who think the futures of you in Congress or you, President Obama, are so deathly important that you have to be defended to the death, I'm talking to you, as well.

Your political career is not more important than the Gulf.

Your political career is not more important than the killing of civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Your political career is not more important than accountability for torture and war crimes.

Your political career is not more important than the thousands or millions of people who will die between now and when Health Insurance Reform is supposed to clean up the country.  And your political career is not more important than a public option to ensure all people can get decent affordable Health Care.

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There are several things that most people don't understand about humanity, traveling the universe, extrasolar planets and extraterrestrial civilizations.

Unfortunately, space based science fiction tends to amplify ideas and thought processes about life and the universe that are just not true or are vanishingly implausible.

One false idea, that I notice even intelligent progressive science educated people espousing, is that if and when we encounter an extraterrestrial civilization, it is likely to be like us, similar to us, and at a level of technology that is graspable by us.

To illustrate the truth, let me focus the gentle reader's attention on an admittedly only somewhat accurate but illustrative graph below:


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Wed May 05, 2010 at 10:21 PM PDT

Dear God

by AndyS In Colorado

I know I've never prayed to you before.  Truth to tell I don't believe in you.  No disrespect intended to either you or your followers, but I think you don't exist.

Before you get too angry with me saying you don't exist, understand, I'm merely a lowly human who, if you did exist, you supposedly Gifted with Rationality and who can only go by the evidence of his senses and things that science and rationality (your gift, if you're there) have given us, such as a Trust in "objective evidence".

But, Barack Obama and Congress want me to pray to you.  So much so that, instead of prosecuting thieves and criminals who wreck lives so badly that they are despoiling your supposed creation and putting little old ladies out on the street, his Justice Department is instead spending some of Those Resources working to ensure that gay people can't get married or serve in the military, and that his government's call to demand people to pray to you is enforced and upheld by our country's laws, despite the First Amendment.

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Celebrate over the bodies of those you beat bloody and senseless.

No, not us.  You see, I never gained an ounce in my life from any gay rights ordinances or laws.

I was married in California before there was anything -- no domestic partnerships, no civil unions, no nothing.

I have never, in my 45 years of gay existence, taken advantage of lawful promises of job protection or housing.  You see, I value myself too much to work for a homophobe or live in a dwelling owned by one.

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Fri Oct 09, 2009 at 07:45 PM PDT

40 years.

by AndyS In Colorado

Jimmy Carter was elected in 1976.  In 2016 it will be 40 years since he was elected.

I bring this up because of a statement by Joe Solomese from the Human Rights campaign:

I've written that we have actually covered a good deal of ground so far. But I'm not going to trot out those advances right now because I have something more relevant to say: It's not January 19, 2017.

On Daily Kos, we are all quite used to the back and forth hyperbole: "Obama needs to keep his promises" versus "Jesus Christ, he's only had 10 months, he has a lot on his plate, give him time!"

What I want to say is this is a false debate.  The issue is not about what happens now or even five months from now.

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This will be a short but sweet diary.

The memory hole is sweet, for the far right teabagger fundie wingnut set.

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