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It's been a bad enough week, from the idiots taking hold of the House, and too many other important elections going the wrong way.  I figured that after the dust settled, we could focus on what to do to try and fix this mess, get ready for 2012 and all of that.  It's rather hard to focus, though, when comment sections focusing on states like Wisconsin are littered with comments like the following (collected from the two recommended diaries by jer45):

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EDIT 2: Via here:

There were at least 430 433 passengers and 26 crew on board, but no one was injured.  Other reports are stating that the plane could fly on three engines, but as a precaution, they landed in Singapore.  The number 2 engine was the one that had shut down, and the plane de-fueled.  Until we get word of what exactly happened, there's not much to report.

EDIT: Reports stating that all passengers are safe on BBC television.  There were suspicions based on the whole 'explosion' deal that it was a terrorist plot in regards to the bombs from Greece.


Not too many details to run with, saw something a few minutes ago on Twitter and found the BBC link.  From the link so far:

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UPDATE #1: Just checked around, and found this story, Doyle's already said no!  So we need to keep up pressure on the Legislature and Van Hollen, good work so far!

Update #2: Thanks to Uranus Hz in the comments for this: There is a petition already to "Tell JB Van Hollen - Not in our name, not on our dime."

Saw this in the news this morning, and haven't seen it around here, so I thought I'd spread the word. Wisconsin's Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen is asking Governor Jim Doyle, as well as the Wisconsin Assembly and Senate for permission to join the suit that's been filed by 13 other A.G.s against the recently passed health care reform.

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