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Sun Dec 07, 2008 at 03:56 PM PST

BREAKING: Dems pick up OH-15

by ArtVanDelay1774

Mary Jo Kilroy has overcome a 594 vote deficit with the uncounted provisional ballots and has beaten Republican Steve Stivers in Deborah Pryce's old district (OH-15).  This is in and around Columbus, OH.

The AP has called it:

Sorry for the short diary - this is hot off the presses.

I'm happy for Kilroy to finally get her win.  She came so close in 2006 and now takes hold of this badly gerrymandered district.  It feels so good to have a Democratic state rep, Democratic state senator, Democratic US Rep., Democratic US Senator, Democratic Governor and Democratic President!!!

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I almost spit out my cereal this morning in rage, after another letter to the editor prmoting the "Obama is a secret Muslim" smear was printed in the Columbus Dispatch.  Seriously, how trashy are these people?  

And if he says he's not affiliated with Muslims and is not a Muslim, why was his "day off" on the first day of Ramadan?

Since I'm only quoting the relevant part, the entire letter can be found here:

My reply, and how to respond, after the jump.

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Fri Aug 22, 2008 at 08:54 PM PDT

Chuck Todd is the best

by ArtVanDelay1774

Once again, Chuck Todd has amazed me.  He has been on top of the VP watch from the beginning, and coupled with his superb coverage of the primaries, I feel like NBC would be stupid to not give Mr. Todd the most visible role possible this fall.

Last night on MSNBC, Chuck Todd was asked about the four front runners (Kaine, Bayh, Clinton, and Biden), Todd ignored all of the speculation regarding travel schedules, events, fake reports, etc. and made a simple observation: Joe Biden was acting like someone who would be busy for the next seventy days.

While Bayh and Kaine were playing golf, Biden was running errands.  He was going to the bank, he was calling his family, he was working with his staff.  Chuck Todd picked up on this and his observation made me switch my hunch from Bayh to Biden.  And it looks like (once again) he will be right.

Show some love for Chuck Todd in the comments.


Drudge-lovin' Mark Halperin says that he has two GOP sources that indicate John McCain will be picking Mitt Romney to run as the losing Vice Presidential Candidate.  

I REALLY hope this is true.  Romney is one of the most obnoxious men I can think of.  Putting Romney on the ticket with the hot-tempered McCain will make the "I have a million homes" gaffe seem like child's play.  We can take bets on which one will yell at a private citizen first.  

One the flip side, if this is indeed true, I think it makes Biden the more likely selection for Obama.  I lived in Indiana for three years and trust me, Evan Bayh, is too nice.  I don't agree with his war stance, but he's a nice person, a real family man.  I can't see him getting dirty to attack McCain, much in the same way Edwards played in clean in 2004.  

Biden, on the other hand, is kind of an asshole...but he's OUR asshole.  As long as he can stay on message and attack McSame, and not our guys, he'll be an asset.  

And at the very least, the MBNA will love us.


Thu May 15, 2008 at 08:01 PM PDT

Tweety still sucks

by ArtVanDelay1774

I enjoyed watching Chris Matthews destroy the right wing hack during the history lesson on Hardball tonight.  In case you missed it (despite its appearance on numerous blogs, including this one), here it is:

My criticism after the jump.

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