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Sat Oct 27, 2012 at 08:50 PM PDT

3 hours and 65 knocks.

by AstroCook

This afternoon I spent about 3 hours going door to door here in Colorado for GOTV efforts.

I went to the Obama office around 1 pm. They handed me a list of name and some hand outs (including bumper sticks and lawn signs) and off I went.

It was all pretty easy because now the list of names they provide are known supporters and people who have said they will support the president probably though his web page or facebook. So those who answered the door were 90% happy to see me. There was one or two nutters in there .. one was listed as an 87 year old supporter, but she was a 30 something Romney-file.

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Thu Oct 25, 2012 at 12:54 PM PDT

NC voters needs feet on the ground!

by AstroCook

This is going to be short ...  I've been following the posts by MattTX on the votes going on in NC. Here is a link to his latest post.

Today PPP released a poll saying the race is tied.

PPP also said Obama is winning Obama 57 vs Romney 42 in those who have voted, but losing in those yet to vote Romney 50 (earlier I wrote 55, my bad!) vs. Obama 45

According to MattTX, almost 1 million have voted. More than 4 million voted in 2008, and I'd bet it will be closer to 5 million this time around.

UPDATE: To be more exact, it is 4.3 million voted in 2008. Turn out seems to be up by 20% so far ... and certainly some of that will be election day voters who are motivated to vote early, but to be generous with the estimate just assume 20% additional turnout stays steady. That gives a 2012 total vote count of 5.2 million.

math below...

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Sun Oct 14, 2012 at 10:15 PM PDT

Romney's Job Neutral Plan

by AstroCook

Living in a swing state means I get bombarded with TV ads. In this recent one by the Romney campaign, it goes over his plan to make 12 million jobs in his first term A lofty goal, one could easily think. And because it is lofty, we should not be afraid of the possibility we could fail simply because if we do not try, we will not get there. So lets all dream big (like landing on the Moon, and helping the environment).

Okay, if you picked up a bit of snark there, then you are very right. I already know the answer to the question .. ''What is wrong with Romney's words (this time)'' and maybe you do as well. If you do not know, it is time to learn. If you do, chances are someone you know does not know it and you should be helpful in informing them.

I can (almost) understand why journalists do not just come out and say Romney is lying when he says that he will make 12 million jobs while Obama could not (notice the switching of tenses .. future for Romney, but past for Obama .. just like in that Romney ad). First, Romney's number is about right, so long as he does nothing after winning (or losing) election. Second, I know why Obama could not do this in the last 4 years .. that is because we were bleeding jobs out the wazoo months before and after Jan. 20, 2009, the day Pres. Obama took office. So first he had to stop the bleeding and that took about a year to stop. It was then the job growth per month was a net gain and we started to fill in all those lost jobs. Despite having job growth that seems to be in a bit of a stunned phase, and GOP members of congress that hates anything the president suggests, last month we passed that milestone of having a net number of jobs since Pres. Obama took office. There have now been an estimated 5.2 million private sector jobs added since we hit rock bottom. 5.2 million jobs, however, is not enough to make people real happy. Finally, and most importantly, Obama's policies have given us the momentum to add 10-12 million jobs by 2017, and a President Romney could potentially capitalize on it (if he does nothing) or hurt growth (if he does what he plans to do).

Below the squiggly-wiggly, timey-wimey thing,  I'll deliver some hard hitting numbers from independent, non-partisan, research groups

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In my third installment in what may be a series of posts on how to help undecided voters .. I discuss Romney's view of teachers, students, his MA record and his plans if elected (if those really are plans).

Below the fold is my response to my cousin-in-law who is sort of Middle of the Road, while my cousin is a right winger.

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So here is another installment to how we should be helping undecided voters. I posted one the other day that scrolled away so I'll link it here.

Continuing with my discussion with my cousin-in-law .. I'll refer to this person as "Middle of the Road" Cousin or MRC for short. This is in contrast to MRC's spouse, my cousin, who is the right winger (RWC). Right, we all have these in our family .. no family is so homogenized that they are pure Dems or pure Republicans. They may come close, but marriage can make interesting politics.

Anywho, I got a message today about a Newsday article that focused on VP Biden's quote "the middle class that has been buried these past four years." from October 2 (my birthday by the way, so thanks Joe). The article then focuses on the rate of Americans entering poverty has gone from 14.3% to 15.1%, or 46 million Americans which is the largest total since the Census began in 1959.

My reply to my MRC is below (with slight edits to save the innocent and improve the flow).

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Fri Oct 05, 2012 at 10:01 AM PDT

Helping the Undecided: Obama on Jobs

by AstroCook

So I've got this family member and she is clearly an undecided voter. I don't understand how anyone could be undecided, nor do I understand how so many people could vote for or even like Romney .. but regardless they exist and we should be willing to help them ... even if they live in decidedly blue or red states because other than the president, there are the down ballot issues and other offices local, state and federal.

Below the fold is my reply to my cousin-in-law wanting information about positive stuff Pres. Obama has done and will do beyond 2012. If anyone has ideas for additional messages, please suggest them .. or if there are things I should add to this message, please suggest those as well. I don't slight her for being misinformed or under-informed because I know her husband, my cousin is a strong right winger and probably pollutes the house with the noise of FOX. Instead I congratulate her for seeking out information and wish her luck learning about Obamacare and Romneycare and not having her head explode.

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Hello community. It has been a while since I last wrote anything here. I must admit it has been 3 years, but I've been following stories from the shadows.

Anyhow, what brings me here today is something I am trying to understand .. taxes. It seems like candidates like to slice and dice them and use these numbers to their advantage. And because there are so many different kind of taxes, it make it even more difficult to follow the truth.

More below the fold .. please follow.

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Wed Aug 12, 2009 at 07:29 PM PDT

Why I'm supporting healthcare reform.

by AstroCook

I'm posting something I wrote last night and shared with my family and friends on facebook. I wrote it because there are members of my family who do drink the FOX news kool-aid and seem to repeat a few of the right-wing talking points. And personally, I don't know how to deal with it because family is family, I don't want to upset the balance of things, but don't like to sit on the sidelines letting them be misinformed (and that is from my point of view, they'd same the same about me I guess).

Anyhow, below the flip is my posting which I'd like to share with you all here.

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These past few week I've been feeling a lot of emotions about this election cycle. Excitement. Fear. Anger. Angst. Pride. Powerful. Weak. Shock. All of these ups and down completely tied to the polls.

My first reaction, like many, after Sarah Palin's speech of one liners at the RNC was to give money to the campaign. $50 in the morning. Then I learned Obama raised $10 million in those first 24 hours after her speech. But I wanted to do more. So much more.

Up until that point, I had already been going out a few hours each weekend and either registering voters or canvassing. But until this week, I didn't know how effective canvassing can really be. Follow me below the flip, and I'll share.


Have you canvassed for Obama yet?

51%25 votes
48%24 votes

| 49 votes | Vote | Results

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I watched Palin talk tonight. She really said nothing that impressed me, but I wasn't her audience. But I guess one thing did strike me, when she talked about children with special needs.

I thought, here is a woman who is learning first hand about special needs children. Surely she must be serious when she says she supports special needs education.

Nope. Turns out she cut funding by 62%.

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The thing about being a modern day astronomer is that you learn how to computer program. But who ever said you computer skills have to be limited to astronomy applications alone? No one! So, I've used my skills for fun and produced the 2 electoral maps of the us and I think Obama should win, but right now it is close. More below ..

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So last Monday, I arrived at work. Checked my email inbox and found like 50 messages. This is becoming regular every day now. I joined a few mailing lists on the Barack Obama page and the email just flows. After deleting those messages that had to do with enlarging myself and getting replica watchs (not from the Obama people, just my usual spam), I had a shorter list of messages to wade through. Finally I found one saying there would be a voter registration drive on Saturday at 17th and Sheridan in Lakewood. I thought this sounded like fun and asked my wife if she also wanted to help out. She did. So I replied to the message and we were set. Neither of us had done this, and I'd admit that I was a bit nervous doing such a thing ..

Oddly enough, not 10 minutes after responding to the email, I got a call about another drive in Wheat Ridge the same day. Oh well. I can only be in one place at a time. Believe me, I've tried to be everywhere at once. It doesn't work well.

So below the break is the story of what happened yesterday.

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