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After two years of hard work, supporters of California SB-43 received welcome news a few months ago when the newly-amended bill passed the Assembly Utility and Commerce committee 11-0. The victory was bipartisan, with at least one Republican member joining the others to pass the bill.

Now it is looking likely that the bill will pass the full Assembly and will go on to Governor Jerry Brown for signature, especially after PG&E, TURN, and many others withdrew their opposition. If passed and signed into law, SB-43 will become the biggest shared clean energy program in the country.

Here’s an infographic overview of why SB-43 is necessary given current restraints on access to clean energy. It shows how the bill increases access to clean energy for more residents and how it spurs economic growth in California.

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Fri Aug 09, 2013 at 04:31 PM PDT

The End of Fossil Fuels

by Aven Satre Meloy

In the 21st century, many countries are moving away from dependence on fossil fuels for their energy needs. A number of smaller countries have already reached 100% clean energy, and many others are close to complete independence from fossil fuels. This infographic shows a global and national outlook at how we may soon be seeing the end of fossil fuels.

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