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The Dr. Ben Graber Gynecology Hour..850 wftl AM Radio Sunday's at 1 PM from Broward..Dade..Palm Beach Counties in South Florida

This week...The Birth Control Controversy...Who should be in charge?
All male testimony in congress. All male panel on The Hannity Show.Was this representative of the issues? Where do women fit in? If you have a position call  our talk line on Sunday at 1-2 PM ONLY at:
877 850-8585 (

Ben Graber is not a candidate for political office

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Listen to Graber and Deutch discuss the issues here.This is an oral diary for Daily Kos Progressives to actually hear their future congressman.

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Florida's 19th Congressional District
State Sen. Ted Deutch, D-Boca Raton, has missed an entire special session and 16 committee meetings, more than any Florida lawmaker, since he started campaigning for his party's U.S. House nomination, state legislative records show.

Deutch said he had a "balancing act" between representing the constituents in his Boca Raton-Delray Beach-based Senate district while trying to engage the 450,000 voters in the U.S. House district he is trying to win.

Deutch has no plans to resign his Senate seat, unless he is elected to Congress in April. He acknowledged that quitting then will leave his Senate district with no representation in the final, critical days of the state legislative session.

Meanwhile, one of his primary opponents wonders how well the district is being represented now.

"It's a major concern," former Broward County Mayor Ben Graber said. "It shows a pattern of irresponsibility."


1/18/2010, 2:37 p.m. EST The Associated Press    

(AP) — The following are TEST returns.

The AP has stated that these results are proprietary and not for public view. They were published inadvertantly. The Graber campaign has voluntarily removed them.

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An Experienced Leader who ALWAYS makes a DIFFERENCE

Democratic Primary Election February 2,2010

Please vote, every vote counts in this election!

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In December 1968, Sandy and I began to plan our New Years event. We were both attending Queens College in Flushing and we had been invited to some New Year’s bashes, but we decided that it was about time for these two New Yorkers to go to Times Square with all the crowds and experience what we watched on television for years.

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Many nations are attempting to reach a level of advanced civilization and western acceptance in the world today. The United States of America should be a standard barer for those human rights perceived as necessary to attain such status. Interestingly , if one reviews multiple societies and the qualities that separate modern from primitive, two values emerge. An advance society can be defined by how It honors human rights and How It treats women.

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Ben Graber, candidate for Congressional District 19, Florida was a student during the Vietnam war era in the sixties. George McGovern, was a U.S. Senator at that time and an anti war advocate. Both witnessed the same events and experienced first hand the tragedy of the times. Those who do not learn from history are destined to repeat it's mistakes. Ben Graber is now an anti Afghanistan war congressional candidate. He will share his life experiences and need to end this conflict with congress as they continue to wander deeper into the morass.

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State Sen. Ted Deutch, D-Boca Raton, praised President Obama’s Afghanistan strategy as "thoughtful" during a Voters Coalition debate Thursday while his rival in a special Democratic congressional primary, Ben Graber, declared himself "against the escalation in Afghanistan" and opposed to "militarism" in general.

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Ben Graber vs. Ted Deutch for Congress, Fl-19 update

Today a clear break in policy between Ben Graber and Ted Deutch became apparent. Graber has condemned President Obama's military surge in Afghanistan, Deutch is clearly supportive.

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Ben Graber, candidate for Congressional District Fl-19, democrat will not remain silent about weakening a woman's right to choose  in the health care bill.

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In the words of General William T. Sherman, "You may think that war is all glory, but it is hell, boys". "War is cruelty and you cannot refine it". This was a warning about the reality of war.

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