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Holy Bush
, look at this, Republican administrations are bad for American Workers. You can just slap me stupid and call me Rummy.

Today's topic in the endlessly interesting (for data freaks) Jobs in America Series is the growth of wages over the Reign of King George II, Royal Emperor of the Kingdom of Bribealot. All Hail the King, kneel before his Highness, else you may be hit with the royal bull excrement which flows from his magnificence.  Bow especially deep if he and the Members of The Royal Court are discussing the economy.

In the previous three episode a few brave souls sat through endless charts detailing Unemployment (Vol.I), Employment by Age (Vol.II), Employment by Industry (Vol. III), so now I'll take you on a fantasy tour of Workers Wages.

Please join me below the fold, Hands and Feet must remain inside the car at all times, No Flash Photography please.
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Jobs in America Volume III - Jobs Growth by Industry
Crossposted at My Left Wing
This is obviously the third in a series of explorations of Job data graciously published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, therefore here are the requisite links to the two previous posts, which might be of some interest.  Volume I covers Unemployment statistics.   Volume II looks at employment by age, the fastest growth in employment is in the over 75 crowd, now there is a surprise.  Perhaps Medicare D will change that.  Yeah right.

 Jobs in America - Volume  I (or Bush has lost 4.1 Million Jobs)

Screw the Young, they're just lazy Gamers anyway)

On to today's topic, Job Growth (or lack thereof) by industry.  Not quite as exciting as exposes of the criminal activities in the Royal Family in the Kingdom of Bribealot, but for those of us peon's who must work for a living, this is reasonably important stuff.  

Still with me?  There are pretty pictures below, really, I mean it.  Want some candy?

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In keeping with Jobs in America Vol. I - Unemployment and Bonddad's Topic of the day, (but a day late and lots of IQ points short) I humbly introduce Jobs In America Vol.II a look at Employment by Age Groups for your consideration.  

The impact of the economy over the past 5 years of the Reign of King Georgie II - Holy Emperor of Bribealot has dimmed the prospects of those young whippersnappers we are all counting on to support us in our old age, or maybe they are just lazy which is forcing us old farts to work as greeters at Wal-Mart far into our "Golden Years".  (No offense to the young or to the AARP)

More below the fold....


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Jobs in America Vol. 1-Unemployment

Crossposted at My Left Wing

Over the past couple of weeks we've heard from the right on the status of the economy and the sucess of the Bushco tax cuts in stimulating economic growth.  While I don't intend on adressing the impact of the tax cuts directly, I'm going to take a look at some of the econmic statistics which have an affect on the overwhelming majority of Americans. Today'topic is unemployment.
Bonddad has had a series of posts looking at the job creation of the Bush economy, some comments have raised questions on the impact of ageing "boomers" and other demographic trends. Based on these questions I decided to take a look into the unemployment numbers and found some not so suprising results.

More below....

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On his Campaign Blog in yesterday's post Tony Trupiano (Dem candidate for Congress from Michigan's 11th District) lays out his case for why we should impeach President Bush.  Check it out, add some comments, give him your support.

Excerpts Below:

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Yesterday, November 2nd 2005, the life and spirit of Rosa Parks was celebrated here in Detroit.  For the attendees and many more around the world Senator Barack Obama's words ring true:

"The woman we honored today held no public office, she wasn't a wealthy woman, didn't appear in the society pages. And yet when the history of this country is written, it is this small, quiet woman whose name will be remembered long after the names of senators and presidents have been forgotten."  

Highlights videos, post excerpts and a link to the entire stream from Cspan are below.


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Delphi, the worlds largest Automotive parts supplier is demanding massive cuts from its UAW workforce or threatening to file for bankruptcy.  With 185,000 employees worldwide, Delphi has targeted its 24,000 UAW workers, demanding pay cuts of 60+%, benefit cuts of 77% and the right to close any plant any time it wishes.  

CEO,  Robert S. (Steve) Miller, of Federal Mogul and Bethlehem Steel bankruptcies fame, told white collar worker to stay focused and do their job.  The consensus is that Miller will march Delphi into bankruptcy regardless of UAW actions in order to shed pension obligations which are underfunded by $14.5 Billion and other debt of about $6 Bilion.  For Miller this is Standard Operating Procedure.  Expect Delphi file Chapter 11 next week.

more below

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Tue Sep 27, 2005 at 10:19 AM PDT

Consumer Confidence Takes Huge Hit

by BTower

The conference board's Consumer Confidence survey Index took a huge hit this month, the first after Katrina.  In advance of today's announcement most watchers had anticipated a drop to a 95ish level, instead it dropped to 87 from 105.  The lowest level in the last two years.

Although not unexpected, the 17 point decline is larger than the hit after 9/11.

Additional bad news comes in the form of New Home Sales for August were down 9.9% and July's numbers were revised downward as well.  The Northeast and West Coast Markets were hit especially hard at 22% and 18% declines respectively.

More below.

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The King is coming, The King is coming all hail the king while he shamlessly poses for photo's in Gulfport and New Orleans on September 11th in an obvious attempt to exploit the two worst disasters ever in American history for his own political gain.

From CNN

Bush's plans for Sunday's anniversary include a memorial church service and moment of silence at the White House before he makes his third trip to the states hit by the hurricane.

I'm going to puke up my Sat morning waffles.

More after the Fold

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In an below the fold article in today's Detroit Free Press / Detroit News titled Conyers rises to take on  Bush  John Conyers is portrayed as a marginal yet secure Representative.
 From the very start of the article, he is essentially called a tool of the far left.

At age 76, U.S. Rep. John Conyers -- long a hero to civil rights activists -- has grabbed a new torch: darling of the antiwar, anti-Bush far left.

Conyers, arguably President George W. Bush's harshest congressional critic on Iraq policy, openly proclaims that his goal is nothing short of impeaching the president

Although the article begins reasonably well, bringing attention to the Downing Street memos, the Sept. 24th rally and voting irregularities in Ohio, the balance of the article portrays him as somewhat of a bumbling publicity hound influenced by "left-wing activists around the world on Internet blogs."

more to follow

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Wed Sep 07, 2005 at 03:13 AM PDT

Help with an LTE

by BTower

Please comment or add sugggestions, its a struggle to consolidate this much anger into 500 words or less.


To the editor,
     In Mr. Bray's column Monday, he suggested perspective was in order before assigning blame to the tragedy that is affecting the lives of millions along the Gulf Coast.  I'm not going to address the failures of the City of New Orleans or the States of Louisiana.  They do not represent me, as I am not a citizen in their jurisdictions.  The President of the United States, however does represent me.  The response of President Bush to the events that unfolded on August 29th was delayed by inaction and hampered by inadequate planning leading to the needless deaths of many of my fellow American citizens.

More below the fold.

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Mon Sep 05, 2005 at 08:08 AM PDT

Imperial Visits Today

by BTower

King George II - Emperor of Rovania - WPE has has graciouly deigned to honor his loyal subjects in Baton Rouge, Poplarville, MS and Gulfport stricken by the wrath of God an unprecedented Second time. Especially  And bestow wonderful gifts of promises of food, water, shelter and clothing.  
    This of course implies that aircraft must avoid his holy aura, for fear they'll blinded by the power of aura.

It is truly a Miracle, the auras are visible, of course they restrict air traffic, they are shown below the fold.

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