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Tue Feb 12, 2013 at 09:36 PM PST

Tweetie's got a teaparty crush.

by Back In Blue

WTF is up with Tweetie?  I just tuned into MSNBC to see some late night wrap-up and see that Tweetie has Jenny (somebody, co-founder of tea party something) on.  She's attractive and pleasant for a tea party hack.  Tweetie, however, must be on something or feeling something that's not apparent to us viewers because he sure lobbed a whole game of softballs and credibility boosters towards the bagger spokewoman.  He was pretty harsh on Obama, reminded us that he voted for W. and hushed up David Corn.  

I don't know if he hit his head, or wether MSNB management wants to rebuild the baggers for (better TV), or maybe Tweetie just has a crush.   Whichever it is, I sure hope it's a one-off because I just cannot stomach another round of astro-turfing.


Wed Dec 05, 2012 at 05:01 PM PST

Dave Brubeck, my father, and me.

by Back In Blue

Jazz legend Dave Brubeck passed away this morning.  There have already been a few diaries but Dave had an impact on me that few people have had.  As a musician myself, he was a musical hero, of course, but he was also my neighbor and a long-time, extremely generous member of my community.  His music was a part of my life since I was born, but I only recently learned of the many dimensions of his amazing life.

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As a white, male, near 1% American citizen, there isn't much that a Romney administration would do to make my life as such an American all that different and certainly not worse.  But, for nearly everyone else, it would.  I could, and have spoken my mind, taken action, and made my voice heard in person, in writing, and through financial support to causes and candidates.  But right now, I want to talk about my daughters and their future in a very personal and specific way.

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Instead of focusing our energy solely on pushing Obama to end the Bush Tax cuts, which have a high likelihood to lead to "disappointment", would it be smarter and more productive to grab hold of the the Tax Reform banner, take it away from the conservatives and start trying to influence what happens there starting NOW.

To be sure, tax reform is fraught with difficulties, massive obstacles and so on.  However, smart work by the tax law experts here and elsewhere in the blogosphere and "professional left" could surely start identifying key items to support and those to oppose.

I am not a tax expert or economist, so I invite all comments (positive or negative), especially from those kossacks who are experts, to see if we can make a strategic effort to at least help frame the debate and possibly make an impact on what surely is Obama's preferred route to a deal and will have a huge effect on the economic future of this country and its people.

Join me after the squiggly for my admittedly, non-expert opinion.

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In War on Error's diary,  many have asked what would happen to white parents who tried to get their kids in a better school district.  Well, my wife and I are white and we did just that and were praised for our innovative thinking and personal sacrifice.

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Thu Sep 02, 2010 at 04:23 PM PDT

Which Democrats Can You Support?

by Back In Blue

I was reminded a few moments ago by a comment in another meta diary by lawyernerd of one of the most constructive things DKOS has done on a regular basis.  Raise money for good democrats.

I have contributed a few dollars to Alan Grayson because it's all I've got to spare and he deserves the help, even though he's not my representative.

We can't and shouldn't stop the debate (although I'd love it if we stopped the 'clap louder' 'pony' bits).  And we don't really want to go backwards.  So, if you can, support the democrats you can support whether they're in your district/state or not.   If we accomplish anything this fall, let's at least try to move the ball forward and elect/re-elect some better democrats who as lawyernerd wrote, "deserve it".  

Who knows?  We might even become 'enthused'.

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