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I hope you don't mind my saying so, but I'm a little bit tired after all the completely unprecedented moments (whereby Boehner refuses to return the President's phone calls or attend a calling of the entire Congress to attend a national speech by the President of the United States) is now being called, over and over again, President Obama as the only 'Adult in the Room.'  

What could be more important than a national speech on 'Jobs' in our nation?  Oh, right, the Fox News Republican Debate with Rick Perry (aka George Bush without the charm) and the rest of the tea bagger crazies.  Or of course, the kick off for the Foot Ball Season.  Let's get our priorities in order Americans:  Dancing with the Stars, Dancing with Rick Perry/Michele Bachman/ Dancing with the National Football League.

Relationships work the same way: regardless of Congress/the President, Husband and Wives, Partners/to Partners,  children and their parents, Bosses and employees,:  You may disagree with this, but it has to do with boundaries and respect for yourself and for your values.   I welcome that debate.


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From this point forward, can we put any pretense aside that Boehner is anything but another reason to destroy President Obama and the Democrats?  

I thought I had seen everything, but now that the President is calling on both houses of Congress to come back and talk about a jobs program, (that which the Rethugs have been pretending to do for so many years) would be more than willing to show up, suit up and offer their own solutions).   But no, that is out of the question again.

But apparently Boehner thinks it is way more important (than jobs for Americans) to watch the Fox News Republican Debates on television.  And is again telling President Obama, 'hell no.'  Well fuck you Boehner, because when the President of the United States calls you front and center for duty to our nation and it's people, that is your sworn duty to your nation, and it's people.  Otherwise, you can be fired and are in dereliction of duty.  Got it yet?  

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Please consider this an update on two recent events that have taken place in direct support of AG of New York, Eric Schneiderman's (and Beau Biden's) continued fight for the State of New York for the massive fraud that has taken place on the mortgage crisis in our nation.

The first update is that the FDIC has now officially objected to the BOA's measly 8.5 billions settlement and the other update is that today 20 Democrats in the New York Congressional delegation, including New Democratic Coalition leader Joseph Crowley, upstate moderates like Kathy Hochul and Bill Owens and DCCC chair Steve Israel, backed up Schneiderman and criticized Iowa AG Tom Miller for kicking Schneiderman off the executive committee negotiating with the banks. Led by Rep. Jerrold Nadler, their letter is targeted to Miller and parochial in nature, but adding their weight to Schneiderman’s concerns is important.

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I rarely if even do a diary about the scorch and burn Rethugs, but in this case I cannot help myself.  

Former Vice President Dick Cheney has a new book coming out called:  'In My Time' in which he rubs all our faces into the 'dog shit' that is in fact his way of making more excuses for Americans to continue water boarding and illegal torcher.

Dick Cheney is a war criminal and we all know it, as is George Bush, but to have our faces rubbed in this crap is beyond incomprehensible, it is disgusting.  This book was reviewed all over the MSM today, and it was evident that Dick Cheney wanted everyone in the world to know, that HE was the one in charge, and not Dubya.  Oh?  Really, I mean seriously?  We knew that already, thanks you fucking Dick.

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I think it is way past time to have this civil and honest debate in our own party.  We can do this, we know how to do this without destroying each other on this subject.

Let's all stop pretending at this point in time that finally President Obama has drawn a line in the sand, but it's not exactly the line in the sand we thought it would be, is it?  

As we come down to the wire, there is a great deal of posturing going on, by the 'very good soldiers of the Democratic party,' that are all doing their their all time best Kabuki Tango to 'Sand Bag' the fully cracked and broken levees before the great deluge and total destruction of what we will soon be calling, The Former Democratic Platform.

God bless Senator Bernie Sanders for coming out and saying that what is going on by the President is a 'crappy deal,' but that is the least of it.  It is not just a crappy deal, it is in fact the destruction of our own party, our principles, and who we have always stood for in this nation.  In fact, what is going on is nothing less than Grand Larceny on an epic scale, government style.

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July 7, 2011 - What a great day for Democrats and Progressives on Daily Kos.  I've never been prouder of my party to see all the fantastic action diaries, that felt like fresh air blowing through the 'sails in my soul,' to once again set me back on tract.  

As the saying goes, 'Now that's what I'm talking about.'  I'm so proud of my party on this day, and we need much, much more of this focus on our own party, and President and a lot less on the fucking Rethugs.

We know what the Rethugs want to do, but right now, I'm more worried about what is left of the Democratic Party, it's platform, our principles, the middle class and poor.  The good news is that we have indeed reached a 'breaking point,' and we know this.  The bad news is not understanding that reality and either apologizing or marginalizing exactly what destroying Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid means for millions of Americans under a Democratic President.

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Today, I was sitting on my front porch and reminiscing on other 4th of July moments in my early lifetime.  I remembered when I was around nine years old, and my Daddy was home for a change.  At the time we were stationed at MacDill AFB (as my dad was a SAC commander back then, and that was a SAC base, aka know as the Strategic Air Command.) That base was in Tampa, Florida.

Anyway, Daddy piled all us into the station wagon, all ten of us children and we went off to see the fireworks at a local field.  I sat up front with Daddy and my older sister who was as usual angry and agitated that she had to share 'shot gun seat status,' with me.  She kept pushing me further and further towards Dad, and finally my Dad had enough of it.  He said, to her, 'what the hell is wrong with you, leave your sister alone, she's not bothering you.'  My sister replied, and called me by her chosen nick name for me, which my other brothers and sisters had picked up on recently.  

She looked at me, and said, 'You mean 'Ms. Stupid?'  'All she ever does is ask stupid questions and all she ever asks about is why this, why that, and she never shuts up, and I'm sick of it.'  My dad pulled the car over, and he was red in the face.

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A couple of times a week a get some great emails from Matt Stoller (who I deeply admire) whereby he keeps me up to date on what is going on behind the scenes in the ongoing Foreclosure/Fraud/Mortgage fiasco and how our so called 'Corporate Overlords,' who keep trying, and trying over and over again to make these huge, outrageous sleazy deals to get them out of the fix that they refuse to own up to.  

I in turn send Matt back any new stories I've found, including some of the outstanding diaries that are done on DailyKos, to share information he may not know about.  Matt has been a great source of information, and I consider him a wonderful mentor and friend.

Recently,  he sent me yet another story on someone I've been keeping my eye on (now know as the 'the Sheriff of Wall St.')  That man is NY AG Eric Schneiderman, who has refused to sign on to the bullshit agreement that AG Tom Miller, who was supposedly heading up the other 49 State AG's agreement to propose just another crappy deal, that sold American's out in favor of the Banks.

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Well, don't let the door hit you in the ass Timmy.  

It appears that Timothy Geithner has had the lick, and is sick to death of the mess that he helped create.  According to Bloomberg, he is now signaling the White House that he's throwing in the towel and calling it a day.

How about some real change, President Obama?  This is your chance to appoint Elizabeth Warren as Treasurer, and make the Republicans heads explode.  

More below on the 'poor Timmy, he's tired and needs a rest,' story.  

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Color me surprised (not).  This is just indicative of what is happening all over our country by both parties, including President Obama.  

So sorry to have to point the truth out, but there it is whether you like it or not.

Play ball, shut up, stop asking for worker's rights, and get used the the new normal:  Either you believe in what is in front of your own lying eyes, to allow our so called party leaders to force us all into Chinese Sweat Shops (and to be lucky to even have a job, with no benefits or a decent wage, or decent health care) or you do not.  That truth is up to you, but I can see what is going on for myself.

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Harry Markopolos (the whisleblower who relentlessly went after Bernie Madoff) is my kind of hero.  And now finally, we will be able to view a new upcoming film that tells the entire story of how one man would not give up the fight to bring down one of Wall Street's most notorious criminals.  

I began following this amazing story many years ago, when I saw Harry Markopolos give his testimony before Congress.  This story is simple staggering and unbelievable.  For nine long years Markopolos wrote to the SEC (who ignored him), proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that Bernie Madoff was running a huge Ponzi scheme.  

Markopolos feared for his own life, and for his families life because the all powerful hands of our fully corrupt government made it clear, that they were not interested in the truth.  More down below:

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I've been working on balance in my life by spending more time in the garden, watching hummingbirds and big huge fat bees and listening to this new group of robin babies that are endlessly crying for food that are nesting on my front porch in a gorgeous thick climbing Hydrangea, that is full of big huge white flowers.  

The baby robins, started (LOL) getting on my nerves, (they never shut up) and I felt like Chevy Chase in the movie Funny Farm the other day when I was working on a script whereby in that movie Chevy (who is also trying to write) gets sick of the singing birds and he decides to go out his window and poor hot coffee on them.  I laughed at myself for my own impatience and realized what was really bothering me.  

My frustration level on life has become somewhat out of whack, and when that happens I need a time out, and more balance, no matter what.  But as John Lennon sings in 'Imagine,' the great great lyrics:  'But I'm not the only one.'  And I know that.


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