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On this day, the nation - and the world, will take time out to remember, honor, and celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King.  All over the country, Americans from all walks of life will come together and participate in various celebrations and community service activities designed to embody Dr. King's message of service and brotherhood.  

I often reflect on what I can personally do to carry out Dr. King's message - and not just for one celebratory day - but something that I can do everyday, every moment. And what I've thought about, and feel strongly about - is helping to convince my fellow African-American brothers and sisters to eradicate the term "nigger" from their vernacular, even if used "out of love."

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Scottsboro Boys with Attorney ,1933

Let me start with this disclaimer: I am so tired of talking about race in America. I am tired of talking about it, and I am tired of hearing others talk about. Race has been talked about in America for centuries, when will we stop talking about it? When will we view each other outside of race, when will we just be? Not Black, not White, not Latino, just American, or at least - just a person, removed from your complexion and the other characteristics that we use to define and deliniate each other?

I already know the answer, and hence this diary, even in the face of my disclaimer: The answer is Never. America, and to be frank the rest of the world - although America is especially burdened with this issue, will never be free of race (and class).

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I could just have easily said that President Obama was also the Most Hated. Or Vilified. Ridiculed. Mocked. Shit on.

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I don't consider myself much of a poet, but one day last September - amidst all the debate/rhetoric going back and forth on healthcare reform - this poem popped out of my head and materialized into this video tribute.  I started writing it in September, put in the backburner when it seemed at times that reform wouldn't happen, and over the weekend I dusted it off and put the finishing touches on it.

It's my personal way of saying THANKS to EVERYONE involved in the fight for CHANGE and PROGRESS. Thank you!

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I thought I would give my own observations/wrap-up on today's summit. I managed to watch most of it, and I happen to think that I can do a fairly good job of calling things as I see them.

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This whole Tiger saga has really underscored that America, this great country - is replete with idiots.  If this doesn't apply to you, then don't take offense.  However, here is why we are a thoroughly moronic, short-sighted society. Pitiful.  


Is there any hope from this idiocy?

6%8 votes
41%52 votes
17%22 votes
6%8 votes
28%36 votes

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