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Mon Dec 01, 2014 at 07:43 AM PST

2 Issues to Lock Down 2016

by Bedstuybrass

Like many of you I am very unhappy with the turn out of 2014. We all know the Democrats wimped out on standing with Obama and the many successes of his administration. People of all political stripes respect candidates who stand up and fight WITH EVIDENCE ON THEIR SIDE to support their principles and actions. Ours didn't.

However, the time to play defense is over. In terms of Presidential politics it is clear to me the GOP has given up the Northeast, Mid Atlantic, and the West Coast. They also know states like Colorado, New Mexico are solid blue for the Presidency.

As such, the only real chance for the GOP to win the presidency again lies in getting a few MidWest states to turn red. The KEYSTONE (PA) Pipeline was named specifically for that purpose. It was both a business and political gambit for the Koch Brothers to appeal to the white working class in the Midwest (the last chance GOP voters) that high paying energy jobs will again be available if they vote GOP.

I believe there are 2 issues which the Democrats can use to promote INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM, pro economic growth policy, and show the GOP to be the rank hypocrites they are.

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The Immigration Bill is working its way through the Senate.  Soon, the GOP will have to decide whether or not to filibuster the bill.  This is a lose/lose for the GOP.

If Cruz, Lee & Paul successfully filibuster the bill then the Dems remain in command of the issue as a tiny portion of the GOP will kill a bill that had wide bi-partisan support in committee.  Not to mention an entire generation of minorities will be continue to embed their political ties with the Democrats.  

If the bill makes it out of the Senate then the House GOP will almost certainly go into Civil War.  Because the Wacko Birds in the House see this bill as the death knell of the conservative movement (too many new Dem voters don't ya know) and a gut shot to the GOP, they will stop at nothing to stop Boehner from bringing the Bill to the floor.  They are well aware that the votes are there to pass the Bill if it makes it to a floor vote.  Ergo, Boehner must go if the Bill makes it to the House because there is no way Boehner does not let the House vote on the Bill.  he is clearly a pawn of the Establishment and the Establishment has passage of this Bill at or near the top of its priority list heading into 2014 and 2016.

I'm thinking Boeher allows a "Poison Pill" bill to be voted on and leaves it to the Conference Committee to "do the dirty work."

That will allow Boehner to give the Wacko Birds a shot at their version of reforming immigration (which will die in committee) and then force them to vote for the Bill which comes out of committee.  Of course Boehner thinks that will buy him cover with the Wacko Birds.

No, it won't.  The conservatives will be so disgusted with Boehner playing them (again) many of their voters will stay home and I believe put the Dems in a fantastic position to take back the House.  Even if the GOP manages to keep control of the House - they will walk miles over burning calls to put in a Wacko Bird Speaker of the House as revenge for Boehner's apostasy.  

This will be a very good thing for the Dems.  A lunatic Wacko Bird Speaker for 2 years leading into 2016 will set the table for a huge Hillary victory (or any competent Democrat for that matter) and a wave Congressional election.  Hillary will come into office with both Houses behind her and a clear 5-4 SCOTUS if any of the current 5 Conservatives die or resigns between now and then.

In sum, the opportunity for the Dems to completely take over all 3 branches of government is at hand.  All the Dems have to do is keep fighting for well supported and popular policy positions and fork the GOP defense into helplessly divided camps.

You know what you do when you have first down on the 1 yard line wi9th the entire game on the line?  You pound it directly at your opponent and shove it down their throats.

All the Dems have to do is not fumble and stay on message.  As a mostly united party and the GOP dissolving into a Wicked Witch of the South puddle of lies and evil this should not be very difficult.

Good times are coming my brothers and sisters.  Very good times.

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