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Tue Nov 06, 2012 at 09:46 PM PST

Yea, that's right.

by Bill O Rights

Guess the polls weren't skewed after all.

Guess Mitt didn't have the momentum after all.

Guess lying wasn't rewarded (at least in the POTUS race).

Guess Mitch McConnel wasted four years of Senatorial function for nothing.

Guess John Boehner walked on the debt deal for no reason.

Guess we didn't that debt limit standoff after all.

Guess Obamacare wasn't the socialist wraith Rove said it was.

Guess dark money wasn't such a great "win".

Guess women don't like "god did it" rape defenders.

Guess Sandra Fluke gets to laugh at Rush as much as she wants.

Don't worry Ann...Christie wouldn't have won either.

Now get to work and lets take back the House in two years.


Do you like Christmas?  Joe:  I like Christmas.  Ryan:  Hell no, we hate it, this administration has turned Christmas into a moocher holiday.

Dear Paul...Romney got away with it because Obama, for some reason, took an ambien instead of an aspirin before their debate.  However, because it worked for Romney doesn't mean that taking the opposite tack, agreeing to things you've never agreed to, and lying works all of the time.

All of those fact checks post last debate should have told you that you couldn't repeat the Romney lies and get away with it.  Joe knew it...I thought you were supposed to be Mental Mentat Thufir Ryan.  

Economy?  Biden.
Health care?  Biden.
Foreign policy?  Biden.
Tax cuts?  Biden.
Jobs?  Biden.
Military spending?  Biden.
Afghanistan?  Biden.  
Quotes of the night.                                              E
"Bibi is a friend of mine, known him for 39 years." G
"So now you're Jack Kennedy?"                N    
Those my friends are called....Z

Ryan was reduced to trying to claim that Obama was in league with Putin.  OOOO...Putin is running the USA from the Kremlin.  On Iran, On Syria, on foreign policy in general.  What a dick.

Ryan is about to get schooled on religion.  "I'm pro life because my daughter looked like a bean...a bean...can you imagine?  A bean!  If only every woman, particularly those women who get raped and become pregnant, would look at the ultrasound and see a bean...a bean...A Bean!  They would be pro life too."

Biden responds, "I'll take care of those who can't take care of themselves.  I refuse to impose my religious views on abortion on others."  Boom.  Nuff said.

Ryan's first word on question of "what would you bring to this country?"  HONESTY  Then he immediately ran in the opposite direction.  Loser says what?  Honesty.  Ha!

Biden...Take care of main street and the middle class.  Hmm...simple...effective.

Closing.  Biden "I just kicked this punk's ass from Scranton to Janesville to Danville and back to Washington D.C."  Biden in reality: "All people want is a fair shot and some peace of mind."

Ryan:  Obama had a shot and failed...cuz of the lies we've been telling for months.  Me and Mitt want to "earn" your support (by lying mostly).  Romney is a job creator (if you ignore the companies he bought out and shuttered.)  The choice is clear."

Yes it is...Biden/Obama!  No, Obama/Biden FOUR MORE YEARS

Can I get a Howard Dean YEEEHAAAA


If you can't tell the truth, lie.
If you vote against funding increased security...make believe it wasn't your fault.

The debate, a week later, is still a Romney win in the minds of the press.  Not because anything Romney said was factual, not because he outlined a plan for America...solely because he talked "forcefully" and Obama seemed "disinterested."  

Benghazi, a month later, despite Romney's indecent comments and accusations, has suddenly become the "news".  By news they don't mean a careful study of the facts which are then presented in a rational manner.  No, that would be responsible and ethical journalism.  Instead we get passionate declarations made by proven liars about how Obama just fell asleep at the wheel.  Instead of the media (except for Soledad I guess) reminding these liars of their voting records, instead of reminding people (the term is used loosely) like Darrel Issa that they didn't seem to have this noble stance on protecting American interests when George Bush fell asleep at the wheel and 3000, not 4, people died.

This has nothing to do with Obama or embassy has to do with furthering the narrative that "Mitt Romney would have bombed the terrorists responsible for Benghazi before they had even begun to plot an attack.  Mitt Romney is that prescient and manly."

What has become exceedingly apparent is this:  Mitt can lie without sanction; Mitt doesn't have to back up any of his plans with specifics or facts; Mitt can insult foreign nations and foreign leaders without rebuke; Mitt can make birther jokes while refusing to release his tax returns; Mitt can make pretty much every mistake possible and still receive a big old hug from the MSM who will obligingly crow about "the horserace is back to being neck and neck" while simultaneously jumping on every minor misstep of the President.

In other words...we have to work twice as fast and 100% harder than do our counterparts in putting out our message.  It isn't fair but there it is.  

I don't really give a crap about who "wags the dog" during an election.  If you can get away with it...well, it isn't any more unsavory than lie filled character assassination ads, imo.  What does piss me off is this:  Congressional approval rating is 10%.  10% is a fine number for a craft brewed stout but a fucking embarrassment when used to describe the legislative body of our country.  Instead of passing things that will help Americans like the Jobs Act or Vet bills or Farm bills...Congress convenes a hearing aimed at helping one American, Mitt Romney...that aggrieved and put upon multi-millionaire who doesn't, and never will, want for anything except sitting his arrogant ass in the Oval Office.

If we end up with the second coming of the won't be because Romney deserved it or earned will be because the public doesn't understand or care about facts and because the media did everything in its power to convince people that Romney's forty-five-faced campaign was razor sharp and far more focused than Obama's Big Bird campaign.  

This election should not be close but it is and because it is it is an indictment on the embarrassment America is becoming.  We talk about exceptionalism and we criticize other countries for their electoral process but we go out of our way to disenfranchise our own voters and corrupt our own democratic ideals.  We made it so that any rich entity, American or not, can funnel unlimited money into elections to ensure that the candidate who is most favorable to their economic interest has a better shot at winning.  We not only elected a lying wannabe warlord...we sent him back for four more years as a reward for those lies.  Four years later we could conceivably elect another lying wannabe warlord.  We decry Muslim extremism, particularly their views on the treatment of women, while we try and pass as many laws as possible to limit the rights of women.  We decry Muslim extremism while our Christian extremists push for a more biblical legislative agenda.   American hypocrisy has pushed past all bounds but you, Iran, you're dangerous and corrupt.

Is Obama perfect?  Not even close...but he's 100% better for America and the world than is the alternative.  


Stupidity might beget racism but racism is just a part and not the sum.

The conservative MSM's decision post GHWB to chase ghosts instead of stories (Vince Foster, Whitewater etc)...stupidity was given a seat at the national table.

The conservative MSM's decision post 9-11 to chase ghosts instead of stories (Niger yellowcake and wmd's and that evil architect of 9-11 Saddam Hussein)...stupidity became the accepted form of national discourse.

The conservative MSM's decision to elevate the likes of John Boehner and Mitch McConnell post Obama inauguration should have, forever, woken the masses up to the fact that the media controls the message and the message is:  Conservatism rocks and liberals are god-hating socialist misfits who don't know what's really good for them.

Lies are now accepted without sanction.  That is why Romney and Ryan can tell lie after lie after holy fucking Pinocchio lie...and be called "wonky" and disseminators of "hard truths".  Despite the fact-checking that says otherwise...Romney is being pushed as a sane alternative to a President who couldn't fix a broken economy, win or stop two failed wars in 3 years, solve the immigration problem, solve global warming, resurrect Christ...

The GOP doesn't win because of racism.  They win and continue to remain viable because the media yells as loudly as possible that we should "forget the man behind the curtain"; that despite whatever is actually said or promoted "the GOP has your back".  

Does Obama get it rougher because the color of his skin?  Yes.  Do you think it would be different if this were Mitt v Hillary or Mitt v any Democrat?  If so, I think you are a fool.  This is only a close election because Obama's successes have been portrayed as abject failures for four years.  Obamacare helps but because the media wouldn't help sell it to the people it benefits...the people haven't embraced it.  Despite Obama trying to reign in the banks the banks and the GOP have worked in concert to make sure banks end up with the same, or more power, than they had pre-Crash.  The media has failed to be on the side Obama because the owners of the media are indistinguishable from the owners of the banks because they have mutual interest in keeping govt out of their business.  Obama tries to promote green energy and all we hear is "Solyndra" without once being told of the success stories.  Obama drills and drills and stays perfectly silent on gun laws and the media continues to allow the GOP talking points of "Obama is killing domestic energy production" and "Obama is coming for your guns."

The media obediently parrots the dogwhistles and reminds people that Obama isn't white.  They have allowed the Trumpers to continually rehash a birth certificate despite KNOWING that such talk is total fucking bullshit.

Yes, racism still exists.  The majority of the neocon base is probably a subdued racist or out-and-out klansmen.  

None of that would matter if the media gave the rest of the population the truth.  FOXNews, CNN(Foxlite), CBS, NBC, ABC...they drive the message in an age when print media no longer matters.  For every DK there is a Breitbart or RedState.  MSNBC is liberal at certain times of day and conservative at others.  HuffPo is a mixed bag that, like CNN, wants to provide the consumer what they want and not what they need.

The media is why the GOP is viable.  Without the 24/7 defense of liars and anti-American politicians who think gays aren't people and women shouldn't choose and Mexicans are just Al-Queda of a different stripe...this election would be one-sided, Obama would have taken over for Gore, and the world and America would be a much different and safer place.


Headline:  "Draft Dodger talks War to Cadets (who aren't dodging service)."

Why does a Republican require a teleprompter?  I thought they just wrote shit on their hands?

Principled global leadership, Mitt?  Like supporting the banana republic dictatorships so our fruit sellers could enslave the poor?  Like overthrowing governments in places like Chile and the Middle East and Africa and Southeast Asia...places that to this day hold a grudge against the exceptional United States.  We are the only country who has dropped nuclear weapons.  We have involved ourselves in unwinnable wars based on unprincipled assumptions that "everyone wants to be America if we just force them to understand how great our freedom really is."  How many Vietnamese, Afghanis, Iraqis, have died so we could prove that American democracy isn't necessarily the government model of choice for all people in all places?  Maybe it could be...if the people were allowed to get there on their own.  It seems that forcing someone to do something against their will might not be the best strategy.  Why don't you ask one of your "lying kids" how many times they did the exact opposite of what you told them to do as a Dad...just to piss you off in an attempt to establish their own identity.  It's no different concerning a country...bombing their hospitals and schools isn't a proper way to engender respect.

Mitt, every president has strived for peace in the ME.  You can offer nothing new to the mix.  They aren't operating on a "gee, if only the US wanted us to get along...we would throw down our weapons and independent ideologies and sing joint Yiddish and Farsi raps of co-dependency."

Mitt, our military, contrary to your belief, is not incapable or underfunded.  Promising 16 new ships a year might sound "hawkish" but it is actually fucking stupid when Americans are out of work, watching more jobs fly overseas on the order of CEOs like YOU.  We need to get our own house in order, you know, like having two parties in a bicameral system that can use facts and logic to arrive at a mutually agreeable solution...before we rattle our sabers at countries who have a similarly ideological deadlock paralyzing govts and citizenry that don't have the luxury of the largest economy and military in the world.  

You're going to form a Palestinian state?  Ha, ha, that is awesome.  How are you going to do this?  Israel doesn't want it.  You are farting out ideas from two distinctly different assholes asshole.  One fart toots, "I'm gonna be the very bestest friend to Israel", while the other hole squawks "I'm gonna give Palestinians what they've always wanted."  You think GWB didn't try?  He was an idiot and he tried.  Clinton wasn't an idiot and he tried.  Reagan tried.  Carter tried (and had the most success for which he was summarily labeled a peacenik.).  Obama has tried.  

You're a fucking idiot.  Your incompetence cannot be quantified, your intelligence exaggerated, your ideas are ungrounded in reality and your attempts and sounding both fierce yet reasonable are weak tea served to too many who aren't thirsty.

But so long as Putin is in your sights...we should elect you and allow you to explode the debt by cutting taxes while increasing military spending on weapons we don't need while increasing military presence in those areas of the world where our military presence isn't wanted and can only lead to stagnant wars ala Afghanistan where we shoot our mouths and guns and then those we are there to civilize shoot their guns and strap bombs to their kids and blow up shit that wouldn't need blowing up if we just left them the fuck alone.  

Goddamn it.  Goddamn you.  This isn't a game of RISK you shortsighted dick.  You don't just seize the lands you want without fear of reprisal.  This isn't fifth grade social studies where you write a speech on foreign affairs and deliver it to fifth graders who are more interested in picking their nose and tagging the unsuspecting with a spitwad.  

You are running for POTUS, most powerful man in the world.  POTUS doesn't have the luxury of bluster and posturing for the sake of seeming tough.  We tried that 'foreign policy' under the guy who also crashed the economy and exploded the debt (with your economic platform).  Calling out fledgling governments and trying to reignite the Cold War with Russia might seem intelligent...but I assure you it makes you look like a fifth grader giving a speech to adults instead of classmates.  


There is no denying it...Mitt won the the eyes of his is the reason he lost, Big isn't what you say but how you say it.

Mitt's Problem has been being perceived as an out of touch elite and effete gasbag who has as much empathy as a medieval executioner.  The debate was great in reaffirming that the people who really responded to such cold calculation were the consumers of every fiction the GOP packages as fact...the lost souls living in Never Never Land with the Mad Tinfoil Hatters who are equal parts birther, truther and dumb.

In a fact free zone, like he was hamming it up with Hannity without the Colmes, Mitt bullied and chided, harried and lied his way towards the goal line with a rapid fire verbal barrage that left the champ stunned, fuming, confused and nearly laughing at the gall exhibited by the most public huckster since Uncle Al sold snake oil to those Tombstone illiterates who used guns instead of cars to make up for their lack of genital size.

But what did it, what cast Mitt in stone?...With an imperious stare Mitt looked down his nose at Jim Lehrer, and at Americans, and declared, "I like Big Bird, I like you Jim, but (I'm gonna kill you if I can.)"  No emotion, no humor despite the fraudulent smile of the used car salesman pushing a bond-o bandaged lemon on a single check-to-check mom.  "It's just business, Jim" was what the words and look implied, "the cold calculus of life."  

Obama's supporters watched the debate with gaped maw and incredulous eye as we tried to keep up with the unending stream of purposeful lies.  (Except Tweety Handwringa whose pasty visage nearly blushed with rage.)  We knew...even those of us who were disappointed that Obama didn't take a step back from the podium, throw up his arms and yell, "Mitt stop fucking lying"; we knew that the lies couldn't hide, that Mitt's lack of veracity would be parsed far and wide; we knew that the candidate with the heart five sizes too small would be exposed as the callous and shallow fraud that he is to one and to all.

"I got Bin Laden, Mitt wants to Dick Cheney Big Bird."

Big Bird:  "Mitt and Paul should watch Sesame Street because they could learn so much:  Tolerance and love, math and comprehension skills, but above all, they could learn to have fun."


Sat Oct 06, 2012 at 12:09 AM PDT

How to negate the Gish Gallop?

by Bill O Rights

Don't let the gallop begin.

This isn't Glenn Beck v Eliot Spitzer.  These are debates concerning who is going to run the most powerful economic and military nation on the planet.


Thanks to Candy for agreeing to moderate.  Thanks to Hofstra for the forum.  

Debates are a time honored tradition in presidential campaigns.  The reason they are so important is that it gives the American people a chance to choose between different ideologies and different candidates and hopefully allows the voter to make an informed decision when they step into the voting booth.

Now, debates only serve a purpose if they are honest debates.  If they devolve into rhetorical whirlwinds of innuendo and distortion then they serve no purpose and I simply won't be a party to such a perversion of such a hallowed forum.

In the last debate my opponent made, according to independent factcheckers, at least 27 departures from his previous positions on a variety of subjects.  There is no way a two minute rebuttal grants the necessary time to point out each misrepresentation, explain why the statement is a misrepresentation, and cite examples of my opponents ever fluctuating positions.

I welcome honest debate whereby disparate opinions are offered and supported with facts and eloquence by two people who simply have a difference of opinion on a great many subjects.  However, if we cannot hold an intelligent, reality based debate; if we can't engage in civil disagreement where both sides support their positions with facts and specifics...then debates no longer have merit in a political campaign.  If scoring temporary political points is the order of the day...well, we do that on the campaign trail day after day.  In my opinion the rhetoric should stop at the debate dais and candidates should attempt to answer the questions given us with utmost accuracy and honesty.  The American people deserve to see a certain decorum observed by those who wish to hold the highest offices in the land.  They do not deserve to be misled or drowned in a tsunami of declarations that are proved to be false in tomorrow's news cycle.  

Now, if we can agree that we will answer all questions truthfully, I am ready to proceed.  If not then debates lose their significance and serve only to waste the candidates time and the American public's time.  


Fri Oct 05, 2012 at 11:36 AM PDT

I love the "horserace" makers

by Bill O Rights

"We've got a horserace".  "This election is tightening up."  "This race will last all the way up to the closing of the last poll."


Mitt Romney is:  The comedian of confusion.  He is a comical caricature of a credible candidate for the office of "Most Powerful Peep on Earth".  

The only reason, the ONE and ONLY reason...this is a "horserace" is because of noted propagandists like FOX and Rush keeping the neocon base from imploding over having to vote for a member of the "Mormon Cult".  The only reason Mitt has any legitimacy with so called moderates and independents is because the less noxious propagandists like Andrea Mitchell, David Gregory, Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper, and the bevy of "political commentators" like:  Mark Halperin and Steve Schmidt and Chris CiSleaza make it absolutely clear that "the race is close" and "Obama really lost momentum with that debate performance."

The wholesale manufacture of reasons why Mitt is actually doing great is comical in itself.  "The polls are skewed...see...we just started our own website called "unskewed" and our site shows that Mitt is kicking ass."  "The WH is manipulating jobs numbers to influence voters."  "Obama is a very angry black man...just take a look at this video that you've already seen in 2007...but notice how angry and black he was back then...he's even blacker and angrier now."  

Mitt's own fluctuating personae should be enough to render him neutered Mitt.  "I don't care about 47%, yet I find those 47% strangely attractive now that I realize I need them."  "Why, I would never call for tax cuts for the rich and I'm appalled that you would accuse me of supporting my own plans without first consulting me, the challenger, as to my past, present and future positions."  "How dare the President remove 716 billion dollars from a program I want to eliminate completely without getting rid of any of the parts of that program that people seem to like."

This is not a horserace.  This is an invisible asskicking.  On election night the illusion will be exposed as the curtain rises on a landslide.  

The Romney/Ryan epitaph will read:

Here lies the immortal lies of the immoral minority.  (Who were against the 100% before they were for them.)

Romney's concession speech will be short and stupid:

I just want to congratulate President Obama for winning despite being the worst candidate, the worst President in our history.  I don't know why people didn't like me or Ann other than the angry blacks portrayed us angry whites who were out of touch with people who weren't worth millions of dollars.  Despite our honest attempts at enacting Voter suppression, I mean voter ID laws, so that the dead black people who voted for Obama in 2008 couldn't vote for him again...we were surprisingly unsuccessful.  I told every lie, promised every pony, and made as many ill-timed impulsive statements as possible to deflect my own positions or blame every problem on the President.  I don't understand why it didn't work.  I think the liberal media bias, conservative bias towards Mormons, and a general lack of dishonesty on the part of the President must have played a part.  Please, don't hang your heads, I'll be running again in four years as a populist Democrat and I'll still have a lot of money.  


During all of last nights debate Mitt Romney aggressively tried to prove that he had real plans.  

1.  Tax cuts
2.  Balance the budget
3.  Repeal Obamacare
4.  Strong on education

What was the overriding theme of these topics?  "Send stuff back to the states."

That is what Obama's message, our message needs to become.  Yea, you can send everything back to the states, cut taxes, and cut spending.  What happens if you do that?  The states become the tax hiker.  And who pays for the tax hike?  We do.  Romney insisted that he liked Romneycare because it was for a state...and would work in other states.  Well, the red states aren't going to be instituting Romneycare and if blue states do...taxes will go up.  If you withdraw federal funding from schools state and local govts will have to cover the revenue gap by raising taxes.  Those idiots who think a federal tax cut is great...what happens when their local taxes double or triple?  Many states are already financially strapped or financially fucked.  Many states have idiotic tax laws that make it harder than hell to raise revenue.  If you slash federal spending you put an undue burden on the states to pick up the slack.  At some point the house of cards begins to fall.

Which is what the corporatist wants.  If you slash fed spending, states are crushed in new debt...and then the corporations step in and coo: "We think we can help.  We'll take over the schools and the prisons.  But to make it economically feasible we're going to need to demand massive tax breaks as well as have complete autonomy in the scope of doing business, ie a greenlight to impose levies to bring schools up to modern building codes, the ability to build whatever we need to build without having to go through the normal building and planning process (so, if we want to build a maximum security prison in wetlands that are home to twenty endangered species of bird...we can.)  We also wouldn't mind taking over state and federal highways.  Of course we'll have to charge a fee for each vehicle's use of our highway...and we'll need some tax exemptions and subsidization but it would be a net gain for the state."

States are going to bear the brunt of the Romney budget.  Theoretically he can do what he promises on a federal level...but at some point someone has to pick up the tab for the revenue gap...and it ain't gonna be the 1%.  


Wed Oct 03, 2012 at 06:38 PM PDT

What a Mittknocker

by Bill O Rights

I want people to hate me.

I want people to think I'm crazy.

I want to go down in history as the most dishonest presidential candidate ever.

I want to show the REAL PRESIDENT what a shallow dillweed I am.

I want to be a bully like I was in private school.

I want to smirk like Americans were just killed in Benghazi.

I want to prove I'm for the 47% by cutting taxes on the 1%.

George Bush just tweeted @moronface MISSION ACCOMPLISHED #heckuvajob

Well TIME you're going to need a factcheck quota on Mitty too.


Is Mitt the biggest asshole ever?

100%34 votes

| 34 votes | Vote | Results


Barack Obama is Jimmy Carter damnit.  Just look at him.  Jimmy Carter.  Weak on hostage takers and big on solar energy.  Jimmy Carter 2.0...if you will.

Barack Obama is a socialist damnit.  He wants government to work for society and that is socialism, communism, fascism and treason.  Damnit, Barack Obama is Josef Stalin 2.0...if you will.

Barack Obama wants class warfare damnit.  He wants the 90% to have a bigger say than the 10% and that is just not what America was founded for damnit.  He is no Jack Kennedy...if you will.

Barack Obama is weak on terror, weak on war, weak on defense, weak...weak, weak.  Damnit.  Don't you understand?  Barack Obama is an Islamofascist from Kenya who is a secret leader of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood...a traitor, if you will.  

And when none of that works?

Are you better off?
I don't get Obama's rhythm.  Maybe he likes basketball.  Maybe he needs a lot of sleep.
We built that.

And when those don't work?

Recycle any of the above.

And when those don't work?

We love women! This is hard...stop it...get in the ring.  Mitt is a good man.  You don't know the Mitt I know.

And when Ann can't sell it?

BREAKING NEWS (From a while back):  SECRET Obama tape (public and media scrutinized speech) reveals...(nothing of import...move along people, nothing to see here.)

And when 1998 comments and 2007 comments don't work?

Mitt goes Al Gore.

"You place Social Security in a lockbox."
"You take that 17,000 dollars and you put it in a bucket."

Hmmm...not sure Mitt but the lockbox didn't work out so well for Al (although it should have).  But a bucket?  You can't even lock a bucket.  What do you do when the maid you hired with the money you got from selling off the stock daddy gave you decides to empty the bucket?  You're out 17000 dollars.  What if you have a late night bender and can't get to the bathroom?  You've got 17000 urine soaked dollars.  What if a burglar decides that buckets are easier to steal than the money and jewels in the safe?  A just put it in a bucket...if you will.  


Tue Oct 02, 2012 at 10:28 AM PDT

Chris Kluwe...the equality Viking

by Bill O Rights

"Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more"

It is strange that the voice of equality is coming from a purple clad punter and not someone in the employ of a profitable nonprofit lobbying arm...and it is most refreshing that Chris  (and a few other professional athletes)  is not only not ashamed to be homo-inclusive...but is willing to be a vocal proponent of those freedoms the "values people" want to deny to any who aren't cut from a narrow mold.

My friends (um, former acquaintances) are positive that: "You're a latent fag", is the perfect description for who I am.  The fact that I'm not is irrelevant it seems...just voicing support for the marginalized is reason enough to stigmatize a reasonable position while helping to rationalize their own narrow-mindedness.  

I live in a small town and have no public microphone.  While I applaud Chris for using his celebrity for a purpose other than aggrandizing his own selfishness ala E style narcissistic "reality" porn...I'm also sure that his supporters are not the only ones weighing in on his open support of those so many irrationally fear...and I hope the comfort we provide offsets the hate I'm sure he's enduring (without public complaint) from the Bachmann Minnesotans et al.

This time Chris does battle with a friend and former teammate, Matt Birk.  Birk now plays for the Ravens and decided that it was time to weigh in on gay marriage in his home state of MN.  Matt goes above and beyond to make a rational argument for why he believes what he believes.  He doesn't fall into the poison traps of invective and hate for hate's sake.  Even so, he comes up short and Chris calls him on it.

This time Chris does what so many won't:  He stands against one of his friends despite the possibility that it could damage said friendship.

Problem the first – Your argument lacks facts, sources, or statistics.
As do so many conservative arguments...belief in what one wants to believe trumps all facts that might upset faith.
Problem the second – Your argument that “government recognizes marriages and gives them certain legal benefits so they can provide a stable, nurturing environment for the next generation of citizens: our kids”
As with Kluwe's last admonition of a more vocal bigot...Chris counters factless assertions with real facts.  
Problem the fourth – Marriage has already been redefined multiple times over the years. Marriage used to be one man and multiple women. Marriage used to be a way to exchange property between two families. Marriage used to be between brother and sister to keep the royal bloodline pure. Marriage used to be between children. Marriage used to be only for people that were the same skin color. Marriage used to be a lot of things, many of them oppressive towards women and minorities. I think I’d rather marriage be between two people that love each other and are committed to each other no matter what combination of fleshy bits are hanging off their bodies; not a reality TV show.
Posted in its entirety because this is really the core and the crux of the modern definition of marriage:  Arguments for "one man/one woman" don't hold water historically.  And we aren't just talking hundreds of years ago...we're talking decades.  Marriage has always been defined more by the people who seek it than the people who want to legislate it.
Problem the fifth – You’re trying to raise a religious argument in a secular matter. The First Amendment isn’t just about the freedom FOR religion, it’s also about the freedom FROM religion.
Nuff said and like last weeks plum, "CORRELATION DOES NOT IMPLY CAUSATION."...sometimes simplicity is the sledgehammer loud rants can't wield.
Problem the last – The only impact same-sex marriage will have on your children is if one of them turns out to be gay and cannot get married. What will you do (and I ask this honestly) if one or more of your kids ends up being gay? Will you love them any less?

 And if your response is “We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it”, well, for a lot of people that bridge is here right now. They’re trying to cross it, but the way is barred, and I will do my best to tear those barricades down any way I can because I believe that we are infringing on the free will of other human beings by denying them their basic right to live free of oppression. I love my daughters for their minds and their personalities, not for who they love as adults. That’s none of my damn business, and I will support them in life no matter who they want to marry.

These are basic truths and they go far beyond gay marriage.  Equal rights shouldn't be an issue in this "exceptional nation".  The country was founded on a principle of freedom:  Freedom from an oppressive govt that excluded different faiths from the bargaining table; freedom from taxation without representation...etc.  When the founders wrote the Constitution they went to great pains to provide the future generations with a framework that would ensure freedom's continuation.  We the people have inalienable rights...what right is more inalienable than the right of self-determination?  The right to be who you want to be rather than being forced to be who a legislator wants you to be.  The right to walk into a mosque without being stoned as a heretic.  The right to work at job you chose rather than having that job chosen for you.  The right to marry the person of your dreams rather than being forced to marry the person your parents choose...or forced to marry whomever can pay a respectable dowry.  

These things aren't limited to marriage.  Why are we still litigating who gets paid equally?  Why are non-whites disproportionately incarcerated?  Why are the impoverished treated as contagious lepers?  Too often, 'We the people' has become "I the person hold this truth self-evident, that I and I alone deserve what I've gotten".  

Don't just say it, do it.  Don't just think it, live it.  Those are things the modern neocon can't grasp.  They are solely focused on self and all their protestations of being "constitutionalists" become moot when they promote self over we.  

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