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I came across the following exchange yesterday in a diary that was on the rec list for a few hours:

When I was in the Army ... (5+ / 0-)

... stationed at an Air Defense Artillery brigade back in the day, their motto was, "If it flies, it dies." Now, if you gave that the [diarist's source] and [diarist] interpretation, we were certain to be shooting down birds, paper airplanes, flying fish, balloons (of any shape or size, even those tethered), spacecraft, and all planes and helicopters, both foreign and domestic. Of course, nobody actually believed that.

And the diarist replied:
Actually, [commenter], you're wrong... (42+ / 1-)

...this isn't "[Source]'s interpretation." And, it's not my "interpretation." It's the ... documents [referenced in the post]. (Oh, yeah, that!)

Spare us your "it's all perfectly legal" bullshit, and your inevitable trolling of these ... diaries. Your commentary, at this point in this 20-month story, is patently shameless, hardcore, rightwing trollery. Furthermore, your commentary has been--CONSISTENTLY--about personal attacks on the messenger(s), and screaming how everything's "perfect legal."

I think you should post your own propaganda diary... I'm sure you'll get plenty of Rec's in this, supposedly, Democratic community.

Look at your comment, [diminutive of commenter's name]. You're flat-out UNHINGED!

That's my HR there. I've never seen a more clearcut example of the "batshit insane" rule for community standards. If you look at a thesaurus, "unhinged" is listed as a synonym of "insane". So how does this comment merit 42 uprates?

Follow me below the fold for a look at the discussion that ensued and the reasons that were given for the uprates.


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Sat Aug 30, 2014 at 10:49 AM PDT

If I Am Killed By A Gun

by Blue Intrigue

I was the first person to comment on Alan Grayson's diary about police brutality. It wasn't a very brilliant comment but I watched as it racked up the mojo due to its choice real estate. This morning, I saw that a reply had been posted so I checked it out. It was from somebody from the RKBA group here at Daily Kos. Here is this person's sig:

Definition of Pyrrhic Victory...
Rose Tyler: "Doctor, they've got guns."
Dr Who: "And I haven't. Which makes me the better person, don't you think? They can shoot me dead but the moral high ground is mine."
I just want everybody to know that since we're all going to die anyway, I would prefer to die on the moral high ground as a better person. I don't want people saying "If he'd only had a gun...", I want them saying "Why did his killer have a gun and why did he use it and should he have had it in the first place?"

During our exchange, the commenter attempted to make death by handgun the equivalent of death by nail gun. The problem with comparing guns to other tools is that when somebody dies of an intentional gunshot, the tool is being used correctly. Nail guns are not designed for killing.

I hope any time a life is needlessly cut short by a gun, we can have a sensible discussion about the necessity for the Second Amendment in the twenty-first century and whether to repeal or amend it.

Thanks for reading and I hope I have a long and healthy life and die peacefully in my sleep. And I wish that for you all as well.


Thu Aug 21, 2014 at 01:57 PM PDT

"Judge, Jury and Executioner"

by Blue Intrigue

It's a phrase that has come up more than once about Darren Wilson, the Ferguson MO police officer who gunned down Mike Brown. You'll never believe the context in which Hannity uses it with Ferguson committeewoman Patricia Bynes. Hint: This is the most blatant example of whitemansplaining you are ever going to see.

HANNITY: So, you don't know if there's police brutality in this case, do you?

BYNES: You've asked me that and I've said yes

H: You know for a fact?

B: How many times are you going to ask me the question?

H: You're the judge, jury, and executioner here?

So now the real judge, jury and executioner of Mike Brown is the victim. I'd like to see if Sean Hannity can group four shots in the chest and two in the head after the kind of beating he claims a report shows. I would pay good money for that.

Thanks to this diary by Leslie Salzillo, I watched the beginning of Sarah Palin's speech to the Western Conservative Summit in Denver. I didn't get very far because something she said was so stupid that I had to go back and listen to it twice. Here's the transcript:

So the President was here last week too, huh?... No time to visit the border but time to shoot some pool, wet his whistle, and grin real big for those icky photo ops that he just really, really hates. And he raked in big bucks at big parties with fat cats... This in a border state, he was.
If you were expecting a longer transcript, I am not a masochist. You can watch it yourself below the fold if you are.

I know that a lot of people don't realize that New Mexico is a state but not all of them received nearly 60 million votes to be Vice President of the United States. All fifty of them.

In a borderline state, she is.

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As Steve Benen notes this morning, the President seems to be enjoying baiting the Republicans over Boehner's threatened lawsuit. While Boehner was unable to come up with a single reason for the lawsuit, the brain trust over at the National Republican Senatorial Committee has come up with A WHOLE LIST and boy is it a doozy. It's like they listened to Brian Kilmeade talk in his sleep, transcribed what he said, and put it on their website. Here's the list, via Benen:

   1) The time President Obama waived Obamacare for Unions, but not for you.

    2) The time The Obama Administration spied on journalists and wouldn’t say why.

    3) The time President Obama decided to attend the Senate Democrats retreat but not campaign with any of them.

    4) The time President Obama restricted journalists from taking video and photos of him. Instead forcing them to use media provided by the White House.

    5) The time President Obama delayed the KeystoneXL pipeline for more than 5 years, costing tens of thousands of jobs.

    6) The time President Obama told you, you could keep your health plan even though he knew you couldn’t.

The entire list is objectively silly but Number 3? The President of the USA failed to take enough time off from running the country to campaign for all 200 something Dems in Congress. What a bastard! What an imperial president! Get me to my fainting couch and bring the smelling salts! But, seriously, what the fuck?

Today, the United States Supreme Court ruled that a person can express one's self through gunfire. In the case of Zimmerman v. US the plaintiff successfully argued that he was expressing his "sincerely held religious belief" that a woman on her way into Planned Parenthood should go to hell and that the bullets he fired into her were his way of expressing that. The Court declined to hear arguments on the Stand Your Ground aspect of the case: that the plaintiff felt threatened when, after he approached her screaming his "sidewalk counseling", the woman stepped on the sidewalk. "As soon as she armed herself with that sidewalk, I felt threatened so I told her three times with my gun to stop and go to hell". The woman, who was not pregnant and merely needed an exam, survived the shooting. "I can't even conceive due to endometriosis," the woman said. "And I can't afford to pay for the birth control that ironically could have stopped my infertility from happening because I have a shitty job at Hobby Lobby".


Has it ever occurred to anybody in the Stupid Party that maybe the reason Obama "waited" so long to capture Khatallah was to gather intelligence? Perhaps our people on the ground realized that the best way to know who a person associates with is to follow that person and see who he associates with? Has it occurred to the brain trust over there that we may have had somebody on the inside and that's how we were able to lure him to a remote location away from his reportedly large and heavily armed personal security force? Has it ever occurred to the likes of the vile McCain and Graham that there is no more useful intelligence to be gained by tossing Khatallah in Guantanamo? Or is it maybe that the party of #Benghazi is afraid of a free and open criminal trial because they have no talking points for what really happened in the real world Benghazi?

That's my rant.


Now that Reince Priebus's delicate sensibilities have been restored, it is perhaps time to look at the many, many instances of comments from the "rightwing" that failed to send the RNC chair for the smelling salts. (Media Matters has more). I tried to stick with only those that were said on Priebus's watch but I threw in a few oldies just to remind people of what the "rightwing" Priebus defends consists of. It was depressingly difficult to limit myself to just ten. The list follows the orange squiggles.

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By now, most of you have seen the video of New York GOP Congressman losing his shit. The New Yorker has some amazing details about Michael Grimm's past. Before politics, this raging lunatic was an FBI agent. With a gun. With which he allegedly threatened a romantic rival.

Grimm left the club, but at 4 A.M., just before the club closed, he returned again, according to Williams, this time with another F.B.I. agent and a group of N.Y.P.D. officers. Grimm had told the police that he had been assaulted by the estranged husband and his friends. Williams said that Grimm took command of the scene, and refused to let the remaining patrons and employees leave. “Everybody get up against the fucking wall,” Williams recalled him saying. “The F.B.I. is in control.” Then Grimm, who apparently wanted to find the man with whom he’d had the original altercation, said something that Williams said he’ll never forget: “All the white people get out of here.”
More below the fold.
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My phone rang while I was sipping coffee and reading Facebook. The caller ID showed "Washington DC" and a 202 area code. Naturally, I picked up the phone, thinking that either the President urgently needed me, or my super-wingnut Congressman, Trent Franks needed help filling the potholes in DC. But no, it was just a robocall from the Rmoney campaign begging for "just three dollars" because poor Mitt was losing the money race. (wow, he must really not be coordinating with the SuperPACs who are expected to spend $1,000,000,000) on his behalf). Now I would never contribute a peso to any GOP candidate because I have a functioning brain, heart and soul. But this call was so freakin' awful and because I am a bleeding heart liberal who can't fight the urge to help people, I am going to give the Rmoney campaign some free advice.

1) Don't fucking yell at me. A robocall is not the same as an ad for a monster truck rally this Sunday, Sunday, Sundaaaay. Mitt, I am sure you don't follow monster truck racing but you probably have friends who own monster truck teams, or at least radio stations that run those awful ads. You know what I'm talking about. So knock it off.

2) Don't be so slick. People already think you are a soulless craven automaton - and those are your supporters. Your spokesyeller had all the sincerity of Crazy Eddie on WPIX back in the Seventies - or of Mitt Rmoney today.

3) If you are such a good businessman, why are you wasting money calling registered Democrats? Does a good businessman waste money targeting a demographic he has no chance of reaching? This is why Wilford Brimley shows up during The Price Is Right and not on Spike TV. Not even during CSI reruns.

4) Don't throw out numbers and statistics. Your target demo doesn't like math. Plus, they were all wrong. I know lying doesn't particularly bother you. But some day you'll have to answer to God on the planet Kolob.

And finally - please ignore this advice. It was the worst robocall I have ever received and the more you ignore me, the worse you will do in November. That is my goal and that is why my guy Obama will get more than my $.02.


No, the title isn't snark.

...At the turn of the century, American Communists renamed themselves the Progressives. If you study the Woodrow Wilson administration, people refer to the Woodrow Wilson administration as a Progressive administration.
And then he gets REALLY crazy, talking about how contraceptive coverage is a gateway to the government taking over religion so that it can be "manipulated". How can this man hold public office?

As more and more people dig through the Oslo terrorist's writing, more and more parallels to the American right's philosophy emerge. I found this particularly interesting:

"Just what is “Political Correctness?” Political Correctness is in fact cultural Marxism
(Cultural Communism) – Marxism translated from economic into cultural terms". The Oslo shooter

"Cultural Marxism is political correctness, it's multiculturalism, and it's a war on Judeo-Christianty" - Andrew Breitbart.

The right-wing owns this one.

I know this isn't much of a diary but I think it's important that we document all of the connections we find.

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