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Today the 15,000 members of Sierra Club in North Carolina endorsed Cal Cunningham for United States Senate.  This was done after a long process involving questionnaires and interviews of all three top Democratic candidates here in North Carolina.

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Wed Mar 31, 2010 at 10:33 AM PDT

80,000 North Carolinians

by Blue South

Over the past few days the US Senate campaigns have put out a number of endorsements.  But I wanted to make sure that everyone knew about two that are near and dear to my heart.  This week Cal gained the endorsements of two organizations that represent almost 80,000 North Carolina voters.

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Today General Wesley Clark endorsed Cal Cunningham and his campaign to defeat Richard Burr.  

Almost 4 years ago General Clark threw his support behind Jim Webb, catapulting a thoughtful veteran to a primary win and eventually a win over George Allen.

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Wed Mar 24, 2010 at 07:28 AM PDT

Relieve Burr of His Duties (NC-Sen)

by Blue South

“If he can’t put North Carolina families before the big insurance companies, he should be relieved of his duties as a United States Senator. Period.”

That is what Cal Cunningham had to say about Senator Richard Burr, and his continued efforts to deny health care to millions of Americans.

Follow below for more….

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I recently became chair of the Young Democrats of NC Labor Caucus.  In that position, I went to the recent event held by Richard Burr and Americans for Prosperity where they attacked unions and declared that the "secret ballot" was under attack.  I went to their event, and called them on their lies, and was rewarded with a few interviews.  Now the Republicans are after me, and attacking the press for "not investigating" my statements.

Because Brent Woodcox does not allow comments on his blog, I am forced to respond here.  I hope that he comes by for an actual debate.

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This Tuesday Senator Richard Burr and the business front group "Americans for Prosperity" are kicking off a campaign against workers' rights.  They are hosting a rally at 10:30 on the Bicentennial Mall across from the North Carolina Legislature.  

The supposed purpose of this effort is to protect the so-called "secret ballot" in union elections.  In reality this is an effort to continue the roadblocks that have been placed in front of workers who wish to unionize by lying about the  Employee Free Choice Act and keeping the ban on collective bargaining.

Because we know that workers deserve a voice, and have earned an equal paying field, the Young Democrats of North Carolina are organizing a  counter-rally to stand up for workers.

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In a new Poll released today by Public Policy Polling Larry Kissell is ahead of Robin Hayes!

This is significant not because its the first poll to show Larry ahead, but because it is the first by PPP, and one of the first truly independent of the both the campaign and the DCCC!

Details below the fold...

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Fri Jun 22, 2007 at 05:38 AM PDT

Why I Can't Wait Until July 1st

by Blue South

On July 1st Brad Miller will make a decision on whether or not to run for Senate.

There is a good chance that if you are reading this then you know I have been working towards a Brad Miller vs Liddy Dole race since January.  In that time over $3000 has been donated from 65 different people.

In November of 06 we started talking about who could beat Dole.  Then in January we started drafting Brad.

On April 12th Brad announced that he was thinking about running, and on that day a poll was taken that showed Brad was down to Dole 44 to 33.

Since then it has largely been a waiting game for us, but Brad has been very busy.

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Public Policy Polling is out with another poll.  This one is huge, with a lot of results for us to talk about.

But, before I dive into details, check out this quick insert from the Indy Weekly of the Triangle:

Our tracking signals indicate that Dole rarely travels to North Carolina, whereas Miller seems to be in perpetual campaign motion there. And Republicans like Dole are out of favor for sticking so close to President Bush, are they not? We thus conclude that Miller would beat Dole like a tympanic skin—a drum, I believe you call it.

Ok, now that I have your attention, to the poll.  This poll (link at bottom) consisted of 800 likely voters pulled from the voter rolls.

First, lets hit on the big and simple numbers.
Bush's approval in North Carolina is 37%, with 59% Disapproval.

This number has been fairly consistent for a while.  If anything this number is worse than it has been in the past.

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Democratic U.S. Rep. Brad Miller has stepped up his exploratory effort in recent days as he nears a self-imposed deadline of July 1 to decide whether to take on Republican Sen. Elizabeth Dole in 2008.

Last week, Miller and his wife, Esther Hall, met for more than an hour with New York Sen. Charles Schumer, chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

All of this is from the News and Observer

This was added to in this morning's paper...

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Mon Jun 18, 2007 at 08:40 AM PDT

The Neon Bible

by Blue South

It got dark on the porch after the clouds began to cover the moon.  Pretty soon there was just a white glow in the sky covered by gray smoke.  You could see the shadows of the clouds on the hills moving fast across the valley.  Soon the whole sky was full of gray smoke from the south, and it looked like the valley had a gray lid on it.  A rumbling began at the far hill and spread across the sky until it shook the house.  The sky lit up off and on like one of the signs on Main Street, except without color, just like a silver glow.  The kind of cool breeze that always comes before a rain started up, and soon I could hear the first big drops on the porch roof and fell them hitting my knees.  They hit the clay with a steady thump and made the cinders shine.

Those words were penned in 1954, by an author that very few people have ever heard of, in one of the greatest literary tragedies in America.

Please follow me for a brief retelling of his life and his creations.  I hope you enjoy

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When we talk about candidates for office, the real key is always the experiences of people who know the candidate.  I present to you the following videos, of real people from Western North Carolina who support John Edwards for President.  

I hope you dont mind the slow load time.

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