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The top story on the front page of RedState is a piece entitled "The Romney Campaign was a Consultant Con Job." It goes on to describe an organization that was one part Bain Capital and on part Lehman Brothers, with Mitt Romney as a clueless CEO type who had no idea that his entire business was built on false numbers as part of a giant fleecing by rogue operators out to make a buck for themselves. If it were better written with a sense of humor, it could have been penned by Matt Taibi.  

The piece claims " consultants essentially used the Romney campaign as a money making scheme, forcing employees to spin false data as truth in order to paint a rosy picture of a successful campaign as a form of job security."

Check it out:

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Priorities USA just tweeted the results of their new poll of LVs in Virginia:

"NEWS FLASH: Our new Virginia poll for @Priorities2012 has Obama up 49%-46% w/ likely voters. 807 interviews, Thurs-Sat. Party ID +1 Dem"

there is enough poll movement toward Obama in Virginia to call it a trend, with momentum and a narrative and all that stuff.


One increasingly familiar feature of the 2012 campaign has been the remarkable stability of the Electoral College polling forecasts, despite ups and downs and now nail-bitingly close results in the national polls. I think it's time we call this for what it is. While America has elected it's first black President, this is our first time possibly re-electing a black President. And, in a way that it didn't in 2008, racism is rearing it's head in subtle but decisive ways.  This is not to say that Romney's support is predominantly from racists, but it doesn't take many of them to change the complexion of the race.  And i propose that it is good -old fashioned racism that is at the heart of what appears to be a split between the Electoral College, which is set to re-elect the President, and the popular vote, which could really go either way.

EDIT: I want to make clear that I don't think that race or racism is a primary factor in this election, or that all Romney voters are racist. I'm only looking at about 3% of the popular vote. If, as I expect, Obama gets between 270 and 300 EC votes, the expected popular vote result would be a narrow win of about 2%. But there is an increasing likelihood that the EC vote will be in that range while the popular vote goes the other way, pushing the limits of what might be expected when these two results diverge. I am proposing that racism might be accountable for that and that alone.

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The strongest talking point the right-wing punditocracy has been hammering since Obama hammered Romney in the third debate is that Romney passed the Commander-In-Chief test by having "command of the facts," as one of his spokespeople is right now saying on MSNBC, and that he "made no major mistakes," as The Weekly Standard has claimed.  And yet, as cited by a number of folks, Romney blew an important fact regarding what he referred to as the #1 threat to American security. His claim that "Syria is Iran's only ally in the Arab world. It's their route to the sea." is so many kinds of wrong that there is no excuse for Democratic spokespeople not to be hammering this point all day.  Debates are won in the 2-3 days that follow, not in the insta-polls.  Iran and Syria do not share a border. Iran has two coasts. There is a sea, the Persian Gulf, named after Iran.  If iran is our number one threat and the situation in Syria is as important as Romney claims it is, he should be expected to have some basic understanding of the geography of these two countries.


Thu Sep 20, 2012 at 08:43 AM PDT

Rasmussen Collapse

by Blue The Bluegrass

The fallout from Mitt Romney's disdainful dismissal of half the country as being unwilling to take "personal responsibility and care for their lives" is starting to show up in the tracking polls.  Notably, IMHO, is the sudden shift in the Rasmussen daily tracker, especially when leaners are figured in. The poll uses a four day running average and the leaners number has been tied all week. Until this morning. Now, Obama has opened up a 3 point lead. Today's numbers will only include 2 days of polling since the release of that video and one day for the impact to sink in. So, a sudden 3 point shift is either a something like a 12 point gap opening yesterday or something almost as bad but with the damage spread out over two days. However you look at it, it's a stunning collapse, especially considering that Rasmussen's most recent party ID weighting showed +4 Republican.

Romney and his campaign can dismiss the quote as more of a strategic assessment or a policy discussion about the struggles of the middle class. But we know what we heard. Romney looks with utter contempt at half the country, claiming they can't be convinced to "take responsibility and care for their lives." This is the line that will kill his candidacy. We can't repeat it and remind voters of it often enough.


On HBO's "Real Time with Bill Maher" this past Friday, August 24, Bill got a surprising confession out of Avik Roy, Mitt Romney's health advisor.  Roy admitted that Kathleen Sibelius memorandum on welfare work requirements "doesn't really make that many changes."  Sadly, Bill didn't move in for the kill.  Perhaps he was extra "mellow" that night.  More sad, no one in the main stream press has picked up on this.

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If we can get 300,000 signatures to save Keith Olberman, we can get just as money to pressure the Democrats to push the tax program we were promised by our president.

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