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Usually I'm in and out of my usual polling place like in 10 minutes, no muss, no fuss. But this morning, I found a long, long line, stretching all the way down the block, past the Jan Hus Presbyterian Church, down to the Tiffany-windowed liquor store and the Egyptian/Israeli deli on the corner. Why?? I'd like to think it's Voter Enthusiasm!

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Deep apologies for re-posting in its entirety, but this list was too important NOT to isolate and emphasize.

This is the best list I've seen so far of President Obama's accomplishments, so far. Great thanks to the writer of the original blog - link is here, and list follows:

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I just learned of this today, Sat., Nov. 1 - ACTION NEEDED.

Please alert anyone who may need this info.

The Westchester County Board of Elections in New York State has sent out a letter with the WRONG DATE for Election Day (!).   The article and link is below.

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Please forgive this tiny "diary" - I know I'll get yelled at - but I'm at work and I just want to get this thought out here for you guys. Yes, those "Nobel Prize economists" have been mentioned before - lookie here - but here's a new twist:



Manhattan Project Economic Task Force, pronto?

87%71 votes
6%5 votes
6%5 votes

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CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, our great newspapers and journalists -

You are all intelligent people.  We know this.  We have respected you, over the years ... we turned to you faithfully, night after Six O'Clock News-Night, as we grew up and into our later years.  We read our paper over morning coffee, on our commuter trains, in our subways.  We counted on you to bring us "All the News That's Fit to Print.

But something changed.  When, exactly, did that happen?
This campaign has been a game to you - a "Ballot Bowl", a "horse race."

I speak to you person-to-person, as a fellow citizen.
I have one question:  
Whose finger do YOU, as a person, want to be near "the button?"


TV and newspaper journalists: Let's re-unite.

36%11 votes
3%1 votes
13%4 votes
6%2 votes
40%12 votes

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Hey, I don't automatically sign up for every cool site ... I'm not on Facebook or MySpace, and I've commented much more than I've posted a diary here, these last few months.  But I've been reading - voraciously. And I've come to see the importance of DIGG - the "Fierce Urgency of Now" that DIGG so directly provides.   Digg down with me over the fold.


Are you a DIGGER, yet?

63%33 votes
9%5 votes
9%5 votes
0%0 votes
17%9 votes

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You think the Great Media Blackout of '07-'08 isn't real?  Read this and THEN tell me.

From Tom Hamburger in today's Los Angeles Times - a CONSERVATIVE paper, no less! - "Chamber of Commerce Vows to Punish Anti-Business Candidates".
This is the US Chamber of Commerce, the nation's "largest trade association."

I will post a little bit from the article but I suggest you read more, then draw your own conclusions.
All I can say is, Wow.

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Fed up with Bali?  Me too. How can we get "regular folks" to "get" Climate Change?

This idea sprang from plf515's most excellent diary this morning, "What have you got to learn? (or teach) 49 with question)"

THAT'S something I'd like to learn ... how to get people to understand the urgency of CC, and make changes in their lifestyle - or at least, to acknowledge there are things we CAN do. Some thoughts below the fold ...

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My group and I want to get a nice Green retirement gift for our director, who's retiring in a week. We think he's the greatest boss and are sad to see him go.

Any ideas for a great green gift? We can spend up to about $100, dividing the costs evenly.

It can't be too big (like a hybrid car!).
It should be something he will treasure the rest of his life ...

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We could use another WPA for America. Worked then, works now. - A NEW "New Deal" for America. Okay, I-35 and the AFL-CIO debate jogged my memory, but my Dad proposed a new WPA years ago, when I was in High School. He saw how many kids came out of there (and from college, too!) without knowing what they wanted to do, and with no idea of what public service could be.

From the wiki - The Works Progress Administration (later Work Projects Administration; WPA) was the largest and most comprehensive New Deal agency, employing millions of people and affecting most every locality ... It was created on May 6, 1935 by Presidential order ...  It continued and extended the Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA) relief programs started by Herbert Hoover and continued under Franklin D. Roosevelt. Headed by Harry L. Hopkins, the WPA provided jobs and income to the unemployed during the Great Depression in the United States. The program built many public buildings, projects and roads, and operated large arts, drama, media and literacy projects. It fed children, redistributed food, clothing and housing.

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Mike Waltner of Pennsylvania - The "Key" to the Keystone State

Mike Waltner, Democrat, is running for Congress against an incumbent Republican in Pennsylvania - a state that SHOULD be among our Bluest! You took that bus and knocked on doors. You left flyers, and used those phonebanks for hours - no, weeks -- to "Turn PA Blue."  We all worked hard.

Pennsylvania still needs us.

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It's July, and it's Gioia! ("Joy-ah.")

Eric Gioia, New York City Councilmember from Queens, just completed the Food Stamp Challenge. Some in Congress tried to do it.  Have you?  Could YOU live on $28 of food a week?

Did Eric pass the Challenge, or fall apart from an overabundance of empty calories?  Check out how he did:


Did you ever live on $28 a week of food? CAN you??

14%8 votes
3%2 votes
19%11 votes
41%23 votes
1%1 votes
19%11 votes

| 56 votes | Vote | Results

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