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Sun Jun 21, 2009 at 06:29 PM PDT

Monody on the Death of Neda

by Bob Trammell

What place is this?
Life so precious
Extinguished shockingly.
What place is this?
Youth so sweet
Shot in the street.
What place is this?
A regime so ruthless
Run by the truthless.
What place is this?
The struggle for human rights
And cries to God at night.
What place is this?

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I vividly remember the photos and video footage of the Ayatollah Khomeini.... I remember being afraid of him, because he was holding Americans hostage (this is the recollection of an almost 5 year old boy).  His face to me conjured fear.  I worried that he might take away someone I knew, loved, or cared about.  Just the thoughts of a silly child you say.  Probably so....

BUT.  I am writing this letter in case you haven't considered the view of the almost 5 year old children in Iran tonight.  They are watching carefully.  In fact, they are not just watching half a world away as I was thirty years ago, they are LIVING these events.  And rest assured, what happens in the next 24 hours and over the next days and weeks will be closely observed by the children of Iran.  The children of Tehran hear the rooftop cries of Allah-o Akbar every night.  They hear the whispers of adults about meet-up locations and rallies.  They hear the silence of the silent demonstrations.  They hear the cries of bereaved families who have lost loved ones to the paramilitary police's brutality.  

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Thomas Wayne Brown, age 71 of Monroe, Georgia died on March 16, 2009.  I do not believe that Wayne Brown spent too much time (if any) reading blogs on the internet.  He was from the old school.  In fact, it is rumored that he helped build the old school.  He was old school, yet progressive.

This diary is a celebration of Mr. Brown's lifelong commitment to the Democratic party and to helping Democratic candidates.  Wayne Brown never ran for public office, but he served loyally as a member of the Democratic Committee of Walton County and in local Democratic committees in South Carolina and Tennessee.  Local committees recruit candidates, make connections for candidates, and work to get those candidates elected.  It is the type of work for which there is little recognition.  Yet it is the lifeblood of our party.  

Not telling you anything you do not already know, Georgia has been on a Republican swing for a while.  That swing happened in Walton County even sooner than it did in the rest of Georgia.  But even though the terrain got tougher, Wayne Brown still did the absolutely necessary work with the local committee.

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