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I don't like bullies, and I especially do not want a bully elected to national office.  I wrote and recorded the following song parody so I, and maybe others, can laugh a little when we are tempted to get overtaken with anger.  The recording can be heard on my Reverbnation page by following this link.  It's the top song on the page.

If interested, follow me over the jump to see the lyrics.

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Wed Oct 31, 2012 at 06:45 PM PDT

My new song for Mitt: "Big Bird"

by Bring more on

Yes, there are far more weighty issues than Willard's bad attitude toward the esteemed Big Bird, but sometimes a bit of levity about a small example of what we hate about Mitt can help our mood a little.  Or maybe I'm making some lemonade from the lemons I found when I took too damn much time to finish writing and recording this song.  In any event, the recording can be heard at the top of the list at the Reverbnation website here.

The top three songs in that list are about the Republican nominee for president.  And skip with me over the pile of copulating orange worms for the lyrics to Big Bird:

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One of my passions is writing and performing song parodies, and I've recently begun to get a few of them recorded.  Making these recordings into music videos remains an elusive goal for me; what little time I have for my musical pursuits gets spent on writing and performing these songs.  Maybe I'll someday learn the skills necessary for making video productions, but in the mean time I thought I'd ask if anyone might be willing to help out by putting together a video built around my song entitled Willard's Fun Ride.

The recorded version of Willard's Fun Ride, sung to the tune of the Gilligan's Island theme song, can be heard at the Reverbnation site by following this link: and clicking on the top song in the list.  I wrote this song parody in 2007, when Willard was running for president the first time.  I finally recorded it yesterday, and nothing would be cooler than to post a video using the song on YouTube.  If you want to see the lyrics, just jump over the pile of copulating worms...

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Well, the historic passage and signing of landmark health care reform legislation, along with the right-wing reaction to these events, has inspired me to write this song parody.  For your amusement, I present the following song parody, based on John Lennon's Watching the Wheels:

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Wed Jan 30, 2008 at 07:44 AM PST

Goodbye Rudy Tuesday

by Bring more on

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Neil Young's original song is entitled, "Fuckin' Up", which, for obvious reasons, makes it a good candidate for a song parody about George Bush.  Here's a link to the original song:

And here's the parody:

Fuckin' Up

Mindless drifter on the White House lawn
Talks just like a dim moron
Where did he come from?  Why was he sent?
Oh my God, he’s the president!

Why does he keep fuckin' up?

He took a stroll to Capitol Hill
Comatose but walking still
Wouldn’t be this way if we had Gore
Jesus Christ, he’s startin’ a war!

Why does he keep fuckin' up?

He tells lies, demands our trust
He outs our spies, then spies on us
Broken promise, Katrina mess
Brings us only debt and death

Why does he keep fuckin' up?

I finally got so irritated with all those damned yellow ribbons that purport to display support for our troops, that I wrote a parody about the phenomenon.  Of course, I had to use a song that was as irritating as the yellow ribbons themselves, and Tony Orlando naturally came to mind:
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Kerry Won (Sung to the tune of "Carry On", by Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young)

One morning I woke up and I knew
It was really John
A new day, a new way, and soon I'll
See Dubya gone
Go away, and don't whine
Kerry won!

The voters have spoken, and they said
Can't take no more
Election rejection, now Dubya
Is out the door
Rejoice, rejoice, we've made our choice, and
Kerry won!

Good fortune - the tables are able
To be turned
The next bus to Texas will take Shrub
`Cuz he's been spurned
He'll sing the blues and start back on the booze, `cuz
Kerry won!

Kerry won!
Dubya's crumbling
Dubya's crumbling, after all!

Where will you go, Republicans?
Where will you be tomorrow?
Will you share our happiness?
Drown yourselves in sorrow?
Oh, the questions of departed dreams
Junior trashed them, so it seems
Dubya turned them all to debris

You were better off before
Shrub let you down
What was it made you run
Someone like that who was just a clown?
Oh, the questions of departed dreams
Junior trashed them, so it seems
Dubya turned them all to debris

I don't have a lot of money, so my contributions to the campaign consist mostly of volunteering to do canvassing in my local area.  But recently, I read a post in a political bulletin board that lamented the lack of good political song parodies on that board.  The poster offered to contribute $250 to the Democratic Party if someone would compose and post a funny song parody about Dubya.  I had several that I already had written, but the poster wanted the parody to be to the tune of Georgy Girl.  The following song parody, presented for your amusement, was the result of my effort.  The poster liked the parody and immediately contributed $250 to the Democratic Party.  He even posted a copy of the electronic receipt he received from the DNC.  (OK, I know these things can be faked by a motivated faker, but that wouldn't fit a lot of the facts of the behavior of that poster on that board).  Anyway, here it is:
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