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In 2008, Rep. Kern insisted that fellow Oklahomans—our sisters and brothers, aunts and uncles, cousins, and our friends—who happen to be gay or lesbian are a bigger threat to our country than terrorism.  These comments set off a national firestorm that brought terrible attention to our state—and according to the Greater OKC Chamber, impacted Oklahoma City’s ability to attract jobs to the region.

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[Text from Open Letter to Rep. Kern from]

Dear Rep. Kern:

One of my supporters forwarded me a speaking schedule for a conference that took place this past weekend called “Wake Up, America!”  According to the speaker schedule, on Saturday you were to present on the topic of “Taking a Stand Against Liberals.”

This led me to ponder a question.  What exactly do you see as your job as a state legislator?  Is this just a game to you?  Oklahoma is facing real issues that will affect the everyday lives of teachers, police officers, firefighters, construction workers, small business owners, and most important of all our children.  

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Dear Friends and Supporters,

I awoke this morning to find an email in my inbox regarding a fundraiser this evening for Rep. Sally Kern.  The email was forwarded to me by a friend, and appears to be from a group called “Reclaim Oklahoma.” (Rather than provide my description of this group, you can view their description and draw your own conclusions.)  

More below the fold...

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This evening, I met with a group of Democratic Precinct Chairs at a Thai restaurant in downtown Bethany, Oklahoma.  Currently, we are represented by Rep. Sally Kern in the state legislature--whom many of you here in the Kos community may have heard of before.  (See this story, for example.)

While it may seem that a district that elected Rep. Kern in the first place isn't likely to change hands, the evidence on the ground suggests that her divisive brand of politics has turned off many of her own Republican voters.  There is a real opportunity this year for a Democratic candidate who focuses on issues such as jobs, education, and economic development to swing the 950 or so votes needed to move this seat into the Democratic column.  (You can help by contributing at

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As some of you may be aware, I've posted a couple of diaries here about my race for the Oklahoma Legislature, where I'm challenging incumbent Rep. Sally Kern in Oklahoma House District 84.

Earlier this week, I sent Rep. Kern a letter to outline the kind of race I plan to run, and why I'm challenging her for the seat.  Rep. Kern is best known for outrageous comments that have put Oklahoma in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.  (She is the legislator who once said that gays are a bigger threat to our country than terrorists, and pushed a proclamation that claimed our economic downturn was the result of gays, abortions, and a general lack of morals).  

My letter to Rep. Kern is below the fold...

*Update* Brittany was featured on the front page of today:

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According to the website of Rep. Sally Kern, she “believes in limited government” and “the U.S. Constitution.”  But does she really believe in these things?  I believe her legislative record suggests otherwise, and that’s why I’m running for State Representative in House District 84.

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By now, many folks around the country have heard of my current representative in the Oklahoma legislature, Rep. Sally Kern.  Why have so many people heard of a state legislator from suburban Oklahoma City?  Probably because she has spent much of her five years in the legislature pushing a narrow social agenda, using her political position to preach a narrow-minded vision of religion that sees the movement of LGBT individuals seeking equal treatment under the laws of our great country as a bigger threat than terrorism.  (For example, see this and that).  

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