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Sat Jul 26, 2014 at 05:09 PM PDT

Sadly prophetic

by Brooklynlefty

I posted the comment below well before Israel bombed the UN school in Gaza this week killed 15 or more people sheltering there having been driven out of their home by Israeli bombing: (title of diary in italics)

A UN School is usually an 'IDF' bombing target too (4+ / 0-)

Let the terrified gather in one place all the more easily to fire a bomb at killing tens or scores. But a limp 'apology' or 'investigation' of Israel's actions - by Israel itself - is sure to follow.

The above happened in several of the last few similar Israeli blitzkriegs of the last 10-15 years. OMG yes I really said blitzkrieg.

e.g. 2009 with 40 killed, mainly children - sorry, terrorist children.

2002 - a school for 400 blind children bombed by Israel -

Better not try to flee to the American International School in Gaza either. Israel might bomb that too (2009) :

Wouldn't be surprised if another massacre like this happened this time too. But it's OK, any deaths are just an accident, you see.

by Brooklynlefty on Wed Jul 16, 2014 at 10:03:10 PM PDT


Tue Nov 06, 2012 at 08:20 PM PST


by Brooklynlefty

Gingrich was so confident...............ha bloody ha


Mon Nov 05, 2012 at 05:16 AM PST

McCain milking it for 45+yrs

by Brooklynlefty

OK so the guy did his job and ended up a POW. He's been thanked for that and it's been recognized his whole life. Heck, he even parlayed it into a goddam senate seat.

But why and for how long will this creep continue to get a pass from the media on being challenged on talking racist bullshit? Here he is on Morning Joe this morning going on like a broken record about Obama and Benghazi, all whine, all innuendo. Essentially accusing our president of a cover up or incompetence or is it that he was trying to use the incident to pander to the Islamic world vis a vis The Video. Who knows what goes in the fevered paranoid imaginations of these ##%%E$s?

Dude you lost to a black guy, get over it. Have some grace. You give the term 'sore loser' a bad name. You come across as a slimy creep, who hates Obama for some reason. I think we know what the reason is and it's not just that he crushed you in 2008.


Mon Oct 22, 2012 at 07:14 PM PDT

Romney's motto for this debate

by Brooklynlefty

"Help me make it through the night", though
a) I'm not sure who he supposes will actually help him
b) I'm very sure Kris Kristofferson will not be the one


O' pro-Israel diarists on DKos, I hope you'll all be satisfied when/if (hopefully not when) Netanyahu throws the election to Romney  - as is his clear intent. How could he make it more clear, short of putting an ad in the New York Times?

But that's not all. How amazing that a so-called junior ally could be publicly trying to browbeat the senior ally into a war on Iran that is opposed by 65% of the American people including a majority of Republicans, and 75%+ of  Democrats but seems a distinct possibility if not inevitable. That's not to mention that it's opposed by a clear majority of Israelis, including the Haaretz-reading elites and 'security experts'. Those numbers are not a transitory Rorschach of public opinion, it's the considered and settled opinion of the majority of people in both countries. No matter it's war that Bibi and his cheerleaders want and it's war we shall have, even if it sets the region ablaze anew. And if Israel launches a strike, mark my words, the 65% of the US population opposed to it won't even be represented by even so much as 10% of Congress. Public sentiment, will count for not so much as the proverbial 'hill of beans'.

But possibly even more amazing that Netnayahu is clearly trying to influence our election in favor of his buddy Romney. Is there another government in the world that would have the impudence to even try?

O'pro Israel 'progressive' diarists, don't you even pause for thought when your views coincide with those expressed in the New York Post? You don't feel any cognitive dissonance about the fact that your views are pretty much the polar opposite of those to be found in the New York Post (oh that, it's a filthy race-baiting right wing rag with which you disagree vigorously on everything ... oh wait) on everything except on Israel on which it's views are just dandy. Nothing fishy about that at all?

So let's not lose too much sleep about why we, the US 'progressive left' in our slavish loyalty to Israel are out of step with our compatriots in Europe, Asia, Africa. Mandela and Tutu, what do they know about injustice and oppression and discrimination ?

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