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Cowardly New Jersey Supreme Court Passes the Buck to  State Legislature That All But Insures Marriage Apartheid Will Be Imposed on Same-sex Couples...

Yes, the enemies of fairness and equality should be licking their bloody chops again with glee right about now. The spineless October 25th Same-sex "Marriage Parity" ruling by the New Jersey Supreme Court is ostensibly just another victory for homophobes - albeit, far short of the pseudo-Christian, radical Right's obsessive/compulsive agenda of having every Gay and Lesbian in this noisome nation rounded up and put into concentration camps. Nevertheless, they have succeeded, via the gutless NJ Supremes, in getting the equivalent of a yellow star of David or, more historically accurate, a pink triangle, judicially sewn onto the very fabric of our lives by branding our families as somehow not important enough to be really considered "family" in every sense of the word.

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It is pathetically amusing to observe how quickly star-struck loons, of the social conservative feather, flock together in Gibson's defense. This phenomena is only matched in its hypocrisy when one witnesses political right-wingers trip all over themselves to "rush" to Limbaugh's drug addicted side when their unscrupulous icon is besmirched by his own bad behavior -- you know, this was the guy who said that all first time drug offenders should be thrown in prison. Yet, predictably, this very same oh-so-forgiving crowd slathers all over themselves with rabid glee at even the slightest misstep of any and all so-called "liberal" public figures. Their sense of fairness could be summed up as the following: if one of our kids deserves a spanking, we will happily single out and beat up one of your kids instead.
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The Boy Scouts of America -- sounds innocent enough doesn't it? But ever since extremist American Talibanesque despots among "christian" fundamentalists in the US assumed absolute theocratic control over the Boy Scouts of America, the organization has become nothing more than just another child-exploiting political tool for the Radical Right. The BSA is now so poisonously polarized that it should be forced to register as a political lobby group in Washington D.C. . And the official capital hill response, encouraged by legions of Republican loons, does nothing but help further the politicalization of religion and foment the religiosity of social organizations. The GOP finds this a useful fig leaf behind which to aggravate petty group prejudices, while completely perverting what was formerly a worthwhile and inclusive institution for young adults.  But, sad to say, even members of my own Democratic Party in Congress, not long ago, voted overwhelming for a resolution which lauded the virtues of an organization that is now the embodiment of contemporary bigotry.
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Sun Jul 09, 2006 at 01:35 AM PDT

Paradise Lost and Nothing Gained

by Bud Evans

(Lessons Learned -- The Real Plague on Society is Bigotry)

     I was just nine years old in 1960 when the first black family moved into our peaceful, cloistered, all white, little neighborhood fiefdom in Kansas City, Missouri. It was a pleasant place to live. There was a beautiful forest for childhood adventures behind eight blocks of ranch-style and tri-level middle-class homes, and, nearby, a school within walking distance.  

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My spouse and I were married on September 13, 2004 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. We have been together for more than thirty years. When we arrived back home in Kansas, the sky did not fall; dairy cows did not stop producing milk, and gravity was still intact -- although common sense and common decency seemed to have left our segment of the planet under the seemingly endless Kansas prairie sky. Yes, we got the expected "Welcome Back Home to the Good ol' USA!" reception alright to which we've sadly grown accustomed as Gay and Lesbian Americans.
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If marriage means "to honor and to hold...for richer or sickness and in health...till death do us part" - then my partner-in-life and I are married, and no one on Earth can change that fact. For nearly thirty years we have endured good times and bad times together; we have shared, in equal parts, our sadness and our joyfulness; we have celebrated good health and, nursed each other in poor health. By all reasoned virtue -- due to the mutual commitment and love we have for one another, which defines the ideal in any marriage -- we are, in every way, married. But, alas, we are not recognized as such legally. And now there are fearful, and yes, even spiteful, people who desire to make that a permanent condition of alienation; to make us strangers, in our own country of birth; pushed legally outside of the very laws which protect every other loving couple in America.
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