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Hi all,

If any of you are able to help me out with this, I'd appreciate it.  Since Obama was elected I've been able to actually talk about politics with some of my Republican friends (oxymoron?) as the dust has settled and the discussions are less heated.   Some of the points they bring up about Obamacare, if true, I find hard to refute.  Can someone please look below and explain to me certain "talking points" I've been hearing?  And how to defend them?

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Sorry to keep this short and sweet.  If you go to Drudge Report right now you will see a storm brewing in the usual fashion.   Drudge reporting that people casting ballots for Romney, in OHIO, are coming up Obama.

How convenient!  Sounds like the foundation is being laid for conspiracy outcries when Romney loses next week. (more after the jump)

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