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Fri Jan 07, 2011 at 09:58 AM PST

MY GIFT to KOS-LAND for 2011!

by Byron De Lear

My GIFT to KOS-LAND for 2011, a little "peace" for you to check out...

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How "cablegate" actually works in America’s favor and its rollout quite possibly may have been sanctioned by pro-US interests

WikiLeaks is down again—likely the result of multiple denial-of-service cyber attacks. All week it’s been on and off. Amazon stopped hosting the site and PayPal dumped their account. The latest has the website adopting a new domain in Switzerland, found at It’s pretty much a case of cyberspace whack-a-mole.

Pitch forks come out

Calls for the scalp of WikiLeaks founder and spokesperson Julian Assange have crowded the airwaves. Sarah Palin wonders why we don’t go after Assange and his org like Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda—Huckabee smells treason for whoever leaked and, "anything less than execution is too kind a penalty." On Sunday, Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell called Assange a "high-tech terrorist", while Newt Gingrich proclaimed that Assange is engaged in "information terrorism and warfare" and should be treated as an enemy combatant. Tough, tough, talk.

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Dana Milbank's article two days ago, "Mormon Prophecy Behind Glenn Beck's Message", talks about some coded language Beck's been using--supposedly a prophetic prediction made by the founder of Mormonism, Joseph Smith.

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If you travel often, by plane, or are older than 25, you're probably familiar with having developed a personal set of ritual routines making for the most painless and least stressful airline-going experience.

I know I have.

I've learned that getting to the airport early with ample time allows for the unexpected while still preserving one's peace of mind. Checklists help, after all, you are picking up in one place and contemplating having it all together in another.

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From the recent events unfolding off the Lousiana coast in the Gulf of Mexico, it now becomes clearer that pursuing dirty forms of energy, fossil fuels, increasingly more difficult and dangerous to bring to market, should be a practice that we, as a nation, need to leave behind.

The Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday,

"Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen said their worst fear is that the well could leak at 100,000 barrels a day, if the well head breaks. Friday, industry experts estimate the spill rate at 20,000 barrels a day to 25,000 barrels a day. If those rates are accurate, the spill could already rival the 11-million gallon Valdez (Exxon) slick that economically and environmentally devastated part of Alaska."

This moment is a clarion call to ramp-up the immediate diversification of America's energy portfolio.

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Obama Protest
Reps get spit on, windows broken, mysterious powder--and Palin blames the "lame-stream media".

House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-VA) excoriated DNC Chair Tim Kaine and DCCC Chair Rep. Chris Van Hollen, for "dangerously fanning the flames" in using recent acts of violence and intimidation by anti-health-care reform opponents, "as a political weapon."

Was there spittle? Or, was there not?

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"It's one of the most wrongheaded decisions in court history," said Sen. Chuck Shumer of New York, referring the Supreme Court's decision to allow corporations to spend unlimited amounts of cash supporting or opposing candidates.

Nobody would claim there needs to be more money in electoral theater, and yet removing any impedance to corporate political spending has some heralding the highest Court's recent ruling as a victory for free speech and others proclaiming the end of democracy that the "floodgates of corruption, now burst open."

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I think the last flick I've seen more than three times in theaters was Star Wars in 1977 when I was a sprite 11 years old. Yesterday, I saw James Cameron's "Avatar" for the third time eagerly sharing each viewing with family and friends. Avatar's latest box office has it ranked as the second highest grossing film of all time behind Titanic, another film directed by Cameron.

The 3D and CGI technological leaps Avatar entertains scatters a little pixie dust over one's eyes summoning the sparkling magic of the movies we experienced as film-going adolescents. Words like "immersive" and "consuming" have been used to describe the digital deluge of artistry washing over the audience when literally bounding about the alien landscape of Pandora; a life-lush moon orbiting a gas giant planet in the Alpha Centuri tri-star complex. It is a "must-see" in big screen 3D.

*possible spoilers -- but not too much revealed*

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On Christmas, I wrote an article called Health-care bill will stimulate economy and create tens of thousands of jobs.

Within hours it had gone semi-viral with over 3000 hits on the web. Progressive Democrats of America posted it on their home page and I cross-posted at Show Me Progress and Polizeros.

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A couple of days ago, I was enjoying a visit with two friends at Starbucks and a well-dressed man in passing, said hello. On his way out he commented offhand about the "nightmarish health care bill" that just passed the US House. He was afraid he'd lose his Medicare, and hated the idea of socialized medicine. Who'd a thunk it?

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As the noise in the room gets louder and louder with nearly insane objections to health care reform, the roots of the ideological conflict often get lost in the mess.

The ethos of turbo-capitalism is totally at odds with the 'caring' part of health-care. The battle wages on, but in a nation known to celebrate turbo-capitalism to a ridiculous level, makes for an uneven playing field in which any attempt at pitting a philosophical abstraction like the humane right to basic care, against ethically dubious profiteering, is going to be an uphill challenge. It remains that only a mighty powerful political alchemy will succeed at transforming American "wealth-care" into health care.

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Tue Jul 28, 2009 at 10:15 AM PDT

Oh no! here comes 33 Minutes!

by Byron De Lear

Heritage, a conservative think-tank, was instrumental in the drum-up to war in Iraq. Now they have a new war.  

However, it's not Iraq that's going to put, as Condi et al had claimed, "a mushroom cloud over an American city", now it's everybody and anybody who can loft a ballistic missile into the heavens, holding America "hostage".

Listen to the dark, foreboding score, with the requistite plaintive arabic female vox, stoking, of course, xenophobic cultural fears: a necessary component in selling the public on any gagillian dollar defense fleecing.

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