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Fri Nov 21, 2014 at 07:08 PM PST

2014 was ebb tide, not wave

by Byte606

While the low overall 2014 turnout of 36.4 percent has been widely reported as the lowest percent of voting eligible population since 1942 (Macdonald), the wrong culprit has been identified for the Democrats sub-par performance.  That is, low turnout among key Democratic groups like the young, non-white, and non-male voting blocs has been mistakenly targeted with all the blame.  Actually, these groups performed better than believed in a difficult year for Dems.  Further, poor attitudes about Presidential performance and economic doldrums aren't highly correlated with poor Democratic results.  Rather, 2014 can better be seen as a typical Mid-Term election.  Democratic performance is startlingly similar to all previous in-party vote levels.   This and other exit poll data (presented in a subsequent diary) bode well for future Democratic performance in mid-terms and Presidential elections.

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Sat Nov 08, 2014 at 02:27 PM PST

9.3 million expected voters gone

by Byte606

Found that 2014 turnout was 9.3 million voters below expected turnout using US mid-term turnout rate average from 1914-2014 combined with preliminary data from Michael McDonald.  Looks like most of them were voters in blue states.  Only 15 out of 51 states/DC increased turnout beyond what was expected based on 1982-2014 turnout rate avg.  Increase came in states with the most hotly contested rates.  Looking at the broad rates of depressed turnout, it appears that $4 billion in incessant political spending tends to disproportionately turn off low interest Dems.  Here is a summary of what I found:

2014 Voter Turnout based on Preliminary Stats
Findings from a preliminary review of 2014 voter turnout statistics.

Fri Oct 19, 2012 at 09:15 AM PDT

Obamacare covers Romnesia!

by Byte606

Really funny takedown of Mr Etch-a-sketch at President's Fairfax Campaign stop today!


Every time I hear the Republicans say something crazy (well, not every time since that would be perpetual) I bop over to and make a small donation.  This makes me feel a lot better.  Wanting to give my friends an opportunity for the same kind of satisfaction, I built a Grassroots Fundraising page on my Dashboard To help get them stoked, I put together a list of the President's accomplishments over the last four years.  Actually, many folks had already created lists of accomplishments (See sources at bottom).  So, I simply consolidated them, added some unique categories, and made sure all were footnoted.  The results of this labor are below.  My dashboard fundraising page will refer them to Daily Kos and this diary.  Feel free to reuse the list as you wish, especially if you choose to build a Dashboard Grassroots Fundraising page of your own.  It's easy.

BTW, my dashboard fundraising page is named "PocketChangeForObama" because I thought it would be fun to pit my friends' pockets against the Koch brothers checkbooks!  My contribution began by pulling my wallet out, totaling the available bills, and making a contribution of that amount on the Dashboard to kick off our group's fundraising campaign.  Change is in our pockets.  Voila!

One final observation about the President's accomplishments.  We are all aware that the Republicans will be just as uncooperative in the future as in the past  four years.     In reviewing these lists I was struck by how much the President accomplished with Executive Orders and other specified constitutional powers.  If the President wins again, much more will be possible even without a dance partner in Congress!!

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I thought folks who couldn't make it to the Inauguration might want to see my daughter's and my trip from Baltimore to the National Mall on Inauguration Day.  Our video version is posted on YouTube at:  

Inauguration Day Video: Trip from B'more to Natl Mall

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