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Fri Mar 24, 2006 at 10:57 AM PST

When Michele Malkin has your back

by Caleb G

...on an issue, you'd better watch out for plunging knives.

Atrios, for instance, gloats this morning that Malkin "runs away" from supporting Red Stater Ben Domenech. So, the "left" gets it scalp, and in so doing just helped reconfirm the low level of political discourse that already existed pre-bloggyland and has given us the lickspittle-fest we have now. Status quo maintained.

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Thu Mar 23, 2006 at 02:02 PM PST

NOT by any means necessary.

by Caleb G

This diary is in direct response, not to the diary itself so much, as to the number of people who have recommended it. Below are my comments in that diary (which I will not link to), because I simply would like to be on record, and provide a forum for other who want to do the same, for being AGAINST that which would undermine the power which the Democratic Party is lined up to obtain in November, and/or anytime thereafter.

Such base politicing does not serve Democrat/liberal/progressive interests.

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Mon Mar 20, 2006 at 12:17 PM PST

Election 2006 - Believe Here Now

by Caleb G

Well, well, well. The worm has finally turned, and what was up is down, and what was down is up. Some of the biggest partisans on Dailykos are throwing around the V word (vichy), calling for heads to roll, and are bearish on November. I actually got trolled/hassled for trying to cheer people up and forecasting a still-positive outcome for the elections.

How far the tables have turned in such a short time...if you know me at all and my history here (and you probably don't)...well, it's pretty funny that even for a day I could find myself being the face of Democratic Party Positivity™.


No more doom and gloom?

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Fri Mar 17, 2006 at 10:09 AM PST

Waaaahhhh!!!!! GOP'ers feel bullied

by Caleb G

"GOP irritation at Bush brewing for long time".

Just makes me want to shed a gawddam tear.

"For years, the Bush White House and its allies on Capitol Hill seemed like one of the most unified teams Washington had ever seen, passing most of Bush's agenda with little dissent. Privately, however, many lawmakers felt underappreciated, ignored and sometimes bullied by what they regarded as a White House intent on running government with little input from them."
It must be awful tough to be a frustrated, "bullied", member of the GOP.

(photo via The Poorman)

How bad to you feel for bullied GOP'ers?

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Mon Feb 06, 2006 at 01:08 PM PST

Mea Culpa!

by Caleb G

Ok...this diary is not particularly one that I wanted to write. But I've obliged myself.

...partly because I publicly promised to write an "I'm sorry for being a presumptuous and accussing jackass diary" if my banning at Dailykos turned out to be a technical glitch and not a purposeful act of censorship, and partly to excise the * gack * I've been feeling the past week.
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Thu Feb 02, 2006 at 11:31 AM PST

Some Kossacks Are More Equal

by Caleb G

After hanging out here for almost a couple years, and having had enough folks teach me a thing or two, I've finally found my bliss in a realization.


I know I'm not an equal Kossack

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Actually, I'm so obstinate today that I'm going to obstinately refuse to let anyone label my attitude as "bad" (it's their label, why don't they wear it).

It's just that I'm suddenly and immediately tired of people telling me how to act and what I should do with MY activism. 'Get up, we can't give up - we need to try harder, more times more often, more vigourously, more happilty, and with a bigger fucking grin of insanity on our faces.'
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Mon Jan 30, 2006 at 03:19 PM PST

Wanker of the Day - Kos?

by Caleb G

I know people are pissed and there's a lot of angst to go around, but this quote was really to much to let go by:
"So we are now on the map. The Alito vote may have fizzled, but you better believe the Dem establishment knows we exist."
72/25 and they "know we exist"?


Maybe Kos, should have revised his prepared speech before hoisting it on to the internets. Sounds like he wrote it when we were expecting to be within a vote or two.

Peronsally I hope people give him that message, because if this is what is going to pass for ANY kind of victory (moral or otherwise) - then you can count me out.

Cross-posted at Myleftwing

Sat Jan 28, 2006 at 11:09 AM PST

Markos and leadership

by Caleb G

Ok, this started out to be a comment, but by way of being too damn much to say it's become a diary...

You see this whole "Rubicon" thing is way the heck out in left field (pun intended). I mean sure it's great - Markos lead us to the promised land. We're ready we're able - we got your back, Markos. It'll be aces. I promise.

The only problem with that is a tiny, tiny little thing called Openly Declared Statements Made In The Past (ODSMP).
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I think we're hosed. This MSNBC hit-piece shows why. It's subtitle says, "Kennedy won't rule out filibuster option; vote may be close, but result sure". Additionally their poll midway down the page is framed in the terms "Should Alito get and up or down vote" (the preznits very own rhetoric), it also quotes Reid as calling for a surrender monkey fest:
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Chris Matthews you haven't always been Darth Vader, but the world would appreciate it if you could get rid of the bias you've had for the GOP, seemingly ever since the repubs attacked you (vis-a-vis Zell Miller at the Republican National Convention) for smacking Michelle Malkin around! (for those who don't know - Zell Miller specifically addressed the Malkin swiftboating incident as the reason he wanted to "duel" Matthews). Watching that second video, it's seems hard to believe your star could ever fall so far from grace. In that second clip you did what reporters, are supposed to do: you saw bs and called it for what it was - bs.
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Please consider that sometimes the truth is not A or B.

Sometimes it's C.

With this in mind I would like to interrupt constantly-in-progress God not God War to ask everyone involved to consider that Atheism and theism are not as different as you might tend to think:

The normal angle that these atheism vs. theism wars is fought on is fundamentally in error. More possiblities need to be explored to see if there are explanations that lay outside of both constructs.

58%18 votes
35%11 votes
6%2 votes

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