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Thu Nov 08, 2012 at 11:53 AM PST

Romney planned firework display!

by Calidad

What a presumptuous guy.

Remember this is a guy who told Obama to start packing after he won the nomination:

And said Obama would be a footnote in history:

Well, look who's a footnote in history now.


Mon Apr 16, 2012 at 07:05 AM PDT

President Obama versus Romney on Iran

by Calidad

A lot of people have identified what the biggest differences are between President Obama and Mitt Romney. To me, the biggest difference is their approach to Iran, and foreign policy in general.  Every election is “the most important election”. However, this election really is important. Anyone that thinks that Mitt Romney is not that bad is sorely mistaken, and that fact needs to be pointed out to swing voters ad nauseum.

Among other things, there are stark differences on the following:

1. Supreme Court: Whereas Obama appointed Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court, Mitt Romney says he would not have voted to confirm Somayor because she’s an “activist judge’. He would overturn Roe v Wade.

2. Approach to economic fairness – Romney accuses Obama of believing in a “government centered society” while claiming that he (Romney) advocates an “opportunity society”. In reality, he proposes tax cuts for the rich, spending cuts that affect the poor and the middle class. Obama on the other hand, wants to increase taxes paid by the rich in order to provide an opportunity for others to climb the ladder to the middle class. He would provide Pell grants, Medicaid, and increased access to healthcare. By no means is he redistributing wealth as his opponents claim. In fact, he explained it best himself in a press conference yesterday in Cartagena, Colombia (By the way CNN cut him during this section of his reponse to the journalist’s question – which shows that he must have been making a good point):

The goal of any government should be to create security for its citizens, and to give them opportunity to achieve prosperity and to pass that prosperity on to their kids. And I'm a strong believer that the free market is the best tool ever invented to create wealth.

But what's true in every country is that we always have to think about whether every single person is getting a fair shot, where they actually have opportunity. Is everybody doing their fair share to support the common efforts that are required to create a platform for growth? Is everybody playing by the same set of rules? And I think the history of the United States, the reason we became an economic superpower is because -- not only perfectly, not always consistently, but better than any other country on Earth -- we were able to give opportunity to everybody. That’s what the American Dream was all about.

So when we have debates now about our tax policy, when we have debates now about the Buffett Rule that we've been talking about where we say if you make a million dollars a year or more you shouldn’t pay a lower tax rate than your secretary, that is not an argument about redistribution -- that is an argument about growth. Because the history of the United States is we grow best when our growth is broad-based. We grow best when our middle class is strong. We grow best when everybody has opportunity. And that means that somebody who has a great idea and selling a great product or service, we want them to get rich. That’s great. But we also want to make sure that we as a society are investing in that young kid who comes from a poor family who has incredible talent and might be able to get rich as well.

And that means we've got to build good schools, and we've got to make sure that that child can go to college. And we also want to make sure that we keep our scientific edge, and that means we've got to invest in basic research. And that means that we've got to have some basic safety net, because people are more willing to take risks that are required for the free market to work if they know that if they fall on hardship, if something happens, that there's still some floor that they can't fall beneath, and that they'll be able to retire with some dignity and some respect.

And so one of the things that we're going to be talking about over the next several months as we debate the budget and government spending and the proper role of government, is just -- I want everybody to remember, I'm going to say this repeatedly -- this is not an argument about taking from A to give to B. This is not a redistributionist argument that we're making. We're making an argument about how do we grow the economy so that it's going to prospering in this competitive 21st century environment. And the only way we're going to do that is if people like me, who have been incredibly blessed, are willing to give a little bit back so that the next generation coming along can succeed as well. And the more people that succeed, the better off the country is going to be.

3. Approach to foreign policy: Romney says he will “not apologize” for America and advocates a return to the Bush cowboy “my way or the highway” approach to dealing with other nations. When John Bolton is an endorser, that scares me.

To me, however the biggest contrast is their approach to Iran. Binyamin Netanyahu by all accounts is a hawk who is pushing the United States to bomb Iran and has been doing so for a long time. He appears to see no need for negotiation. Granted, he has a right to protect his nation if he believes that its under threat. However, we all know how flawed the “intelligence” was for the Iraq war. And its important to let negotiations play out as far as possible before rushing to war, which would have many unintended consequences for years to come. (See the Iraq war).

Here’s the big difference.

Here’s Netanyahu’s recent response to the ongoing P5+1 talks:

Netanyahu -- whose government has not ruled out a preemptive strike on Iranian nuclear facilities -- earlier said however that Tehran had simply bought itself some extra time to comply.

"My initial impression is that Iran has been given a 'freebie'," Netanyahu said during talks with visiting US Senator Joe Lieberman, the premier's office reported. "It has got five weeks to continue enrichment without any limitation, any inhibition. I think Iran should take immediate steps to stop all enrichment, take out all enrichment material and dismantle the nuclear facility in Qom," he said. "I believe that the world's greatest practitioner of terrorism must not have the opportunity to develop atomic bombs," he said.

Here’s President Obama’s response yesterday to Netanyahu (in a response to a journalist's question) at the press conference in Cartagena:
But Obama refuted that statement, saying "The notion that we've given something away or a freebie would indicate that Iran has gotten something." "In fact, they got the toughest sanctions that they're going to be facing coming up in a few months if they don't take advantage of those talks. I hope they do," Obama said.
"The clock is ticking and I've been very clear to Iran and our negotiating partners that we're not going to have these talks just drag out in a stalling process," Obama told reporters after an Americas summit in Colombia."But so far at least we haven't given away anything -- other than the opportunity for us to negotiate," he said.
Obama in conjunction with world powers is negotiating with Iran, trying to prevent a needless war. You can be sure that Mitt Romney would bow to his buddy Netanyahu and attack Iran. He has previously said “We will not have an inch of difference between ourselves and Israel”. As he also said in a debate, before making any decision regarding Israel, he will call his friend Bibi.  

Bottom line, if somehow the American people elect Mitt Romney, expect more of the bombastic, Bush cowboy approach to foreign policy with a more than likely bombardment of Iran. If the American people are not fooled by this charlatan and they reelect Barack Obama, he will continue in his measured way to deal with the threats around the world, quietly, through the use of negotiation, and force if absolutely necessary, but only as a last resort, without bragging, and scaring the American people with needless terrorism alerts.  


In the latest evidence that Mitt Romney is a shady, dishonest politician, it has just been reported by the LA Times, NBC, and ABC that he failed to include overseas accounts in his financial disclosure form. The only reason that this came out was because he was forced to release his 2010 tax return which showed that he had a Cayman Islands, and Swiss bank accounts. Remember, he initially did not want to release anything, then he said maybe he would. Finally he was forced to. What more dirt will follow if he releases returns back to 2000 or 1999.

As people have been saying on twitter: he gave 20 years of tax returns for vetting to John McCain in 2008, and then McCain chose Palin.

More will follow as we get further information.

Suffice to say: here are some of the breaking details:

Romney Failed to Disclose Swiss Bank Account Income
 Mitt Romney's campaign is amending the financial disclosure forms he filed in 2007 and 2011 to acknowledge that a Romney trust held a Swiss bank account, a detail that had been missing from both reports.

"An amendment is being filed to address this minor discrepancy," a campaign official told ABC News in an email Thursday in response to questions about the apparent omission.

Thanks for putting this on the rec list. This is a huge issue as it goes to the matter of honesty. Blue Aardvark's well sourced diary has further information here:


Wed Dec 14, 2011 at 07:56 AM PST

Mitt Romney: Bomb, bomb, bomb Iran

by Calidad

Ugh...another reason to despise Plastic Mitt. The guy would have gone in to bomb the drone. Never mind finding out where it had landed and whether there would be civillian casualties. Per TPM, his quote on Fox today was:

He (Obama) was extraordinarily weak and timid in a time of … a critical moment. This will have severe implications for us, long term, and it was a terrible mistake on his part. I find it incomprehensible that he didn’t destroy it, or go get it. I think destroying it would have been a good deal easier. Destroy it immediately, or go get it. But the idea of letting it fall into the hands of people who will use it against us, use the intelligence capacity against us, is an extremely enormous mistake on the part of this president.

Disgusting. John McCain, Dick Cheney and Paul Wolfowitz must be smiling.

Oh, and let's not forget that Mitt Romney called for regime change in Iran. Per the Guardian:

Mitt Romney, a leading Republican presidential contender, has called for regime change in Iran and said that the US should make clear to Tehran that it is "developing military options".

Romney made the call during a scathing attack on Barack Obama at a Republican Jewish Coalition forum of presidential candidates in which he accused the president of weak support for Israel, of appeasing America's enemies and of setting back peace in the Middle East with his fractious relationship with the Israeli leadership.

Before a hawkish, pro-Israel audience, Romney and another contender, Rick Santorum, dwelt at length on the threat posed by Iran's nuclear programme and what they characterised as Obama's weak response.

Romney called for "crippling sanctions" against Tehran and for Iran's diplomats and businessmen to be treated as pariahs.

"Ultimately regime change is necessary. We should make it very clear we are developing and have developed military options," he said.


Must Read and disseminate widely!

This article in the German weekly Der Spiegel is epic. Titled "A Club of Liars, Demagogues and Ignoramuses", it sums up the Republicans very accurately.

A couple of samples:

Africa is a country. In Libya, the Taliban reigns. Muslims are terrorists; most immigrants are criminal; all Occupy protesters are dirty. And women who feel sexually harassed -- well, they shouldn't make such a big deal about it.

Welcome to the wonderful world of the US Republicans. Or rather, to the twisted world of what they call their presidential campaigns. For months now, they've been traipsing around the country with their traveling circus, from one debate to the next, one scandal to another, putting themselves forward for what's still the most powerful job in the world.

They lie. They cheat. They exaggerate. They bluster. They say one idiotic, ignorant, outrageous thing after another. They've shown such stark lack of knowledge -- political, economic, geographic, historical -- that they make George W. Bush look like Einstein and even cause their fellow Republicans to cringe.


Mon Oct 03, 2011 at 07:38 AM PDT

No difference between Romney and Perry

by Calidad

Some people have saying that while Rick Perry is terrible, Romney is not that bad. That we could live under a Romney presidency. Make no mistake, a presidency by Romney pushed by a Republican house would be a disaster. Ben LaBolt of the Obama campaign put it best in a memo:

Governor Perry called Social Security a “Ponzi scheme” and continues to question its constitutionality and Governor Romney supports turning Social Security funds over to Wall Street. Yet even a majority of Republicans oppose a fundamental overhaul of Social Security [Gallup 9/15/11].

Some folks are dissapointed in that not enough has been achieved in the last few years. That's understandable, but that's only a reason to keep pressing on to achieve more. We may not have gotten everything we want but we should keep fighting.

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Its August and its time for action.

During the recent debt ceiling debacle, a survey was done and it was found that the Tea Party was more active in calling their representatives than Democrats were. We cannot let that happen again in the most important fight this year - the fight for jobs!

That being said, the President has issued a call to arms:

Voters in Michigan and other states should pressure Congress to pass a federal highway bill, President Obama said Thursday during a speech at a car battery plant in Michigan.

"Tell Congress to get past their differences and send me a road construction bill so that companies can put tens of thousands of people to work building our roads, our bridges, our seaports," Obama told a cheering crowd at the Johnson Controls Inc. advanced battery facility in Holland, Mich.

Full article from The Hill


Are you going to contact Congress?

63%7 votes
36%4 votes

| 11 votes | Vote | Results

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Well, folks, the time for talk is over. The health care summit is on next week, and the President is ready to rumble. In his town hall today in Henderson Nevada, he was fired up!

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