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I'm a professsor in Boston, Mass.

This past week I gave students an information sheet on how to register & how to apply for an absentee ballot, as well as using examples showing how when groups vote they get better treatment.  (e.g. the $16ish/hour minimum wage in Australia where poor pepole vote, and the fact that in the U.S. homeowners vote at higher rates, so they get to deduce their mortage interest from their taxes while renters get squat.)  In addition, I have mail-in Massachusetts voter reg. forms right there.

Finally, I offer a bonus 15% on their next quiz if they write one of the following 4 phrases above their name.

- I am registered to vote and will vote in November.
- I have mailed in my voter registration form and will vote in November.
- I am not a U.S. citizen, but will vote in my own country's next election.
- I am from some shitty dictatotship where people aren't allowed to vote.  (And they don't have to write "shitty" if it'll get their family thrown in jail.)

Resuts below.

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Thu Oct 30, 2008 at 07:46 AM PDT offline?

by Cat Servant

A short diary, but I just went to the national website and got

Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting ')' in usrwww/users/obamecho/bo/includes/globals.php on line 27

Is anyone else having this problem?  For Obama's website to go offline 5 days before the election is obviously not good.  Was it hacked, or did someone screw up?


A short diary:  the Obama campaign just sent out an excellent video about their nationwide voter-registration day last weekend.  It featured a grand total of one elected official, who spoke 2 or 3 times in the 3-minute video:

Kathleen Sebelius, governor of Kansas.

A hit of a V.P. nomination to come?


Is Obama considering Sebilius as a running mate

22%330 votes
6%97 votes
1%23 votes
21%318 votes
13%196 votes
4%60 votes
23%345 votes
5%77 votes

| 1446 votes | Vote | Results

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4  Reasons to call Oregon for Barack Obama

  1.  Pacific time, so you can call Oregon after the good folks of North Carolina and Indiana have gone to bed.
  1.  To vote in the primary, Oregonians must be registerd Democrat, with their form received by April 29!  Some of the folks we call are registered independent, and getting them to switch is a new Obama vote he didn't have before.
  1.  Oregonians are really polite and friendly.
  1. With the primary a month away, nobody is sick of being called (yet).
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I've been calling independents in PA for Obama.  These people have until March 24 to change their registration to Democrat in order to vote in the Dem. primary.

Yesterday evening I called 40 people in a bit over an hour.  Mostly answering machines and wrong numbers, but out of a dozen people reached, I found 4 or 5 Obama supporters who were willing to go to and switch their registration to Democrat.  Last week I had a similar success rate, about 4 new votes per hour.

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The Obama campaign is calling independents in PA who support Obama, and asking them to switch to Democrat so that they can vote in the closed primary.  If people agree the campaign sends them a form.

The deadline to switch is March 24, so sometime around March 20 it's too late for people to get the form and mail it back.  So we have around 5 days to do this.

Last night, in 30 minutes I found 2 Obama supporters, and both are switching to Dem--and neither knew that they woudn't have been able to vote!  That's 2 more votes for Obama in 30 minutes.  Not 2 more identified voters, 2 VOTES!  (And as an added bonus I signed one of them up as a volunteer.)

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Iin 20 calls, I reached 2 Obama supporters (one of whom wants to volunteer), and they're being sent voter registration forms.

That's 2 more votes for Obama!

It's well known that a phone contact typically increases voter turnout by around 5%.  (It's less effective than canvassing, which is around 8%.)  In a regular phonebank, if you find a supporter, it feels good, but there's only about a 5% chance that you call is the difference between them voting and not.  So you have to find around 20 supporters per extra vote.

More after the flip...

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