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The story went like this: A judge ruled that a sixty-one-year-old man who admitted to taking "upskirt" photos of a  thirteen-year-old girl in a department store did not break any laws. (This happened in Portland, Oregon just this past week.) The knee-jerk comments after the story went something like this: The judge should be disbarred/pilloried, etc. Someone even suggested that the judge's family should be surreptitiously photographed just to see how he liked it. And, of course, there were those that simply blamed the whole thing on liberals. Strangely enough, there wasn't too much written about the actual perpetrator of the act who is obviously a creepy old dude. And while there was a rousing back-and-forth about how judges can only enforce laws that are on the books and not make up new ones--that is why the creepy old dude got off--nobody thought to wonder just why there were no laws already on the books to criminalize this kind of behavior. Follow me into the rabbit hole for my two cents.

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Fri Aug 05, 2011 at 07:03 AM PDT

Tax Credits Don't Create Jobs

by Catsmeat

President Obama is floating the idea of creating tax credits to help military veterans find jobs. Good for him. How very thoughtful. Too bad it won't create any jobs.

Let's say I had a business and sales were down, so I had laid people off. I'm going to hire a vet to do what? I had already let people go because there was not enough work to do. Even with a tax credit it makes no sense to hire people you don't need. And when I do need more help I'm supposed to tell my laid off employees to hit the road, I'm hiring a vet?

I can't believe anybody still thinks taxes are somehow tied to employment. This is a boilerplate Republican talking point that has been proven wrong over and over again. Tax breaks don't create jobs. Demand creates jobs. Jobs create jobs.

Hiring veterans to pick up trash along the interstate would be a better use of tax dollars than giving it to employers who don't need it. But I guess putting more money into the pockets of the "job creators" is more important than actually creating jobs.


Wed Mar 02, 2011 at 07:57 AM PST

This is not making us safer

by Catsmeat

From the Associated Press:

NATO apologizes for killing 9 Afghan civilians. . . Local officials say nine boys, ages 12 and under, were killed as they were gathering firewood. . .Top NATO commander Gen. David Petraeus said the coalition was "deeply sorry" for the tragedy. . .
Would "deeply sorry" cut it if these were American children? If they were your children?
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Sun Feb 27, 2011 at 05:06 PM PST

Greed is not good

by Catsmeat

It seems that some people will just never have enough money. Some people are rich enough to have anything they want, ten times over, but they still want more.
Now, someone who can't get enough porn, we say they have a problem. Someone with seventy-five cats living in their house, we say they have a problem. But money? Not a problem. You can never have too much money!
But what about people who would see the middle class crushed in order to further enrich themselves? What about those who would turn our nation into a banana republic just to satisfy their endless greed?  Isn't that a problem? Isn't there a point when concentrated wealth starts to hurt our country more than help it? Until we can actually sit down and talk about earnings and wealth without the cries of "Class Warfare!", the rich will continue to get richer at everyone else's expence.

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