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Are there Kossacks living in San Luis Obispo County or northern Santa Barbara County who would like to meet? We might choose a local restaurant, brewery, or winery as a place to meet one another.

Several local wineries have free outdoor concerts in nice settings. It's late summer. The weather for an outdoor meet-up is just about perfect.

Who is interested?


Do you want to come to a California Central Coast Kossack meet-up?

20%3 votes
20%3 votes
0%0 votes
60%9 votes

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This is my first Diary. The Sierra Club just emailed that the California Coastal Commission is holding hearings this coming Wednesday in Pismo Beach to discuss ongoing, secretive, fracking in the ocean off California's Central Coast. This is a very important issue and I RSVP'd that I will attend the meeting to learn more and to oppose fracking along our, relatively unspoiled, beautiful coast.

I well remember the Santa Barbara oil spills in the late sixties that devastated Santa Barbara's beaches and killed many birds and other animals. The spills led to strong opposition to more oil drilling along the Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties coastlines.

I recall later attempts to build oil servicing ports and pipeline corridors along our coasts that were defeated by local initiatives. We are surrounded by newly discovered recoverable Monterey Shale deposits that could lead to a lot of local inland fracking too in coming years that could despoil our environment on land and in our seashores.

Here is the body of the email:

Hi there,

After learning that hydraulic fracturing has been secretly occurring along California's coastline for years, the California Coastal Commission will announce the results of its investigation into this controversial and dangerous practice at a hearing this Wednesday. Ensure the commissioners know there is strong support to stop offshore fracking in California and protect the environment. Sign up to attend the hearing now.

I did!

Check it out here:


Here are the details:

WHO: Friends, family, neighbors, activists, Sierra Club and you!

WHAT: Public hearing about fracking off of California's coasts

WHEN: Wednesday, February 12, at 9:00 a.m.

WHERE: The Cliffs Resort Hotel located at 2757 Shell Beach Road, Pismo Beach, CA 93449 [Map]

Questions: Contact Michael Thornton at


Can you attend the California Coastal Commission Meeting in Pismo Beach Wenesday Feb. 12, 2014 to opose fracking California's Central Coast?

5%1 votes
21%4 votes
0%0 votes
15%3 votes
57%11 votes

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