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Thu Apr 03, 2008 at 05:08 PM PDT

Bored to tears.

by Chuckie

Trending south, my steps quicken as I walk faster
Tiredly dragging my battered feet through the mud
Making my way, fleeing a horrific disaster
Grant's hordes' screeching still ringing like anvils of God.

Thus begins a haunting poem by John Reuben Thompson, a Confederate poet and an assistant secretary of the Commonwealth of Virginia in the beginning of the Civil War. There is no particular reason that I've thought of him, because I was actually thinking about the lack of heroes in our country. It does make one long for the times long past. Not that I care about the Confederacy of course, nor am I from the South, but in a fairly disjointed way I started thinking of the state of affairs in US.

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Mon Dec 17, 2007 at 10:23 AM PST

Senate wants to go on Vacation

by Chuckie

With the previous vote of 76-10 to proceed with the FISA Bill version that includes immunity, and further Reid (D-NV) insistence on speeding up the deliberations through incorporating 60 vote filibuster votes on each amendment, we now get a very good glimpse of where this thing is headed. It seems that a majority of US Senators want to get the hell out of Washington DC and spend some time with their friends and family while enjoying the holidays.

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John Edwards in November - "We need to break this wall down to see our America."

John Edwards in October - "Today, our economy is designed to benefit the wealthy and the powerful because it has been manipulated by the wealthy and the powerful."

John Edwards in August - "Will corporate greed be all we value as we move further into the global economy, or will we put workers and families first, so that all jobs pay fair wages, every American has health care and corporate profits work for democracy and not the other way around?"

John Edwards in July - "This fundamental unfairness is also at the heart of the Two Americas - one for those on top, the big corporations and a few very fortunate families, and one for everyone else."

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Henry Hyde was an Illinois representative from 1975 to 2007 and was a powerful member of the GOP majority, chairing the Judiciary committee for 6 years.

Henry Hyde retired after his 2005-2006 term expired due to shifting demographics of his district and possibly health issues after a tough reelection victory.

He was a widower and is succeeded by four children and four grandchildren.

Link to ABC News (thanks brownsox)

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I'll admit that I am one of those DLCish, middle of the road democrats. I really liked Bill Clinton. I am moderate both socially and economically.

I support sensible fiscal policy that includes cutting the size of our government, reducing the deficit (no more tax cuts until we are well in the black), and reforming our Healthcare to cut costs and insure everyone who needs it.

I support sensible Foreign and Defense policy with smart economic assistance to developing countries, and improving our intelligence services to battle any threats abroad.

I also generally support Free Trade policies that also are not completely disadvantageous to our workers and our economy.

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