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Wed Jul 09, 2014 at 10:38 PM PDT

Thought experiment

by CinncyDem

I'm confused about how to interpret my thoughts concerning the following idea: "If we could definitively confirm that an afterlife is untrue. How would this change our current and future understanding and execution of policies and laws.

I realize that this is a very open ended conversation: theological, philosophical and political. I can't wait to hear the ideas of this knowledge base.    


Holy Shit! I don't swear much, but here in Cincinnati we have seen an amazing ground effort. My area has seen incredible amounts of commitments for the President and the early vote push has sent a majority of our voters to the pools.

The UC event here today was a great sucess; people were waiting in line at 2:00 for a 8:00 speach.

Hamilton county is trending for Obama, but we still need to make sure that everyone votes; don't forget the 537 votes that won GWB the 2000 election. Every vote counts!

 If you can volunteer your time in Cincinnati, please email Chris Brown at We are so close, get out there! 2 days left.


I wish to give a quick update from an Obama volunteer here in Hamilton County (Cincinnati) OH.

The volunteers of the east side of Cincinnati have been working very hard to canvass the neighborhoods of Hyde Park, Oakley, East Walnut Hills, Mount Lookout and Norwood over the past few months. (for those not familiar with the area, these neighborhoods were integral in Obama's majority of the county in 2008) I'm very excited to report that we have seen a 3 to 1 margin of support for Obama in this region, and many of our supporters have already voted and our turning out to volunteer for GOTV to finish our work and aid in other districts in the city.

Over the past two weeks, we have been pushing "undecided" voters. We have had overwhelming response to the last two debates and have found that Republican supporters are less enthusiastic about this election.

While it is close, the crucial areas of Cincinnati are once again rallying around Obama.  I believe that we will deliver the county and Ohio for Obama in November. We are learning of support for Sherrod Brown, but the Democratic ticket correlation is not certain.

We could still certainly use the help here in Cincinnati for GOTV. Anyone close to the area who would like to volunteer, please respond to this post and I will make sure you are contacted.

Canvass Captain, Hyde Park

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