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Female anchor: Do we even know who is this '4chan' person, or website?

Male anchor: He may... and I'm sure we'll be able to get some confirmation of this as the hours and minutes go on... ah he may have been some system administrator who knew his way around and how to hack things. It seems like this was not a real uh, big effort, but was more of 'I have these usernames. I know of this loophole, this security loophole. I'm just you know gonna run this password app. and see if I can get into these people's cloud-based accounts.' And what's... what's sad about it, and I'm sorry that I'm laughing about it, because it's awful if this has happened to you, but what's sad about it is that this has become our new reality, as with the cloud...

FA: With the cloud. That's my... that's what I wanted to get to because we've all... a lot of people have...

MA: We've all done these things...

FA: You know, what ever... what ever your situation is taking a photograph...

MA: yeah...

FA: and then 'Poof!' it's out there in the aether, and what can we do to not have...

MA: Not have this kind of stuff happen...

FA: ...this happen...

*End of transcript AFAIK... my ears and eyes have started to bleed.

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Are you 4chan?

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22%4 votes
44%8 votes
11%2 votes

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RIP Doc, we may never see your face again... but you live on.

Bernard 'Doc' Neeson, singer-songwriter for veteran Australian rock band The Angels, has died aged 67.

Neeson, who had been suffering from a brain tumour, died in his sleep this morning.


Well, it's only 24 hours before Australians likely elect a conservative government with lickspittle Tony Abbot at its head, but (assumed) billionaire mining magnate and Titanic re-floater Clive Palmer has hit out at Rupy Baby (aka phone hacker and king-maker) and his former wife Judy Wendi.

Clive's (great name btw!) beef with Rupert lies with a series of slanted (to the vertical) op-eds which accused Clive of not being a billionaire and not being a professor. It seems likely that this will end up in court.

Take the leap for the extraordinary interview...

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Christine Joy "Chrissy" Amphlett (25 October 1959 – 22 April 2013) was an Australian singer, who was lead singer of the rock band Divinyls.

She grew up in Geelong as a singer and dancer. She left home as a teenager and travelled to England, France and Spain where she was imprisoned[1] for three months for singing on the streets.

In May 2001, Divinyls' "Science Fiction", written by Amphlett and lead guitarist Mark McEntee, was selected by Australasian Performing Right Association (APRA) as one of the Top 30 Australian songs of all time.[2] Amphlett and McEntee barely spoke after the band had separated in 1996, but resumed contact when they were inducted in the 2006 ARIA Hall of Fame, eventually announcing a new tour and album.[3]

As a boy growing up in Oz in the 70s and 80s Joan Jett and the Black Hearts and Chrissy Amphlett and The Divinals were the acid counterpart to the sugar sweet ABBA and Bee Gees (the bands which your parents didn't mind).

It's a sad day for Rock.

In all seriousness, Romney's post-election path isn't clear. He won't return to the political front line, as John McCain did when he went back to his Senate seat after losing to Obama in 2008. In his concession speech, Romney said that he remained "concerned about America". Is public service part of his future? In what way?

Romney is not exactly broke, so slinging Viagra shouldn't necessary. He does have connections, though, and broad public support – more than 57 million people voted for him, after all, only 2 million fewer than voted for Obama.
So, Guardian readers... over to you: What should Mitt do now? Retire? Go back into business? Breed horses? Coach Marco Rubio for a possible 2016 run? Tell us in the thread below...

And the readers have been very helpful. Some of my favourites:
Take a vow of silence.
Open a B&B with Donald Trump
get a bionic arm and fight crime....
In reality he should probably get back to finsihing the Death Star.
Start drinking heavily.
...and my #1:
- Buy a secret underwater base and try to take over the world (it may be the only way a Republican is going to get into the White House in the near future)

- Buy an English Premier League Football club

- Go back to his home planet

- Come up with a Paris catwalk collection of Mormon-themed fashion

However, I suspect he'll just go back to the day job as a member of the 1% - it's what he knows about most.

My personal suggestion for Mittens?
Spend a year sitting on a mountain thinking about why he got fewer votes than Mc Crankypants, then spend the rest of his life giving his money away.
Go on over to The Guardian. It's a game anyone can play!

I looked, but couldn't find another diary on this. I was surprised, because this seems like a BFD.

A judge in the land of Oz has gone postal on the Aussie arm of the defunct Lehman Bros.

Well, as postal as a judge can go, at any rate...

A group of Australian councils, charities and churches has won a Federal Court case against defunct investment bank Lehman Brothers in a case which could have global ramifications.

The judgment is considered a test case as it is the first in the world to look at the conduct of an investment bank, on both legal and ethical grounds, in the lead-up to the global financial crisis and how they behaved in the aftermath.

The class action involved 72 councils, churches and charities who sued Lehman Brothers for around $250 million, claiming it breached contracts and engaged in misleading and negligent conduct.

Justice Steven Rares has ruled that the parties are entitled to compensation but the amount has yet to be finalised.

They had sought compensation for losses incurred on investments they made on advice from Grange Securities, which was bought by Lehman Brothers Australia in 2007.

The investments had exposure to the housing market collapse in the United States.

I'm sure this is good news for McSame.

The Australian Treasurer Wayne Swan launched a blistering attack on the wingnuts on the right.
(sorry, no embed file - 2:40)

Transcript for the video impaired over the jump (all mistakes are mine).

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Seriously, go. Now...

The Rude Pundit's Almanack 2012 Edition

Lee Papa


“A tornado of a writer….a child of Lenny Bruce, Richard Pryor and Hunter S. Thompson.”
—Margo Jefferson, The New York Times

“The Rude Pundit’s Almanack is a delicious collection of profane, insightful observations, with some graphs and charts for the stats fans in the audience. He recalls his life in ‘the swamps’ of Louisiana, and juxtaposes these very funny tales with heartbreaking vignettes about the devastation wrought upon his beloved New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina and human WMD, George Bush. Interspersed throughout are scathing and laugh-out-loud funny analyses of the current group of Republican rodeo clowns hoping to smear the walls of the Oval Office with elephant dung in 2012.” —

All you rude kids out there, drop a tenner for the e-book, or $17 for something to scribble on.

If you thought the battle over Internet censorship with SOPA and PIPA was over, think again. Anon has issued an ultimatum... jump the squiggle!

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Please watch and spread this superb message...

(Click past the two wombats fighting in a blanket)...

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I think we need an open thread... so here it is.

What's on your mind?


My favourite food is

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I've been thinking about this ever since I/we saw the pathetic job that the so-called 'break-waters' did in not doing their jobs for the nuke plants. Now, it may be that the walls were simply not tall enough to do the job. A 10m wave is pretty hard to plan for, let alone protect people/infrastructure against, after all.

Take the jump for my layman's solution. Fluid dynamic engineers/experts are invited to shoot it down...

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