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I just got a phone call from the NRA, or at least a polling service hired by the NRA and based in Manassas, Virginia.  It started with a live speaker identifying himself and asking me to take a one-question poll about efforts at gun control.  I threw him off the script when I said there were no new gun control efforts going through Congress.  He didn't know what to say, but asked me to listen to a brief message from NRA Vice President Wayne LaPierre.

Mr. LaPierre's message and the poll question after the jump.    

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Here is my latest attempt at some humorous poetry.  While I usually (I hope) have more of a Calvin Trillin feeling to my light verse, today I seem to be channeling--albeit not all that well--Dr. Seuss.  It's a short conversation between Congress and the White House regarding the subpoena conflict for Rove, et al.

I hope you enjoy.  The text of the "poem" is below the fold.

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Here's a short verse to give you a smile on a Friday afternoon.  I hope you enjoy.  Again, this is as a tribute to America's Deadline Poet, Calvin Trillin.  If the Kossacks are interested, I'm hoping to have the creative juices flowing every Friday.

In light of all the hype given to the ISG report, all the confusion about what it really says, and the disputes over what impact it will truly have, here goes.

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The midterm election is over and we have to wait and see what the lame duck Congress will try to pull until the new majority takes control.  What better way to pass the time than with speculation about presidential candidates for 2008.  Of course, with all due respect to Calvin Trillin, I'll speculate in light verse.  

On a personal note I am fearing finding rhymes for Pelosi and lament not having the chance to work on Feingold.  While the "exploratory committees" do their work, here is the latest poem:

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Here, in light verse, is a wrap on the President's speech at the UN earlier this week.  Hope you enjoy.
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Again, I am no Calvin Trillin, but here is some verse regarding the King of Pork re-asserting his hold on the bill by Obama and Coburn to set up a searchable database of Federal spending.  I admit rhyming "Alaska" with "has ta" is a bit of a stretch, but here goes.
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Mon Aug 28, 2006 at 12:24 PM PDT

Calvin Trillin I'm not, but here goes

by Coach Rob

Admittedly, I am no Calvin Trillin.  I love his writing, both poetry and prose.  I am not even close to being in his league (I have no gift for meter).  As imitation is truly the highest form of flattery, here is my first tribute to America's Deadline Poet.  I hope this qualifies as substantive.
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