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The Florida Times Union in Jacksonville reports that Jennifer Carroll has submitted her resignation to Rick Scott.

The resignation comes two days after Florida Department of Law Enforcement officers interviewed Carroll about her involvement with Allied Veterans of the World, a non-profit that operates internet cafes in Florida.

Officials from Allied Veterans and Nelson Cuba, the president of the Jacksonville Florida Order of Police, were arrested on racketeering charges after an investigation by the IRS and Secret Service.

Carroll gave her resignation letter to Gov. Rick Scott Tuesday. It gives no details about the decision, but in a statement, Adam Hollingsworth, Scott’s chief-of-staff, said fallout from the Allied Veterans investigation spurred the resignation.

Carroll, who is of Trinidadian descent,  helped Scott peel off just enough votes of women and black voters to win a close election against Alec Sink. She had been under fire for more than a year because of rumors of involvement with a female staff member.

Several of my friends wondered then if Scott would keep her on the ticket for his re-election bid. Now come the corruption allegations. She's gone.

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Fri Nov 09, 2012 at 09:21 AM PST

Miami-Dade, Stand Up!

by CocoaLove

Yes, people have put Florida in the voting hall of shame for the long voting lines and even longer wait to count said votes from Tuesday's election. It's a dreadful situation, one that will have to change before 2014 midterm elections -- when Gov. Skeletor is on the ballot for re-election.

However, this tidbit should make those of us in Miami-Dade who worked on the ground smile, pump our fists and dance in the streets.

In a race won by razor-thin margins, nowhere mattered more than Miami-Dade, where Obama managed to increase his eye-popping 140,000-vote victory margin in 2008 to an uprecedented 204,000-vote margin this year. Miami-Dade by itself essentially delivered Florida to Obama.
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Fri Oct 26, 2012 at 06:43 AM PDT

Operation Lemonade starts tomorrow

by CocoaLove

This started as an important comment I posted in a couple of threads. Then the light bulb went off. Why not put this in a diary. So this will be real short, but it is a reminder to Floridians that Early Vote begins tomorrow.

Black clergy have designated this as Operation Lemonade to let the GOP that we are turning out to vote regardless of their tactics.

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Tue Jun 03, 2008 at 10:52 AM PDT

For my ancestors: Oh Happy Day!!

by CocoaLove

AP reports that it has a tally showing Barack Obama has clinched the nomination.

  WASHINGTON ... (AP) ... Barack Obama has effectively clinched the Democratic presidential nomination, based on an Associated Press tally of convention delegates.

  The tally put Obama over the top Tuesday, ahead of the results from the final primaries in Montana and South Dakota. The Illinois senator becomes the first black candidate ever to lead his party into a fall campaign for the White House. Obama outlasted former first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton in a historic contest and now faces Republican Sen. John McCain of Arizona for the presidency.

My reaction is one I did not expect. Today, I cried.

More of my thoughts below the fold.

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In my line of work, I encounter lots of people from all backgrounds, political persuasions and ethnicities. Some people blow you away with their charm, some bore you to sleep. But on rare occasions I meet people who are so inspiring that they make me want to do better.

One person is a woman who tries to save lives from gun violence, even though her youngest child was shot to death in a random shooting a year ago. Amid her grief, she used her money to start a radio program to tell listeners to end the violence. Politicians and bureaucrats pay lip service to this cause. But this woman, Queen Brown, lives it every day.

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Wed Nov 30, 2005 at 03:19 AM PST

An Angel gets her wings

by CocoaLove

Some three months after Hurricane Katrina tore through Mississippi, Louisiana, Florida and Alabama, I finally visited my family in Mississippi. The visit was bittersweet. The landscape has changed much. Blue traps and piles of timber debris are everywhere still. But my trip was sad for another reason, which I will explain on the flip.
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Thu Sep 01, 2005 at 08:39 AM PDT

Please help my family

by CocoaLove

It really sucks that this is my first diary, but I'm running out of options. My family lives in a rural area in Mississippi, 90 miles north of Biloxi and they and their fellow citizens need help. No one has noticed their needs.

I live a thousand miles away in South Florida. Mama refuses to let me come up -- not that I can get to them because the highways that I need to get to them are restricted to emergency personnel. So I've resorted to emailing U.S. Rep. Bennie Thompson, a congressman in Mississippi, to plead for assistance. Maybe someone else in the dKos community has some ideas.

My email is below:

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