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by Congressman Jim McGovern and Congressman George Miller

Today, December 3rd, President Barack Obama and Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos will meet in Washington. Key to their agenda must be how to live up to the promises they made to U.S. and Colombian workers and the Congress to promote and protect labor rights. Right now, the reality on the ground for Colombian workers, unions and labor activists is grim. As Congress faces votes next year on new trade agreements, there are lessons to be learned in the challenges besetting Colombia.

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On February 5th, Congressman Jim McGovern delivered his first in a series of speeches around the theme of "End Hunger Now."

Video of his speech on the importance of maintaining SNAP benefits is below the cut.

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The next president — and I hope it’s Barack Obama — should at long last move beyond the Cold War and normalize relations with Cuba. This means using his authority to lift financial and travel restrictions that make it so difficult for Americans to travel there; working with Congress to end economic sanctions imposed by the legislature; and removing Cuba from the so-called terrorist list on which it clearly doesn’t belong.

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In this Congress we can’t spend one additional penny to feed hungry children or create a single job or build a single bridge without finding an offset.

Yet when it comes to war there are no offsets, no new revenue – just another blank check.  Something is terribly wrong with this picture.

Finally, I would remind my colleagues here in this House that we are all responsible for this war.  And we are complicit in the silence, lack of debate and lack of oversight.

That is wrong.  We owe our servicemen and women so much better.  We owe this country better.  End the war and bring our troops home.  Now.


Have a burning question you'd like to ask me?

Today, I’ll be answering 5 questions at 5pm as part of my Twitter “5 at 5″ Q&A.

If you have a question you’d like me to answer, just submit it on Twitter to @RepMcGovern using hashtag #AskMcG.  At 5pm, I’ll choose 5 questions, and answer them publicly.


-Congressman Jim McGovern


I’m not convinced that there is any light at the end of the tunnel.

I am not convinced that this war is coming to an end.

And I do not believe we should continue sacrificing the dedication and blood of our servicemen and women for a deeply flawed and corrupt government that is simply not “fixable.”  Oh, we can change the names, the programs, the projects – but it’s simply more of the same problems – over and over again.

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"I'm willing to compromise; I'm willing to put my country first"
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This morning, I introduced a bipartisan amendment to set in motion a real plan to bring our troops home from Afghanistan.

The amendment calls for a plan and timeframe on the accelerated transition of military operations to Afghan authorities, but does not restrict the President’s authority to attack al-Qaeda forces wherever they are located.

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Today at 4:30, I'll be hosting a live Twitter Town Hall, and you're invited.  I'm taking questions using the #AskMcG hashtag---feel free to submit anytime between now and then.

I'll be focusing on Afghanistan and budget issues.  As you know, I am a firm advocate of setting an exit strategy in Afghanistan, and getting our troops home as soon as possible. I also believe that we in Congress need to focus on creating jobs, and "Make it in America."  Our priorities should be helping seniors, working families, and nation-building here in America, not spending money on a corrupt government overseas in Afghanistan.

I'm looking forward to talking to you!

-Jim McGovern

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Earlier today, I appeared on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" to talk about the importance of ending the War in Afghanistan as a matter of smart fiscal policy. You can see a clip of my appearance below.

Here's the deal: Our involvement in Afghanistan is bankrupting us while doing little for national security. And while some would rather ignore the inconvenient facts, this war is being paid for with our national credit card, with no plan to pay it off.

Watch my video from today's Morning Joe!

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