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Thu Jan 03, 2008 at 03:50 PM PST

At 6:30 central time it's up to me

by Cornfeddem

At 6:30 I will be in an elementary school gym, with aproximately 250 other people, helping to decide the fate of the democratic party.

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Here is the ad I just saw.....

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Let me Start of by saying that I have been a fan of John Edwards since the spring.  I am a young, mid 20's democrat that was born, raised, and graduated from college in Iowa.  I have taken full advantage of our first in the nation status, volunteered, and worked on campaigns.  For the first time i was able to sit on the floor near the state at the Jefferson-Jackson dinner Saturday night in Des Moines.

This is my first diary as I was often not afforded the privilege to have my own opinions.  

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